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  1. Bill116

    WIN a FREE Hunt In Romania Valued at US$2,150 for 1 Hunter from HUNTROMANIA for 2024 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    @whitetail, any information you could pass along would be greatly appreciated. I am ok with sending you my personal email if you so desire to communicate that way. Have a great trip and look forward to seeing our hunt report. Bill
  2. Bill116

    WIN a FREE Hunt In Romania Valued at US$2,150 for 1 Hunter from HUNTROMANIA for 2024 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Thank you. I am in SHOCK. I just got on the internet for the first time in 8 days after having major back surgery. This sure made the pain and discomfort of the past 8 days go away instantly. I have never won any type of contest, even a booby prize! Bill
  3. Bill116

    ZIMBABWE: March 2023 Amadundamela Forest Reserve Management Elephant Bull Hunt With CMS Safaris

    Congratulations on a GREAT hunt and a well written story. That is the best hunt report I have read here in the past couple of years. And there are some fantastic reports on here. That will be a lifelong memory for both you and your wife. Well done, Sir.
  4. Bill116

    First Africa trip shipping estimates

    I have a shipment of 6 euros, full skin of red hartebeest my wife wanted and a zebra rug. Shipping from RSA to ORD was around $900. Right now it is being held captive in ATL by FWS, broker is trying to get it expedited out of there, I am only at $200 in storage fees, so am sure they will hold it...
  5. Bill116

    UGANDA: The Pearl Of Africa With JKO HUNTING SAFARIS

    Thank you for taking us along on your hunt. Excellent read and some outstanding trophies. Well done sir.
  6. Bill116

    NAMIBIA: Buffalo Hunt In The Caprivi

    Some outstanding trophies, as stated that bushbuck is a beast. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. You did real well!
  7. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Buffalo Bowhunt With African Barefoot Safaris

    Congrats on the buff with a bow! Enjoyed the report, thanks for posting.
  8. Bill116

    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    My condolences to you and your family. God bless all of you in this time of deep sorrow. Prayers to you and your family.
  9. Bill116

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    @JHT. I have used Kanati for my last safari, from another poster on here. They were excellent to work with. I had a long conversation with them as to how I wanted work done. I had a pedestal mount for both my buff and sable. Was sent updates every couple of weeks and photos of work being done...
  10. Bill116

    BOTSWANA: Elephant Hunt With Johan Calitz Safaris In June 2021

    Well done sir. And thanks for sharing a great hunt report with us. Very well written, and two fine trophies. Congratulations.
  11. Bill116

    Non resident Moose Lottery- Maine, NH or NB

    If you have a few years to play the game, by all means apply. I do Maine. I have 5 preference points now I believe. I previously drew a bull tag with 7 points. Other guy in camp was his first year applying! As the saying goes, can't win if you don't play". I will try for a few more years then as...
  12. Bill116

    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    @Goose Cracker Great to hear. I am set to head to RSA on 26 March for 2 weeks. All set here, as of today. My flights have changed almost every other day. Get my Moderna booster shot tomorrow. Test before departure and outfitter has made arrangements for test day prior to leaving. Good luck on...
  13. Bill116

    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    Thank you sir. I really wanted to take my old reliable 30-06 that I have had for 45 plus years. Will rent lodge's firearm. Was there in2019 with my own rifle, but we shot at the range one day just wasting time. Good thing is when flights return to normal I will have an excuse to make my 5th...
  14. Bill116

    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    My Delta flights were re-routed through AMS. Taking KLM to JNB. I leave LEX on 26March and return to US on 09April. My fingers are crossed, as previously stated, if they are flying..... I am going!
  15. Bill116

    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    Well, Delta has now routed me through AMS, so a KLM flight to JNB. Same return. I received a digital poster from my outfitter explaining the RSA rules and the precautions they are taking at the camp plus what is expected of us. I am going to do all I can to go on this trip. Tired of our...
  16. Bill116

    Greetings from Kentucky

    Welcome to AH. This is a GREAT community if individuals. I am located in Frankfort, a transplant from the Communist state of New York. I am still holding out hope my 4th trip will occur at the end of March. Planning a safari is half the fun, then comes the dreaded LONG flight. Good Luck in your...
  17. Bill116

    Who’s going to Hunt Africa this year?

    I am still pushing forward. I have 61 days until wheels up. My outfitter has arrangements for testing prior to return. I have received the vaccine through my work. As long as the flight departs I will be on it.
  18. Bill116

    Who’s going to Hunt Africa this year?

    I am scheduled to leave DTW on 26 March for 14 days in RSA, general plains game. Been cancelled 3 times in 2020.... so, if the flight leaves I will be on it. Been getting tested every couple weeks for work requirement. Still on the fence about the vaccine. As a 65 year old with heart disease...
  19. Bill116

    Cancer diagnosis for christmas

    Will keep you in my prayers. Go at it with a great attitude. My mother beat it twice early on in life because of her coworker pushing her on. She continued on into her 80s. I wish you well, follow doc's orders. Keep us updated and get ready for the hunt.
  20. Bill116

    ZAMBIA: Lion Safari With Strang Middleton

    Excellent story of a fantastic hunt. Congrats to the Mrs on a beautiful lion. Am enjoying going along for the ride, as many on here are. A well written hunt report. Thanks again.
  21. Bill116

    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris Hunt Report Sep 2020

    Thanks for the write up and photos. Some very nice trophies there. Great to see some enjoying Africa and all it offers. Love the zebra pic.
  22. Bill116

    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    Will do sir. Received notice today from RSA that my "package" is ready to head westward. I did a quick change of plans after seeing their work in your posts. Now if this mess cleans up I am ready to go back in August.
  23. Bill116

    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    That is one amazing piece of artistry. Thanks for posting so we could enjoy it also. Through your posts I have my September 2019 stuff going to Kanati. You have an amazing group of mounts there.
  24. Bill116

    Next weeks trip canceled (South Africa)

    Sorry to hear. If we keep our wits about us and relax for a few weeks we may just stop this thing. Keep practicing and planning. I am joining you. My April 15 trip has cancelled. I am now a tentative for an August 19 trip. But I will still go to the range weekly. Good luck to all.
  25. Bill116

    Travel News - Coronavirus Advisory

    I head out on 15 April to JNB. My girlfriend is nervous, but I told her I am going unless the flight doesn't leave. While concerned, I believe the media is getting carried away for certain reasons. Good luck to all.
  26. Bill116

    Delta 200 dates

    I am going LEX-ATL-JNB on 15 April, returning on April 29.
  27. Bill116

    Leopard mount begins

    Congrats JB. That is one beautiful cat and a great piece of taxidermy. Please share a pic when he gets "home".
  28. Bill116

    In memoriam - Pieter Erasmus from Pawprint Safaris passed away

    Very sad news. May God bless his family and friends and provide them with comfort during this time of great sorrow.
  29. Bill116

    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique With Zambeze Delta Safaris

    Thanks for a great write up on your hunt. Excellent story and some very nice animals. Thank you for sharing.