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    Want To Trade Vor-tx .338 Win Mag 225 Grain For 210 Grain

    I am looking to trade 1 or 2 boxes of Barnes Vor-tx .338 Win Mag 225 grain for Barnes Vor-tx .338 Win Mag 210 grain. My rifle likes the Vor-tx 210s so not looking to trade for other types of ammo at this time. Thanks for looking!
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    Delta Airlines News

    I was scheduled to fly Kansas City to JNB on May 25th. When Delta canceled the flight we requested a refund and that is what we received.
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    Buffalo hunt recommendations

    Will do. Thank you.
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    Buffalo hunt recommendations

    Thanks again to everyone for providing their thoughts and also to the outfitters that have also responded or sent a message. This definitely gives us things to think about and options to consider.
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    Buffalo hunt recommendations

    Thank you to everyone for all the responses and PMs. The information is greatly appreciated!
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    Buffalo hunt recommendations

    I rarely post but follow this site regularly and appreciate all the information that is shared here. I have hunted plains game a couple of times in SA and I am now wanting to do a buffalo hunt in 2022. Tanzania would be an awesome adventure but budget realities will probably restrict it to...
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    SAA Route Cancellations

    We are traveling to East London in May and received an email from our Tavel agent on Friday. She indicated Fly Safair may soon be approved for firearms transport and would switch our tickets if that is true. Their website still says no firearms, however. She is supposed to follow up with us...