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  1. HRS

    333 Jeffery barrel dimensions

    Yep you're reading it right @rifletuner ! He has that, an original. older 318 WR profile and a few Rigbys from various periods (y)
  2. HRS

    333 Jeffery barrel dimensions

    I'll add some pics if you want mate after it's machined. Forgot to mention on the phone yesty that the 09 Argentine crest lover inside of me let a small whimper out when I first saw it :cry::ROFLMAO:(y)
  3. HRS

    KMG Hunting Safaris 2023 Late Season Offer

    Great offer Marius! If anyone out there hasnt hunted with KMG and his crew then you should jump all over this. I'm tempted to myself....although twice in the one year might be pushing the limits
  4. HRS

    End Of Season Hunt Specials In Namibia Caprivi

    Awwwww amazing offers mate. The Caprivi has always been amongst the top of a long list of dream hunts for me
  5. HRS

    333 Jeffery barrel dimensions

    I have an original .333 Jefferey Stock pattern here mate which I've taken measurements from and supplied to Swanny for profiling.... just a matter of him writing the program for it and turning one up.
  6. HRS

    WIN a FREE Hunt from NKWE SAFARIS in Botswana Valued at US$5,500 for 1 Hunter/1 Observer for 2022/2023 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Such a generous offer Gentlemen! "In honor of Cal Pappas - NKWE SAFARIS"
  7. HRS

    Hi from Australia

    Hmmm in the Sambar Hills with a VB in his hand
  8. HRS

    Hi from Australia

    Yeah nice mate....If you get the chance to hunt Cape Bushbuck, I'd highly recommend that. They are so highly revered by the locals in the East Cape - much the same way as Victorians love Sambar. They offer a great hunt too, shy and elusive little buggers
  9. HRS

    Hi from Australia

    9.3 owner AND a rum drinker :unsure::LOL:
  10. HRS

    Hi from Australia

    Hi Shifty, good decision mate - you will have a great safari with Marius and his crew. I hunted with KMG prior to covid and have booked in myself and 4 other Aussies for July next year. What species are you looking at having a crack at? The East Cape is a beautiful area and offers some great...
  11. HRS

    Aoudad Hunting Package In The Eastern Cape Mountains Of South Africa 7 Days US$3,925

    Hmmmmmmm Very tempting mate :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  12. HRS

    Cancellation Hunts Available For The 2022 Season - KMG Hunting Safaris

    There's Bundy on both sides of the fence, so it dont matter ‍‍‍:ROFLMAO:
  13. HRS

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris, The Collector's Edition 2019

    Said it all previously mate but awesome report & pics and stoked to be able to witness some of it with you, especially that Bushpig!! Seems like months ago now but hey :rolleyes:
  14. HRS

    KMG Hunting Safaris 2019 Season

    I dont believe it for a second o_O:LOL: Cheers, Cam