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  1. NDWoods

    500 yard capable McWhorter muzzle loader!

    There are cool higher end muzzle loaders out there but what I am most excited about is the new Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X bullet. It is 50 cal, 340 grain, works with the affordable 1:28 twist rifles, is a cup and core bullet, and has a huge improvement on BC. It may very well be a 500 yd setup as...
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    Weird stuff to bring for tips / gratuities

    Lithium is no-go for checked but ok for carry-on.
  3. NDWoods

    Weird stuff to bring for tips / gratuities

    I tipped fully, and "left" a couple of things behind that were genuinely appreciated. Yeti coffee thermos All remaining Barnes TSX 375 H&H ammo If I had known how big a hit the Yeti was I would have brought a few extra. Ask if your PH is a coffee nut and drives like a bat out of hell on bad...
  4. NDWoods

    Prayer Request

    I believe in the power of prayer as well, and you have mine.
  5. NDWoods

    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    Eland was #1 for me. I did not have an opportunity for Zebra so I find that very interesting and hope I get a chance to try it some day.
  6. NDWoods

    Best precision rifle suggestions?

    Better than factory. His loads are very precise and he also has an option where you send him your rifle and he builds a load for it.
  7. NDWoods

    Best precision rifle suggestions?

    Tikka aside, do not let ammo hold you back on 300 PRC. You can always get great ammo from Custom Reloads of Dallas. I am sold on 300 PRC. I had mine build by Alamo Precision Rifles. My 300 PRC took all of my plains game in Africa to include a massive Eland that was through and through. I have...
  8. NDWoods

    Best precision rifle suggestions?

    Because of the weight you listed I highly recommend Tikka T3X Super Varmint in 300 Win Mag. Tikka rifles are an excellent buy for the money. Shame they do not offer a 300 PRC.
  9. NDWoods

    300 PRC for long range hunting cartridge?

    As stated, the PRC gets you the longer seating depth ideal for those longer bullets. Twist comes into play as well.
  10. NDWoods

    Wanted 375 HH Mag Barnes TSX

    What part of Texas are you in? If close to Arlington/Mansfield you can get some from me and replace them when you get back. I am not going anywhere soon.
  11. NDWoods

    Deciding what to hunt in South Africa

    Budget - Warthog for sure, Common Blesbuk, Baboon Stretch animals you would likely not regret - Kudu #1, Gemsbok, Eland
  12. NDWoods

    Barrel twist for close shots

    I have had someone tell me on a long range course that some bullets are stabilized better at 200 yds than 100yds. I have shot A LOT of rifle ammo and I have yet to prove that to be true. I cannot imagine a bullet being unstable at 30 yds that would otherwise be good at 50yds or 100yds, but my...
  13. NDWoods

    Hello everyone from Texas

    Welcome! Who are you going with and what questions do you still have? I did a ton of research on the site and found nothing but helpful experienced people who genuinely followed the "no such thing as stupid questions" approach. Read a lot and ask a lot of questions. It will greatly increase...
  14. NDWoods

    Want to buy Safari Binos

    I went to laser range finding binos and will never hunt without them. I started with Vortex and bought Zeiss a few years ago. In SA I had the Zeiss and wife used the Vortex. She really got into the range finder a lot more than I anticipated and would quiz me on distances high fiving when my...
  15. NDWoods

    Elementary question on Camo Semiautomatic

    Do not oil the camo. On camo guns that Benelli makes, I do not put ANYTHING on the camo parts of the shotgun, only the internal parts. No problems in about 20 years of waterfowl and dove hunting. As stated in the posts above, two big things to avoid are Gun Scrubber and insect repellent. They...
  16. NDWoods

    What's up with shipping agents?

