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  1. CBH Australia

    TANZANIA: Tz Safari Disagreement

    What sort of cold meat salad has no meat? Sorry Just Gina but that completes the meal. Unless salad is on the side of the main meal that would be good like steak, chicken , lasagne or BBQ meat. (Brain) No issues with my outfitter on meals or food on my only safari. I'm pretty sure the...
  2. CBH Australia

    TANZANIA: Tz Safari Disagreement

    Wow, you just joined today and you are calling out a safari operator I have not seen mentioned here previously.
  3. CBH Australia

    I’m a dad!

    Bob, you can't say sh!t like that.
  4. CBH Australia

    Hammer Bullets

    In my next post I see I wrote that I mainly shoot pests as I have often said here. In Australia all of our huntable species are introduced and generally regarded a pest to be controlled. We still have trophy hunters and meat hunters but they are still introduced species that so are often the...
  5. CBH Australia

    What do you all think this bear?

    All I see is a nice rug, then Y'all start talking about eating it again. I've asked about this but still never looked at them as an eating species. Congratulations on taking down this Fatty Pumba.
  6. CBH Australia

    Fixed Magazine vs Detachable Magazine

    @DG870 you have a solution so all is well. I was gonna dd if you buy a Tikka you gonna get a removable mag but spares are available and they seem to work ok so long as you have it in the rifle and a spare is light enough to carry if required. That's my 2 bobs worth for anyone considering a...
  7. CBH Australia

    What do you all think this bear?

    Good luck it will be interesting to see the results come in.
  8. CBH Australia

    Hankering for an R8

    Nice assortment of chambering should cover the bases with a hot 7mm for hunting and a.458lott for stopping I guess the .375H&H is just because it's a classic cartridge that sits between and is versatile.
  9. CBH Australia

    Hankering for an R8

    That should say 6.5cm because some 6.5 shooters might want to hide their identity. I'm likely to shell out for a Blaser before buying a 6.5cm on principal because I've bagged it too much.
  10. CBH Australia

    Am I the only weirdo?

    Bob, the thought of you running around in your jocks should be deterrent enough.
  11. CBH Australia

    Old vs new scopes

    Don't sell them if they make you happy be happy. My Swarovski is my only Swarovski is an old one but it suits the rifle. I've sold off a lot as I've outgrown it or updated but it's so I can update. Each to their own but I'm coming to terms with what I want and need is not valued by my kids so...
  12. CBH Australia

    Am I the only weirdo?

    No, it gives you pleasure and you have this online support group so you are dealing with this rationally. I should be doing something but I'm often distracted here. I seem to a penchant for guns but also have accumulated a number of butchers knives and sharpening gear because I have been trying...
  13. CBH Australia

    Black versus blue wildebeest rug

    Probably has to come down to personal preference being your trophy. The Giraffe thing is interesting as people seem to be very sensitive about them. Personally I'm OK with taking them but my daughter asked me not to shoot a Giraffe when I announced my intentions of going on a safari. It wasn't...
  14. CBH Australia

    Cabanossi- Crown National- Dry Wors- African meat products

    Update. I made up some Cabana today using pork and beef because that was the plan. Taking in what @Philip Glass said I also made some on straight Beef with the same seasoning to dry it with my Biltong. I also had a small length of the same that I put it to hot smoke with the others. Big...
  15. CBH Australia

    Cabanossi- Crown National- Dry Wors- African meat products

    I have a little experience making some preserved meat smallgoods and have purchased some South African Crown Cabanossi mix. Anyone hear using it? do you dry yours or are you smoking and cooking it? I hope to put this together tomorrow as I have some Mettwurst to smoke/cook. I'm happy to read...
  16. CBH Australia

    Looking For 243 For Kid's Hunting Rifle

    Hey Russ, all I'm hearing is there are more Deer there, hmm. No minimum calibre requirements for Fallow that I'm aware of but from memory NSW DPI suggest .243 as a minimum for pest management etc as a guide to government agencies etc for their pest plans. @rdog , Bob may well blow a boiler...
  17. CBH Australia

