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    Easton Aluminum Size To Shaft A Fmj Dg 250?

    Thanks for the inputs. I don't think those brand shafts are available in RSA and I have been an Easton shooter for 20 years with no issues. Used the FMJ from the time it came out even before it rebranded as "Axis N-fused" and "5mm FMJ", so I want to stick to the FMJ DG. I will see if I can find...
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    Easton Aluminum Size To Shaft A Fmj Dg 250?

    Good Day fellow AH Members, Hope you all good and Compliments for 2021! I hope God keeps us all safe and well during these trying times! I would like to know if anyone could let me know which Easton Aluminum Shaft will fit over the FMJ DG 250 Shaft snuggly without using too much glue , etc...
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    Largest Hunting Concession South Africa?

    Hans, Yes, its possible that article was about a hunt a very long time back. I sent you an email yesterday about a planned Cape Buffalo bow hunt, to which you had responded quite promptly! Thanks for that and let's keep in contact. It would be a dream to walk and stalk a "dagga boy" in the...
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    Largest Hunting Concession South Africa?

    From my limited knowledge, Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve is the largest privately owned game reserve in RSA owned by the Oppenheimers and is +100,000 hectares(+-240,000 acres). I think Fritz Rabe hunted there once as I read this in an article he wrote in the Africa's Bowhunter a good few years...
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    Five star bowhunting in South Africa

    Thankyou to the outfitters and members that responded! I appreciate it! I will send emails in due course and take it further. Thanks again
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    Five star bowhunting in South Africa

    Good Day Hunters/Huntresses, I hope you guys are all doing well and had success in the field. Can you guys suggest any farms for bowhunting that is luxurious. The reason is that I want to take my lady on safari but I also want the fanciness of these safari lodges. Your help will be appreciated.
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    70lb Recurve?

    I would suggest researching guys that have hunted buff with a bow like Ricardo Longoria who comes to mind. There are a few I cant remember now. Speak to the outfitters I am sure they can help. Lammie Potgieter from daretobowhunt is very very knowledgeable with regard to trad bow hunting and you...
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    Finance Minister: SAA should be shut down

    So many factors involved here Employees are getting paid high salaries and top management...well... Some flights may be full because they just need to sell tickets and may not recover on each passenger. Also with strikes etc the employees are not efficient and lost baggage and stolen items...
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    Finance Minister: SAA should be shut down

    Hi Guys, This handle is my younger brother's account, but anyway, I work at the auditor general here in SA and the reality is SAA is riddled with alleged corruption and mismanagement. The government has bailed them out on more than a few occasions. The thing is, SA is not a rich enough country...
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    Northern Cape or North West Province Hunting Outfits for the South African bow hunter

    Good Day to fellow AH Members and Advertisers, I am a South African Bowhunter and I am looking for a hunting farm that offers excellent accommodation and great hunting experience specifically in the Northern Cape or North West Province area. Should be a large hunting area as well. I know a lot...
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    Asiatic Water Buffalo Bow Hunt

    I seen a website, His name ia Abrie but cant seem to get hold of him. Will follow up again. Thanks.
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    Asiatic Water Buffalo Bow Hunt

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback! @PaulT, I will check them out. @Edge, Thanks for the message.
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    Asiatic Water Buffalo Bow Hunt

    Good Day AH members, I would like to know if any of you have information on where I could bowhunt an aisatic water buffalo in south africa. Your responses would be appreciated. Thanks Dox
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    Favorite broadheads?!?!

    Hi there! Ive really had a lot of success with the NAP Killzones. They work magic for me.
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    Blue Wildebeest

    Let me put you out of your misery. It is 28 1/4 just short of rowland ward.
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    Congratulations!!! You should be proud of yourself!
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    Blue Wildebeest

    Here it is. I would like you guyz to estimate the horn length.
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    Blue Wildebeest

    Its taking me a little long for the picture to upload for some reason but I should get it on some time soon>
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    Blue Wildebeest

    Hi Guys I'm back after a very long time. I ventured to Limpopo to hunt in the begining of April but unfortunately I did'nt shoot much due to the heavy rainfall. However , my brother did harvest this magnificant blue wildebeest bull. He kindly asked to post it here to see what you guys have to...
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    Lord Derby's Eland

    Thaks Guys!!! really appreciate that
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    Lord Derby's Eland

    Hi I would like to know ehat is the weight of a Lord Derby Eland Carcass. Dox
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    Bowhunting blinds/hides/treestands

    Thanks Fritz I really appreciate that!!!!
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    Bowhunting blinds/hides/treestands

    Hi I would like a few tips on how to make my bowhunting blinds really succesful. Pictures would be appreciated Thanks Dox
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    The first of many first time africa questions.

    A 70 pound bow should be decent enough for a 2nd plainsgame bow.
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    HUNTING Asiatic Water Buffalo

    So sorry. I meant Newcastle South Africa!!!!
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    HUNTING Asiatic Water Buffalo

    Thanx to all you guys. I enjoy this forum whenever I need help or advice I just need to ask. By the way I will not be hunting it. I will be going with my brother as a camera man to video his hunt. It will be taking place near Newcastle. It will be an asian water buff.
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    HUNTING Asiatic Water Buffalo

    Hi Can anyone provide me with an Asiatic Water Buffalo Shot Placement? This would really be appreciated!!! Dox
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    Hi Filmaker This is just another great hunt I admire you and your client!!! Keep up the good work!!
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    2nd bow for Africa trip?

    Its not really needed...but you in Africa so it is better to take a 2nd bow
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    Glad to be here

    Welcome to AH!!! You are sure to find a lot of info of Africa. Just as I did. Are you a rifle or bowhunter?
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    Hunting Websites - Price List Posted vs Enquire for Prices

    I agree with Joester & Nyati
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome Aboard Good to have so much more new comers
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    World record price for cape buffalo bull

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    SOUTH AFRICA: Back Just Now - African Sky Safaris

    Congrats!!! How big was your impala and black wildebeest in inches.?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Sandhurst Safaris

    Hi I would like to see some trophies hunted at Sandhurst Safaris. :) Dox
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    Leopard Pictures

    AH Thats a monster!!!!!!!!!!
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    New member (outfitter)

    Waiting for some great info!!!
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    Welcome aboard
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    46" Cape Eland shot in Namibia June 2011

    Charl I can't stop admiring this eland> All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just released five new hunters into the world

    Great work!!! Keep it up!!!
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    Taxidermy Lion Close Up Mount

    Great piece of work there!!
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    Care Of Your Mounted Trophy

    Thanx for the great info!!
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    46" Cape Eland shot in Namibia June 2011

    Great trophy!!! Wish I was you!!!
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    Congrats!!! Waiting for kudu pics!
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    Elephant Pictures - The Magnificent SEVEN - Big Tusker Elephants

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at a loss of words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    On Our Way, Thanks to Spiral Horn Safaris and

    You sure to have a great time! Waiting for the pics!!!!
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    63 and 6/8 inch Kudu bull

    Great! How much did this one cost?
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    Smart Pills