    Yes, you are paying our government fees. My shipping WITH insurance BY AIR from South Africa cost LESS than the 24 hours at the airport to be released to my taxidermist 15 miles away from the airport. My shipping with insurance was $1,300 (all euro mounts) and that last 24 hours cost me just...
  17. NDWoods

    Bigger than .375H&H but with factory ammo readily available

    You fine gentlemen present a plethora of experience and fine advice. The 416 Rigby I will use my own term and say is just a damn sexy cartridge with great penetration. The 458 Lott is a damn heavy hitter without the Fabio sexiness but with performance and stats that cannot be denied. I did...
  18. NDWoods

    Practice makes perfect

    That looks great and I wish you all the best on your hunt. Safe travels!
  19. NDWoods

    Bigger than .375H&H but with factory ammo readily available

    Looking at 458 Lott ammo online since it is a recommendation and price is very close to 416 Rigby. This will be a fun research project. I just read a few articles where a common opinion was that the jump from 375 H&H to 416 Rigby was not much, so if a hunter was keeping the 375 H&H and wanting...
  20. NDWoods

    Bigger than .375H&H but with factory ammo readily available

    Outfit I hunted with in SA last year shoot 375 H&H and 416 Rigby. If I go again it will be with them so in that scenario I would be covered with my existing 375 H&H and a 416 Rigby if I bought one.
  21. NDWoods

    Bigger than .375H&H but with factory ammo readily available

    I have three VERY lucky friends that reload and get buckets of brass from me.
  22. NDWoods

    Bigger than .375H&H but with factory ammo readily available

    I will likely not ever buy anything above 375 H&H, but I must admit I have had my finger on the mouse a few times looking at larger calibers. The 416 Rigby was the closest that I got. I am a gun nerd and love to experience different calibers so I may get something else some day. When it comes...
  23. NDWoods

    Gunstix For Sale

    I will take them my friend.
  24. NDWoods

    Morning all!

    Welcome. This site gave me all the information and confidence I needed to plan and execute my first safari.
  25. NDWoods

    Help requested!! Weird grouping with 6.5 Creedmoor (advice/ guidance welcome)

    Cole-Tac Used their stuff for years and met them at an overnight stay in South Africa. Good people.
  26. NDWoods

    Best Deals on Swarovski

    Bought 375 ammo from him recently. Will call him.
  27. NDWoods

    Best Deals on Swarovski

    I have my eye on a Z6i with just a simple dot. Zero interest in a circle dot of anything other than just the dot being what is illuminated. The 36mm Zeiss was nice but I need the scope to be able to sit lower. The VX6 is tempting but I had a bad experience with one that was defective and Leupold...
  28. NDWoods

    300 PRC for long range hunting cartridge?

    I hear great things about Bergara. I had Alamo Precision build me two 300PRC rifles. One is a hunting rifle and one is a tank of an ELR rifle. I may have one built with a Proof barrel next and use 300PRC for all my hunting replacing the 6.5Creed I still use a lot.
  29. NDWoods

    300 PRC for long range hunting cartridge?

    I hunt with 300PRC and think it is a great cartridge. Every animal I have shot with it exited and that includes Eland and Nilgai. My longest shot was just under 400 yds but I would not hesitate at 600 yds under the right conditions. Current load is 190 LRX custom loaded by Custom Reloads of...
  30. NDWoods

    Rifle case for Africa

    Pelican worked great for me. It has a few flights in the US, three to Hawaii, and one to Africa. It has held up great and I have never had damage or loss of zero to the rifles.
  31. NDWoods

    Ammo Clean Out Sale

    I will take the Barnes .375
  32. NDWoods

    GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS - Plains-Game Hunt Package - 5 Animals, 7 Days - From $4,500 2024/2025

    I hunted Africa for the first time with Wik last year. He, his lovely wife, and entire team were amazing. After the first day I could not believe how much my wife was enjoying being there as well. The chalets, the lodge, the food, the scenery, the hunting, the people all were fantastic. Anything...
  33. NDWoods

    Perfect Safari or Tropical Hunting Shirt

    My outfitter in SA gave me a logo shirt that I think matches your description. I found it online. Check it out and let me know what you think. 100% Cotton Legendary Short Sleeve Shirt
  34. NDWoods

    Best Big Bore Gong?

