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  1. Fishing on the Zambezi

    Fishing on the Zambezi

  2. Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi

    Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi

  3. Ultimate

    Ultimate Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi

    We specialise in orthodox fishing, spinning, casting, baiting for tiger fish and other species on the mighty Zambezi river. Our guides have been highly trained, extremely knowledgeable on the Zambezi river, your personal safety is paramount at all times. A quality experience is a cherished...
  4. Ultimate

    Ultimate Africa Safaris & Lodge

    Ultimate Africa Safaris & Lodge, with 20 years of hands on experience in the various services and focused activities that we proudly offer, are ready and waiting to make your next expedition to Africa a most spectacular and unforgettable one. Whether you are a serious outdoors enthusiast or...