    Looking For 243 For Kid's Hunting Rifle

    I see, controlled round feed has come into it again.
  18. CBH Australia

    Looking For 243 For Kid's Hunting Rifle

    I think the .243 is a great choice too and is fairly popular in Australia with many. The 6.5cm is widely available now and probably taking a market share where the .243 was filling the need.
  19. CBH Australia

    Looking For 243 For Kid's Hunting Rifle

    Do they still do a Weatherby Vangaurd youth model? My wife has the GH2 (girls hunt 2) it's a Bell and Carson composite stock in Blued but it has a short length of pull.
  20. CBH Australia

    Hankering for an R8

    I don't think I've read about anyone selling their Blaser because they don't like it The converts are sold on them and seem suitably impressed. I see the value or more so the benefit to those who travel with multiple barrels.
  21. CBH Australia

    I’m a dad!

    Congratulations Jakub and "family". We look forward to hearing about her future adventures and yours of course. I have one boy and one girl. Both adults now. There is a special bond between fathers and daughters because you get to treat them like a Princess.
  22. CBH Australia

    Blaser ideal Africa 2 barrel set

    I like the choices here as I was wondering if 7mmrem mag would come up as it has the same bolt face. I'm glad @BeeMaa chimed in with his experience. Wondering where Uncle Joe is as he is another authority In the Blaser and avid R8 user.
  23. CBH Australia

    SOUTH AFRICA: Surviving A Lion Charge Lion In The Kalahari!!!

    Congratulations the Lion, would like to hunt one myself. Happy it pulled up before it got to you but it must add to the experience to have it charge. A once in a lifetime experience and a memorable one, allbeit a close call too.
  24. CBH Australia

    Overdue Introduction

    G'day from Australia
  25. CBH Australia

    AUSTRALIA: Just Returned From Aussie Buffalo Hunt

    Congratulations on the Bull. Sorry our rules make it hard. But at least you had your own rifle as part of the experience.
  26. CBH Australia

    CPAP Backup Batteries

    Should be quiet as answered above. I have the Dream station . It's bulky for travel but I can run it on a 12 volt lighter/accessory socket with an $80 lead. That works for me with a deep cycle battery in my vehicle so I can camp or connect to the caravan. Following thread as I may need a...
  27. CBH Australia

    Water Buffalo Hunting On A Budget

    H If you do your research you may be able to access public land. You might need to look into options for international visitors but Australians from other states can apply online for the licence I think it's called Game Management Authority for Victoria. No idea what it takes to travel...
  28. CBH Australia

    The First Landrover

    @Kevin Peacocke how far is Harare from here? I would pick up a Pithy and take a spin with you. Bob can sit up the back since he weighs 250 pounds. I don't delve too far into mechanical stuff but I will if I need too. Even Queen Elizabeth used to service them and there is probably no other car...
  29. CBH Australia

    The First Landrover

    Seen plenty laying around in paddocks with original paint. The Aluminium body doesn't tend to rust and the paint just fades.
  30. CBH Australia

    CPAP Backup Batteries

  31. CBH Australia

    What Have You Killed with the 7x57

    A pair of Classics, the rifle and cartridge that is. Nicely matched.
  32. CBH Australia

    In memoriam - Loss Of A Fellow Forum Member SAFARIKIDD

    Sorry to hear this. I did not know him but knew he was active member I remember reading something about his other interests being cars and Harley's I thought. Condolences to his family and friends. Barely older than me so yes much to young but sounds like he had a life well lived.
  33. CBH Australia

    Best 2x10/2x12ish scope for the money?

    Bob, Not aiming to be broke, long way off being rich but wouldn't knock it back given the chance, but I think somewhere in the middle ground I would like to have experiences to make memories because it's all can take with me and they will be my own.
  34. CBH Australia

    Rifle Sling Recommendation

    Good point but what sling do you use? The op is looking for a recommendation. I have a few from plain leather strap to plastic fantastic. I like the idea of the Canvas traditional style that has been mentioned but I also like leather. I just have a thing about old stuff . Somehow...
  35. CBH Australia

    Best 2x10/2x12ish scope for the money?

