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    Swakop Vellies (Trapper)

    If these are what you’re referring to try their website I bought them at their store in Swakopmund. Also stocked at Oom Samie se Winkel in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
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    Sale On 308 Win Norma Oryx Ammo (Made In Sweden) - 10 Boxes For $249.50 + Free Shipping

    Excellent pricing! Would love to be able to buy them at this price in South Africa.
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    Buffalo Facial Hair

    Definitely not a young fella! Lovely bull
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    Buffalo Facial Hair

    My bull from Bwabwata in the Caprivi with Ndumo Hunting Safaris. Have a look at their website. They seem to produce these kind of bulls quite frequently.
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    Greetings from Namibia

    Welkom Divan! Hope you’ll be sharing some of your excellent photography with us!
  6. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

  7. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Boss
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    Safari in March?

    I took this bull with @ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS in their Sobbe Conservancy on 6 April 2022. I would not hesitate to do this hunt two or three weeks earlier. The place was incredibly green and lush and although spotting game was difficult we saw Champan’s zebra, kudu, steenbok, duiker, roan and...
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    Hi from South Africa

    Welkom ouboet!
  10. Hunting Springbok

    Hunting Springbok

    old 303 British PMP factory 174gr soft points
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    Rimmed (only) Cartridges

    My grandfather’s old 303 British. I never knew the man but his son passed the rifle on to me. It still shoots straight and with PMP factory 174gr soft points at moderate velocity meat damage is minimal.
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    Bow hunting Namibia: trying to decide with who

    I’ve visited Dickie (Dirk) Kotze at Tiefenbach near Okahandja twice. I’ve never bow hunted before but his operation seems very professional and the trophies taken with bow are impressive. They’ve got very good warthog and kudu and I believe his clients have taken leopard with bow too.
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    New Member Western Cape South Africa

    Dankie, and thank you all!
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    New Member Western Cape South Africa

    Thank you all! Shootist43 my rifle was built in the late 80s/early 90s by Johan Morkel who currently operates under Morkel & Crouse Riflemakers. He is a reputable gunmaker and I feel fortunate to be able to be the custodian of this gun for a while.
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    New Member Western Cape South Africa

    Dankie Frederik!
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    New Member Western Cape South Africa

    Thanks Everyone! I love drooling over the guns and hunts that do the rounds on this forum. If buying and selling guns were as simple in South Africa as in the US I would be in trouble. @ve7poi can’t wait to finally have that 404. I’ve been dreaming of one since I was a kid. Mine’s a South...
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    New Member Western Cape South Africa

    Good day, I’ve been lurking on here for a while but realise that I should’ve introduced myself. I grew up in central South Africa with some sort of hunting tool in hand at all times. I’ve hunted South Africa and Namibia and realised my life-long dream of hunting buffalo in the Zambezi region...
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    Heym Express Rifle Which Calibre?

    Yes. I’ve also only handled them in 375 H&H and they are not bulky. I’ve always wondered how the bigger calibers feel. I would love to handle one in 505!
  19. Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

    Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

  20. Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

    Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

  21. Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

    Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

  22. Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

    Buffalo Hunt Bwabwata Namibia

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    Show Me Your 375 Caliber Buffalo!

    Old bull taken in Bwabwata with my Model 70 and Barnes 270gr TSX. Down after one shot low on the shoulder. Insurance shots put in on approach. Second bull taken in Sobbe Conservancy with the same setup. First shot took him low in the chest through the heart. Put two more in his neck whilst...
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    Red River Hog Hunts C.A.R

    I’ve read somewhere that scientifically Red River Hog and bushpig are the same species. I’m not quite sure how true that is though. Bushpigs in South Africa and other regions vary widely in colour. I’ve only shot one in the Eastern Cape of South Africa which was quite red (pic below). Have...
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    NAMIBIA: First Africa Safari In Namibia. ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS Is Excellent

    Lovely animals! The area is just amazing. I think of my time there every day. Can’t wait to find my way back. Congratulations on your success!
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    Hunting with a 7x64

    My Sako L691. I have only shot Norma Oryx 170gr through it which was the first bullet I tried and kept using it. This rifle has accounted for lots of springbok and blesbuck along with a few kudu and blue wildebeest.
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    .270 Winchester

    Growing up in central South Africa in the 90s there was hardly a hunting household I knew without a 270 in the safe. Come to think of it I can only think of one. Musgraves (SA) were the most prevalent with many other European and to a lesser extent American brands doing the rounds. My father...
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    ndumo SAFARIS 2022 season highlights!

    Incredible smooth bosses on that last bull!
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    Optics advise?

    Schmidt & Bender Exos 1-8x24 has worked well for me on buffalo and the smaller plains game in the Karoo.
  30. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

  31. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

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    Buffalo Pictures

    My first bull from Bwabwata with @ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS in April 2022. Grateful to take such an old animal.
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    flying with rifles??

    Pelican Vault V800 worked well for me flying from SA to Namibia. Fit two scoped rifles in their rifle bags/slips. All arrived at the hunting destination and back home with perfect zero. Make sure you have something that locks well with no movement possible on the rifles internally. The luggage...
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    South Africans your thoughts please

    We not only have a very corrupt government, they also enjoy implementing punitive measures at their leisure. Be sure to take appropriate tax advice before pulling the trigger. For people who are not ordinarily resident in SA the physical presence test is applied to determine whether you are...
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    Cigarettes question

    Good rolling stuff here around R70 for 50grams. Less than $10 Aud [emoji15]
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    Cigarettes question

    Or just buy here for cheap. Marlboro goes for around US$3 per pack of 20.
  37. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

  38. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

  39. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

  40. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

  41. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

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    End Of Season Hunt Specials In Namibia Caprivi

    Sobbe bull from April 2022. Amazing area and great guys to hunt with.
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    British Muzzleloader .303 and 7x57 Boer war rifles compared

    I bought around 500 175gr 7mm Speer Deep Curl bullets recently to reload my 7x57. As far as I know they are discontinued. Anyone with experience with these bullets? Best
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    7x57 160 North Fork SS vs 170 Norma Oryx

    Since they’re accurate I wouldn’t bother with the North Forks. I use the 170gr Oryx in my 7x64 and have taken many antelope up to large blue wildebeest bulls cleanly. Broadside shots pass through everything I’ve taken so I am sure at 7x57 velocities they do well on anything up to and including...