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  1. Lee M

    San Francisco Bay Halibut

    I like halibut and will be going to Alaska in July to get a variety of fish. Brought back a good mix of Alaskan fish from a Kodiak trip in 2021. We had it with eggs in the morning. In all honesty though it does not have a lot of flavor. It is very light and not fishy and takes on whatever spice...
  2. Lee M

    For the tractor lovers

    B2301 Toys are more expensive in your 50’s.
  3. Lee M

    Tikka for hunting? Thoughts in general

    My 7mm Tikka has taken numerous plains game, deer, elk and black bear. My go to rifle when not flinging arrows.
  4. Lee M

    Looking for advice, what are the best outfitters in the eastern cape?

    Lots of good recommendations here. Enjoy exploring all the posts on successful hunts with the AH sponsors.
  5. Lee M

    Trifecta Fixed Blade Test--Highest Test Score So Far!

    Looks like a tough broadhead. I have a spring bear hunt in Canada and i may have to test it out
  6. Lee M

    Favorite movie lines

    “I’m your Huckleberry” Val Kilmer in Tombstone.
  7. Lee M

    Carrying ammo to Africa

    Yes agree, that is domestic. There is a lot of other info in the United webpage on quite a few other countries, not just Africa.
  8. Lee M

    Carrying ammo to Africa

    Here is the United policy posted on their website. I would assume this info is avail online for each airline. Not every airline check in person knows their policies so suggest definitely looking it up. For destinations outside the US United has a lot of other info written that i did not include...
  9. Lee M

    Carrying ammo to Africa

    United allows ammo in the gun case. I’ve done it for 20+ years straight on the annual trip to Colorado. If flying outside the US follow the rules and have a separate lockable case ready to be used.
  10. Lee M

    How many here are bowhunters only?

    I still have my diamond black ice. What a great bow! I think i bought it around 2007. I did well in SA with it on my first trip in 2014. It is also very light (3.6 lbs) compared to my Halon 32, but still very quiet. Glad to hear you also shot as your main bow for a while.
  11. Lee M

    Bowhunting In Africa! A First-timer's Guide From Limcroma Safaris

    Archer36. Your subtle digs at an outfitter and defensive responses to anyone who gives another opinion here are surprising. You could have just said you recommend using a low power on a a crossbow scope for shorter distances if you were looking to add to the value of the original post. I would...
  12. Lee M

    Bowhunting In Africa! A First-timer's Guide From Limcroma Safaris

    If you expect to shoot at 25 yards or less, you don’t really need to use anything but the center crosshair. Especially with a crossbow. I think this is more on the shooter to understand their optics, field of view, arrow flight, etc. With archery you shouldn’t let an arrow fly unless you are...
  13. Lee M

    Bowhunting In Africa! A First-timer's Guide From Limcroma Safaris

    Very nice post. Africa is a great place to bow hunt. If you have a set up that works for whitetail it will be fine for the vast majority of plains game.
  14. Lee M

    280 Reloading Gear For Sale

    I’ll take them. Are you a .280 reloaded? Would like to get some reloading recommendations if you have them. I’ll send a pm.
  15. Lee M

    Great American Outdoor Show, Harrisburg PA February 4 – 12, 2023 Who is Attending?

    I’ve attended for the last 2+ decades. I look forward to it every year as Feb is mid winter cabin fever. Traffic has not really been an issue recently. I have found parking within walking distance.
  16. Lee M

    NAMIBIA: Off To Namibia

    That is awesome Charlie. We knew it was a big one [emoji1303][emoji471]
  17. Lee M

    Harrisburg show 2023- Who’s going?

    It’s a really big show. I usually go for 2 days as i like to talk to a bunch of outfitters.
  18. Lee M

    USA: Colorado Pronghorn DIY Hunt Oct 2022

    Nice job! It’s a small world. I’ve hunted Craig 3/301 for the last 20 years for either antelope, deer or elk. I’ve also used mountain meat. Heading there in 2 weeks for the deer/elk season.
  19. Lee M

    How many here are bowhunters only?

