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    Searching for less expensive Buffalo hunt

    I would love to hunt Buffalo but the typical price is out of my price range. Is it possible to hunt “non-trophy” or those with a busted set of horns etc at a lesser price. I’m more after the adventure than the trophy itself I’d that makes sense. Any thoughts would be appreciated and offers...
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    Zimbabwe Free Range Lion Hunt X2

    I’m curious as to hunting methods, track, over bait a mixture etc. Beautiful pictures!
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    Zimbabwe Free Range Lion Hunt X2

    So can two hunter hunt lion And each take one for the total of 52k?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Limpopo Pictures - 6 Day Hunt

    That’s a lot of shooting. Great pics.
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    WANTED: Tuskless Elephant Hunt

    Hello, I’m working to put together a tuskless elephant hunt. Looking for later this year October-November but could be moved into 2023. Any recommendations or information are greatly appreciated.
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    Crocodile Hunt With MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS 2023

    What’s a hippo hunt info ?
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    WANTED: Wild Lion Hunt

    Many thanks for the replies they are much appreciated. I’m looking into them all. Q. Do most hunt lion by use of bait alone? ive read all I can on lion hunting and seems most do by bait but some do tracking/stalk a bit.
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    WANTED: Wild Lion Hunt

    Interested in a 2022 wild lion hunt. Field accommodations in tents etc are fine. I’m looking to see what’s available and options that exist. Appreciate all information as I look to make the trip of a lifetime happen.
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    Which animal makes the most impressive taxidermy mount?

    Gotta say there are a ton of beautiful mounts. Nature scenes, pedestals etc. but I’m always drawn to mean faced Cape buffalo mount.
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    Now Here Is A Hunting Deal You Cannot Refuse

    Beautiful pics!!
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    Wish you could all see this one in person

    Amazingly realistic. The veins in the horse look spot on!!! I often wish there had been video footage back then to see how things really were. great post.
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    Sad day in our family

    Very sorry to hear that. prayers for all of you all.
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    Elephant Hunt with Spear Safaris

    Thanks for the response. Loved the video. 75 yds is short enough even I could track it that far (which is saying a lot). great post
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    TANZANIA: Silence In The Selous

    Awesome read. great specimens. maybe someday I’ll get to hunt a Dugga. That’s a helluva an experience.
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    Management Hunt 140 Animals 10 Days

    My shoulder hurts thinking about it. But man that would be fun
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    Lion Hunting with Liam Urry Safaris

    So am I correct, this lion was being tracked during the clip AFTER being shot already? Looks that way to be but you know they say when you assume.
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    Lion Hunting with Liam Urry Safaris

    That cat seemed to mean business and was coming to whip some arse!
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    Elephant Hunt with Spear Safaris

    Was the ele recovered? How far did it make if so.
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    WANTED: Search Hunting Safari Namibia 2020

    Hopefully things have calmed down by then. Not sure what is going to play out between now and then with this pandemic.
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    Botswana Dangerous Game Hunting

    What amazing elephants. hope things get back to normal soon
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    Elephant Bar

    Amazing elephant. amazing room. simply wow. I’m now depressed as I don’t think even winning the lottery would get me there
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    Giraffe floor pedestal with habitat

    How tall is the mount?
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    Botswana stay tough

    Great letter. Amazing how governments 1000s of mikes away try and tell other countries what they should be doing. My grandmother always said cleanoff your own back porch first before telling a neighbor anything about theirs.
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    Comment by 'Lmcquin' in media 'Bryson's Kudu'

    Awesome kudu!!! The grey ghost
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    Namibian hunting quotas cut 80% due to drought

    How was this recent rainy season levels?
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    What is the most common hunting method for wild lions?