    Bob's gonna love that answer. Bob, I own 2 Meopta. I own some other scopes that are clear and reliable but there are better scopes out there.of you are prepared to spend the money. Te hard part is the gain is not proportional to the cost. Don't get me wrongg if you are doing a once in a...
  36. CBH Australia

    Best 2x10/2x12ish scope for the money?

    Sounds like Leupold 2-10 is going to get in the budget side but maybe get not be the best low light glass. If you are going to travel to hunt try find another $1000 and get into a good scope that fits your requirements. You might be chasing better glass as you get older so maybe it's better to...
  37. CBH Australia

    Down loading the 458WM to 45-70??

    As above the H4895 which is a AR2206H equivalent can be downloaded significantly. ADI Australia who make advise it can be loaded as low as 60% of max load. As @CJW found some issues look into it further but it's potentially an option once you find a reliable load. Alternatively how high can you...
  38. CBH Australia

    Old vs new scopes

    Agreed, But the last sentence of point 5 says a 56mm objective would look stupid with a 25mm tube. The Kahles 8x56 was very popular in Australia for spotlighting. The ones I've seen and the one I own are 25mm tubes. Nothing stupid about it and it is excellent on low light. Schmidt and Bender...
  39. CBH Australia

    AUSTRALIA: Harry's First Deer Hunt

    @Badboymelvin are there any installments on any recent shooting activity?
  40. CBH Australia

    Why was the bring back Von Gruff thread deleted?

    I have had a lot of contact with Garry and don't believe he has lied to me. I also state he has not said anything against you personally excepting the fact there has been a disagreement. He is open about the fact you have had a difference of opinion. You removed his threads and gave some of his...
  41. CBH Australia

    Comment by 'CBH Australia' in media 'Mini Bull Nose Skinner Knife & Mini Skinner Knife'

    They look like Von Gruff knives. It's nice to see his work displayed here.
  42. CBH Australia

    A Newby

    G'day from Australia. Welcome aboard Rolly, we would be happy to read about your hunts too.
  43. CBH Australia

    Variety or familiarity?

    I think if what you have suits your needs then it doesn't matter. You like what you like and you don't need to run the same brand or model to match them. On the other hand I have 6 Tikka centrefires. Different calibres and configurations but with some overlap. But there is also Howa, Remington...
  44. CBH Australia

    HUNTING Lion

    Revisiting an old thread and noticed your reply to me. I was fortunate to have hunted Africa in early 2020. As for the Lion I don't think I can import one and I'm not likely to to spend that sort of money on a hunt. It's not impossible but it's not likely to happen in the near future. It's...
  45. CBH Australia

    Best Caliber for sheep hunting

    Bob, once again you are promoting the .25 calibre. You know the Creedmoor Crowd will argue their 6.5 has moor merit and a flatter trajectory right?
  46. CBH Australia

    HS Precision Stock For Rem 700 Short Action

    Wrong country, wrong currency or it would be a good fit on my 223 To the top, C'mon guys you know .223 bolts actions are more accurate than your AR's right?
  47. CBH Australia

    I did it! I bit the bullet..,, you wont believe it!

    Dear Bob, @Bob Nelson 35Whelen i don't have a Pink Tutu, I don't have a .35Whelen, I don't have a need for either.
  48. CBH Australia

    The ultimate buffalo hunt

    He just wants to ensure you get the full experience, Flies and all. This is Africa. Come to Australia and you will find the Buffalo are in the tropics. Humidity is standard, prices are higher and it probably has Blow Flies and Mosquitoes. I have been that far north to elaborate but it's...
  49. CBH Australia

    The ultimate buffalo hunt

    I would have thought a Land Rover would have made Kevin's list. I would like to do a tented camp, next stop from Buffalo would be to hunt a truly wild Lion. That would be my dream goal on such a hunt. I do like the idea of a remote camp and all the trimmings. In Australia we often roll a swag...