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  1. Hombre

    For Sale 1942 Browning A5 16ga Solid Rib "War Era Gun"

    My Dad had one of those but in much more of a used condition!! The shotgun and two other guns were all I asked for after my Dad passed away. Unfortunately, my brother got all of them which his wife promptly took to a pawn shop for drug money. I would pay dearly today for that old beat up...
  2. Hombre

    How bad is United Airlines

    I've flown United twice in the last two years. Canceled my flight at 8pm night before departure for "anticipated bad weather" on first flight. Lost our seats. May of this year, they were 7 hours late departing Texas, luggage/bows showed up three days later, lost our upgraded seats again...
  3. Hombre

    For Those Who Were Not Planning Safari In The 1980's, Like I Was

    1988 Okavango Delta for buffalo, etc, charter to Chobe region for sable. 8 animals, 10 days, observer no charge, all in $5500. I've made some bad decisions in my life because I wouldn't gamble, this trip was the best decision I ever made.
  4. Hombre

    Anyone use TSX on leopard?

    Confidence is the best bullet you can use. The worst bullet in the best place is far better than a great bullet in the wrong place. Go with the rifle and bullet you are most confident with. My .02 worth
  5. Hombre

    The ideal retreat home

    In a perfect world, I would spend about 5 months at Malangani Camp in the BVC. I remember hearing the story about some German guy owning it, thinking around 30K acres. John Sharp had exclusive rights to hunt it for years. Anyone who has been there knows the setting. Fishing for giant bass...
  6. Hombre

    Buffalo Hide Gun Cases

    Any gun case makers in Texas? I've got some skins on hand and hopefully some croc and hippo next year.
  7. Hombre

    Anyone use TSX on leopard?

    Opinions are like a****les, everyone has one. My first two leopards shot with TB bear claws from 7 Mag, switched on third leopard to 9.3 x 62 with TSX, went about 10 yards. FWTW
  8. Hombre

    DSC headed to Atlanta in 2025

    Missed two shows since 1986, once for ice storm and the other for covid. Looks like I'm in for a 5 year dry spell. I'm sure there was a lot of soul searching by the uppers and I certainly don't envy having to make that decision. Best of luck DSC or rather ASC. Might be a good time to try SCI...
  9. Hombre

    Importing A Landy from SA to US

    I brought over the HJ75 in my avator. Bought it only looking at pics. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up completely rebuilding everything except for motor. Sourced parts from all over the world, every single part was original Toyota. Built hunting rack exactly to specs of Brent Hein's in Zim...
  10. Hombre

    Brno 375 H&H For Sale

    Jamie, I sent you a pm this morning 8:30
  11. Hombre

    Brno 375 H&H For Sale

    Do you know about when it was made??
  12. Hombre

    Daniel Meng Contact Information Wanted

    Daniel is one heck of nice guy and a fantastic taxidermist. As good a cat guy as there is.
  13. Hombre

    Leica Scope

    next in line if first buyer falls through. Thanks
  14. Hombre

    Looking For Dangerous Game Rifle

    FYI, I have a mint tang safety Ruger .458 that appears to be unfired. The older Rugers were built right. You can load some light loads for practice and get used to the recoil and then go full bore for a hunting load.
  15. Hombre

    Custom Texas License Plate

    How about 7 MAG, been mine since 1996. I've had guys stop me in parking lots and offer me money to let the plate lapse so they can get it. Only hunters know what it means. I even had a border patrol agent ask me at a check station coming out of Mexico what my license plate meant! My response...
  16. Hombre

    Looking For BRNO ZKK-602 In 375H&H

    Infantry, I sent you a private message.
  17. Hombre

    Hippo rifle case

    As a follow up to my past post. I originally bought the hippo case at the tannery. I left it to be packed with trophies coming later. We decided to go back in May so I was going to bring the hippo case back in my luggage. That's when the company informed me it was a Cities animal and they...
  18. Hombre

    Looking For BRNO ZKK-602 In 375H&H

    Would anyone have one sitting in a safe you would consider parting with? I would pay cash or trade for old Ruger .458, CZ550 in .416 Rigby or pristine Ruger 250/3000 Mannlicher in the box?? Long shot but I thought I would ask. Thanks!
  19. Hombre

    United cancelled evening before trip

    I guess what's stuck in my craw the most is I bought the Premium Plus in January and they bump me and I end up next to the toilets. I'm 6'2" and my wife has issues so the flight is getting pretty hard to handle hence the better seats. If I ran a business like that, I'd be out of business...
  20. Hombre

    United cancelled evening before trip

    LOL, you have to have pilots to get them off the ground to start with. Sounds like a lot of you guys have been through this debacle before. Thanks for letting me vent and get it off my chest. I'm already feeling better and trying to get mentally ready for the airline toilets flushing all...
  21. Hombre

    United cancelled evening before trip

    When I was young you couldn't shovel enough shit down my throat to keep me from going to Africa! Now it's a completely different story. Let me be clear, weather had nothing to do with the way United handled this. If you believe so, I've got a bridge I'll sell you in California.
  22. Hombre

    United cancelled evening before trip

    Just another sign of no accountability in today's world. It's all about the money and being able to chingalay customers. Weather was their only excuse but I guess a poor excuse is better than the truth for this business. FYI, They charged me an extra $90 to downgrade from Premium Plus to the...
  23. Hombre

    United cancelled evening before trip

    Travel agent claimed they cancelled ALL flights to Newark last night because of the predicted weather today. Not a cloud in sight this morning in Newark. This is all about no pilots and bait/switch to sell my cheap tickets at double the price to a late comer.
  24. Hombre

    United cancelled evening before trip

    Got word last night at 7:50 pm that United cancelled my flight from Austin to Newark for today leaving at 11:00. They then cancelled my Newark to Joburg flight automatically and moved us to Wednesday. Lost my Premium Plus seats and only option is cattle class for my family. My assessment is...
  25. Hombre

    Hippo rifle case

    I bought a hippo rifle case last September in South Africa. I planned on shipping it back with trophies later in 2021 or early 2022. My son and I are going back next month for another hunt and I wanted to bring the case back with me in my luggage. I have been told by the taxidermy shop it is...