    Seems tough to even find realistic wild lion hunting from my limited research. It’s number 1 on my bucket list but alas my bank account seems to disagree
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First But Hopefully Not The Last Hunt For 2020

    Amazing pics. Hopefully better times ahead so others can partake. All stay safe and keep hope alive.
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    Bobcat is done

    Beautiful specked belly
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris February 2020

    Love that picture. Animal view from a built in tree stand via that neck
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris February 2020

    Awesome pictures and story. Today would have been the half way point of our safaris. Not that I’m depressed and eating my feelings lol. But I will see that place someday. Look forward to the rest of the story.
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    I am sick

    Just sending my well wishes. Hopefully you get to chase the thunder chickens soon.
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris February 2020

    Great write up!!!!!! Beautiful animal. Sounds like an amazing place and amazing trip. How old is an eland like that guessed to be ?
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris February 2020

    Can’t wait to read the rest. Had all gone as planned we would have been landing in Namibia about 55 minutes from now.
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris Leopard Hunt

    Hutch01 glad you made it back!!!! Yes my trip is off for now and we will work to reschedule. Philip called me Sunday and I was very appreciative that he did. Maybe we will meet up there again. As for now I’m hunkering down and may start to ration toilet paper :)
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Much appreciated to all who responded. Selfishly I sadly report the trip is getting rescheduled based on the current flight and government restrictions. So again , thanks to all of you who responded. Thanks to Philip with Khomas highlands for calling me and helping all to get squared away...
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Thanks fish hunter. I just did and hope to hear back. Thanks for the recommendation!!!
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Lol. I get it. I’m waiting to see if I’m out of business myself. South Africa where I fly to on way to Namibia is apparently issuing restrictions today. I’m set to leave in 78 hours. Can’t get in touch with PH as of yet but have a few email out to him. Hoping for a response ASAP.
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris Leopard Hunt

    Hutch01, We’re you able to make it to Khomas? I’ve reazhed out to Philip a couple days and not heard back yet. Trying to figure things out as set to leave Wednesday. Appreciate any info and if you’ve made it there and/or taking with Philip. Much thx!!
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Anxious to see if South Africa today closes its borders to flights from US.
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Hogpatrol just sending my support. Hope things don’t adversely harm your business!!! Hopeful this all passes soon.
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Seems as though the situation changes by the hour.
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Appreciate the thoughts. I’m not really concerned about catching it etc. heck there are more cases here than where I’m going. The concern is just that heartbeat change that get stuck somewhere or quartined etc. I’ll keep monitoring it. Hope all are well.
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    As I work on commissions basically it would be very financially devastating to be gone longer than planned by 14-21 days. My flight is to Washington DC then to Ghana then South Africa then Namibia. So not through Europe at least. Planned my whole life to go on this safaris and this is...
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    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    So I’m trying to figure out what to do. I’m set to go to Namibia leaving Wednesday from the USA. I’m extremely concerned about getting quarantined somewhere. If I got quarantined I’d lose my job As using everyday of vacation now for the trip. They have not cancelled flights yet but the USA...
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris Leopard Hunt

    Hutch01, Just checking in with you. I believe you are set to be there the 15th while we are leaving on the 18th. Hopeful nothing crazy with airlines etc occurs. Safe travels.
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris Leopard Hunt

    Getting close to you depart. Safe travels and I’ll see you there.
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    NAMIBIA: Mrs. Gunners First Safari

    Nice animals. Congrats on a memorable trip!! Love the desert warrior.
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    Comment by 'Lmcquin' in media 'Hunting Nambia Eland'

    Philip I’ll see you in approximately 15 days. I’ll take one just like this one in the picture:)
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris Leopard Hunt

    Hutch01 you don’t know how lucky you are!!! I will be there with Philip arriving on the 19th of March. It’s your lucky day as I am willing to shoot any leopard I see and let you tag it:). I mean what are friends for:). I’ll even let you take pictures with it and tell any story you like...
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    Namibia Top 10 With Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris AH Special

    18 days until me and two friends leave to hunt with Philip!!!! Not that I’m counting:) Cannot way to see Namibia and chase game with Khomas. I will say Philip has been extremely accommodating and answered emails quick and very responsive. Can’t wait to write the trip report and show our...