    It is funny how loyal bow hunters are to one brand. All my friends just shoot one brand and when they buy a new one it’s the same brand. I have bought 6bows over 40 year period and never the same brand. I shoot them all at winter shows and at bow shops and buy what feels good to me. I currently...
  20. Lee M

    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    I did some research on this last year. Also made some phone calls as well. You legally can’t ship powder or primers unless certified. You may find someone who will ship but that is because they don’t know the rules. Fines are substantial if ever caught. Be smart fellow AH friends.
  21. Lee M

    UNITED KINGDOM: Fallow Deer UK

    Very nice looking animals. Thx for sharing. I’m interested in hearing about the outfit you hunted with.
  22. Lee M

    The Black Rhino Cows’ Horns Stand Between The Species’ Survival And Its Extinction

    Interesting. When do the baby black Rhinos drink?
  23. Lee M

    Hunting Trinidad and Tobago

    Deer, gator and pigs. Oh my
  24. Lee M

    Red Deer Hunting In Romania 2023 Season

    This looks like a good hunt. WAB - when are you going?
  25. Lee M

    ZIMBABWE: Off To Zimbabwe With AH Friends

    Good report Charlie. Keep it coming [emoji1303]
  26. Lee M

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: My Bow Hunt With 4 Aces Outfitters 2022

    Looking forward to the rest of the story and pics!
  27. Lee M

    WANTED: Sable Hunt

    Some good options here! Anyone hunt with a bow at one of these?
  28. Lee M

    recommendation for a family hunt (South Africa)

    I’m glad this post appeared. I’m thinking of doing this in the near future. Wife and possibly two adult kids who are not really hunters. I may come a week early and then have them arrive.
  29. Lee M

    Picked Up My Mounts Finally

    Yes indeed - the unboxing and remembering the hunt is second only to the actual hunt. Great trophies, great memories!
  30. Lee M

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Bowhunting Namibia May 2022

    81 lb draw. That hurts my shoulder just thinking about it [emoji23].
  31. Lee M

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Bowhunting Namibia May 2022

    Great video and very good animals. Who were you hunting with? Looks like they accommodate bow hunters well.
  32. Lee M

    Wanted 35 Remington Brass

    I may have some once fired. Let me know if you still need and I’ll check.
  33. Lee M

    270 Winchester better than 7mm mag?

    I always enjoy these threads listening to those who have a favorite caliber and compare it to another. As a few have mentioned i agree that there is usually not one caliber better than the other, they are just different. However, the one thing i always cringe when reading here is when someone...
  34. Lee M

    Namibia questions

    In 2018, I hunted with Pieter Delport of Eintracht Jagd Safaris like a few others have in this thread. He is a true hunter, guide and tracker. Does it all as good or better than anyone I’ve hunted with on 3 trips to Africa. Bow friendly not just able to accommodate bow hunters. Numerous large...
  35. Lee M

    Legit shop?

    Stay away from this. I found a similar site about 6 months ago. They claimed to have any gunpowder you wanted. They only wanted Venmo and one other payment method, no credit card, which screams scam. Website was well done though. Even had an online instant message and answered questions. The...
  36. Lee M

    Reloading for .308 win

    Yes Varget is impossible to find. Do you know where it is avail?
  37. Lee M

    Reloading for .308 win

    Any advice on a reloading manual that is current, meaning it has data on some of the more recent/new powders? Most seem to be many years old and may not have newer info. Or is just going online to find this better. Im going to reload .308 and i just found and bought some CFE223 (Midway). I also...
  38. Lee M

    Leopard Import Time

    Hope all works out for you with the permits. I used yellow shark for my plains game shipments from Namibia. It all worked out but i had a few months delay over the Dec holiday period after my small crate was delivered to airport. Frustrating but all worked out. I had Pieter call them to check on...
  39. Lee M

    Would you hunt in Africa, in case the trophies could not be imported to your country?

    I hunted Africa 3 times. Brought back less each time. I actually wish i didn’t bring back as much as i did. Could have paid for another trip. I’m happy with pictures, video and the experience at this point. I do understand the desire to bring some trophies back, especially on the first visit.
  40. Lee M

    Unique European Idea.... I think

    Very nice. We have all seen hundreds skull mounts so your idea and craftsmanship is a nice change. The leather work is outstanding and the wood you mounted it on is the icing on the cake. Well done!
  41. Lee M

    Springbok Pictures

    Wow. I bet that handgun has some snappy recoil! That’s a big bullet
  42. Lee M

    Springbok Pictures

    That’s a long poke with a handgun. Well done! What caliber are you shooting?