    Folks, Please never ever shoot a steel plate that has a damaged surface. It is only a matter of time before a ricochet of bullet or fragments come backs towards to you. It does not matter if it if solid, soft point, hollow point or other. Always wear eye protection as well. I shoot a lot on...
  35. NDWoods

    Let’s have some .375 fun

    Scratched the 375 itch here in Texas before going to Africa. I lined up a couple of pigs and killed them both. The far side pig was 25-30 lbs.
  36. NDWoods

    Sako Classic Deluxe 375 H&H Premium Wood

    Beautiful rifle. If the sale falls through please message me.
  37. NDWoods

    Hunting SA or "Wild" Africa - Which is Better

    I have a great deal of respect for your post, Gerry. It is a great sign of a man's character to share his thoughts in company where it may not be the popular view. It was not that long ago that I joined here looking for information on booking my first safari, and the consistency of guidance on...
  38. Buffalo Boss

    Buffalo Boss

  39. NDWoods

    Are the new Hornady cartridges necessary?

    I skimmed so sorry if this has already been said. WIND It is implied with high BC but the difference in wind hold, and consequences of being slightly off are very attractive in those long-for -caliber options. I love 300 PRC for both extreme long range and hunting. It replaces 338 Lapua in...
  40. NDWoods

    CZ 550 375 H&H

    I do not know if this helps to better convey my pain, but this is the buffalo I took in Africa with the custom. FYI XL gloves are a tight fit across my hands. I was initially disappointed with feeding and extraction but both were completely resolved in advance of me going to Africa. I am...
  41. NDWoods

    CZ 550 375 H&H

    I appreciate you guys. I really am torn with these rifles being discontinued and by the fact that I have under $1k invested in the rifle since I was at the time able to buy direct. For a place like Matrix, which level of work solves the issues most seem to have with the 550? I have read a lot...
  42. NDWoods

    CZ 550 375 H&H

    I am officially torn. I have a custom 375 H&H that I initially had some issues with that the manufacturer has resolved. I took what I consider an exceptional bull with it, so it solidified itself as my primary dangerous game rifle. Now with my 550, I cannot help but be influenced by those...
  43. NDWoods

    Rifle case set up

    Sorry bud. B&H Photo Video Some very pro and friendly 2A folks there.
  44. NDWoods

    Rifle case set up

    Ugh. I did not even think to ask about that. Just be sure to check with (call) B&H for reduced price samples or damaged packaging. One of mine was a significant discount.
  45. NDWoods

    Rifle case set up

    I do not think you will be disappointed. I was very confident in my trip to Joburg, Port Elizabeth and back. However false the confidence was, it also felt good to lock the built in TSA locks when turning it over to handlers in Africa. Solid case, solid wheels, solid handles. Got both of mine at...
  46. NDWoods

    Rifle case set up

    Case is sharp. As someone else mentioned, Pelican has luggage with no foam. I have both checked and carry-on. When I travel I always have someone approach and ask about them. Seems like they are still relatively unknown. I love them.
  47. NDWoods

    Hunting in Hawaii

    Wife is from big island and I have hunted there several times for spanish goat and boar. My last few hunts were with Mike at Nahele Outfitters. I give him and his guides 5 stars. I have heard good things about Hawaii Hunting Safaris as well but missed my booked hunt for birds with them after...
  48. NDWoods

    Prayers for Mark

    More prayers and positive energy your way my fellow hunter
  49. NDWoods

    Prayers for Mark

    Hang in there fellow hunter and Texan. I am praying for you.
  50. NDWoods

    Free Booze and Food! January 5th, 2023

    What an amazing offer. I will run this by the wife and see if we can join you.