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    Cheetah Spotted In Djibouti For The First Time In Over 30 Years

    On March 30, at 1:59 a.m., a camera on the rugged and remote Digri Plateau recorded six images of a cheetah
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    Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Locally Known In Namibia As "Mutete"

    We all know Namibia has wonderful plant species like Aloe Vera, Moringa, and Hoodia, but as you drive through Namibia you will find many wonderful treasures. As you progress to the north of Namibia you can have a look in the local markets of Rundu and other towns in the Kavango region for this...
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    Good Hotel near Windhoek Airport

    Hi, You can go to any of the following, they all have airport pick up Avani Hotel Safari Court The Weinburg Windhoek Country Club Resort Droombos Vineyard Country Lodge Hope you enjoy your visit.
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    on a lighter note...

    Mr. Pagel with his tame Lion - pulled his water cart.
  5. Confidence


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    Heavy Rain in Namibia

    It was on the dual carriageway of Windhoek. But yes, it melted within a few minutes.
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    Heavy Rain in Namibia

    Hail In Namibia 16 October 2022
  8. Hail In Namibia

    Hail In Namibia

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    Enter the Universe of Double Rifles & Firearms from Verney-Carron By Michael Arnold “I’ve done a lot of shooting with the .400 … I killed practically all species of African game, and my experience was such that I would not hesitate to follow any dangerous animal into any sort of cover if armed with a double...
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    on a lighter note...

    VERY INTERESTING FACTS ! ! Dead Penguins - I never knew this! Did you ever wonder why there are no dead penguins on the ice in Antarctica? Where do they go? Wonder no more ! ! ! It is a known fact that the penguin is a very ritualistic bird that lives an extremely ordered and complex life. The...
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    Churchill Portrait Disappears In Art Heist In Canada

    The New York Times Heist in Canada An original print of the famous photograph taken by Yousuf Karsh is missing after staff at a hotel in Ottawa realized last week that someone had swapped it for a fake. It is among the most famous photographic images of a statesman. Winston Churchill, the...
  12. Elephants & RHino Etosha Nature Reserve Namibia

    Elephants & RHino Etosha Nature Reserve Namibia

  13. Elephants Etosha Nature Reserve

    Elephants Etosha Nature Reserve

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    Wildlife Pictures Namibia

    Etosha Nature Reserve 19/08/2022
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    What A Carrie On Now that Boris is off, the good news is that Carrie Antoinette, ideologist and patron saint for eco-chuggers and wildlife scammers everywhere, will go with him. Hopefully too, in her expensive designer handbag, she will take with her the...
  16. Wally Warthog

    Wally Warthog

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    New African Man-Eating Lion Movie

    Link to the trailer, the release date is August 19TH.
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    Brussel Sprouts recipes

    Oven roasted creates the ultimate flavor, the finishing touch of lemon zest and green onions. or Toss with olive oil, roast in the oven until tender Meanwhile, make a honey-balsamic sauce, heat honey until boiling point, add balsamic and then add chili flakes, dijon mustard, and garlic to this...
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    Update COVID rules Still current at:10 May 2022 Updated:08 April 2022 Latest update: We now advise you exercise a high degree of caution in Namibia. If you're fully vaccinated, you don't need a COVID-19 (PCR) test before you arrive, but you'll need to...
  20. Sluices Opened At Naute Dam.mp4

    Sluices Opened At Naute Dam.mp4

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    Heavy Rain in Namibia

    At a stage, we were all thinking it will be a very bad season this year. The southern parts of Namibia had heavy rains and they have opened the Naute Dam's sluice-gates. Central parts and the north can expect more rain in the coming week and so far had about an average of 55 mm. It is just...
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    Heavy Rain in Namibia

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    Snow Leopard

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    My Beautiful Country Namibia!

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    My Dream Double Rifle

    Verney-Carron AZUR SAFARI
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    Experience The Spirit Of South Africa 15 Best Places to Visit in Western Cape Last updated on March 5, 2021 Encompassing many of South Africa’s most popular tourist attractions, the Western Cape has a seemingly never-ending list of amazing places for visitors to...
  27. Bull Elephant & a Verney Carron Double Rifle In .577NE

    Bull Elephant & a Verney Carron Double Rifle In .577NE

    Africa's Sportsman Show host Stefan Fouché joins his good friend Richard Eales on an elephant hunt up in one of the most northeastern parts of South Africa. ...
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    10 Tips For Your First Trip To South Africa

    South Africa is an amazing destination for all types of travelers. You might have also realized that South Africa isn’t just a vast land of nomadic tribes and big 5 safari animals—there are big cities, incredible natural landscapes, millions of people, and, of course, lots of wildlife...
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    In memoriam - John Wamback Professional Hunter Namibia has passed away

    John’s Memorial Service will be on this YouTube channel tomorrow. It will go live at approximately 09:45 am Central Africa Time zone at UTC+02:00