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  1. crudeoildude

    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    me thinks your gonna love that creedmoor specialy with the Barnes.
  2. crudeoildude

    Has anyone seen this new .303 single shot?

    I recently inheirited a sportsterized lee enfield in a 303 british that I cant decide what to do with any good ideas out there?
  3. crudeoildude

    257 Roberts vs 25-06

    I shoot a 25-06 from a 03-a3 action,26in douglas supream barrel,load 75 gr sierra hollo points for peditors and prairie dogs and 100gr ttsx for deer ant, and elk it is my fav gun in the safe its weight is 10.8#without tri pod so I don't pack it far but recoil is like a 22.It is a treat to shoot
  4. crudeoildude

    Sad day in our family

    Para45 There is another rescue dog out ther waiting to share your love and to find its forever home,I share your hurt.
  5. crudeoildude

    Sad day in our family

    RIP Lucky
  6. crudeoildude

    Do multi barrel guns count as 1?

    I seen that as a question as if a country says you may bring in 2 fire armsand you have 2 barrels for your Blaser is that 1 gun or 2 same for airlines????
  7. crudeoildude

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Dennis All that work in your shop is already DEAD Do not join them I repeat DO NOT JOIN THEM .We need you to get well and continue your masterpieces,as a survivor of 7 heart attacks and 13 stents in place ,pay attention to the cardio guys they are a pain in the ass but they know what they are...
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    In Pursuit Of The Fabled Black Panther

    Thank you major and thank you and welcome aboard to PS I very much enjoy learning from your adventures and look forward to each of them
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    wash your hands stay away from crowds and take your glock when you go to buy toilet paper?
  10. crudeoildude


    check out the execise called crimson contagion and observe the results that we implamented from it and jim P that nephew has a doctorate in biological research .
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    and there was nothing to expose Im a life long blue coller Democrat and dam proud of it
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    well you know what assume spell out ,I do know from a nephew that worked at the CDC for 6 years that we played around with Ebola virus fot 4 years experimenting with its possibilitys of weapons grade germ warfare before this coutry even knew what it was,its entirely possible covid 19 was an...
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    no one needs to pay anyone to denigrate Trumps name he does a excellent job of that himself just by opening his mouth
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    yes keep in mind these press conferences are to give you just as much information as they want you to have and for whatever purpose,
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    Hog patrol we would have had a huge amount of test kits 3 weeks ago if the so called commander in chief would not of told the WHO we didn't need those dam test kits and if you want to check statistic you will see that Obama dealt with 3 or 4 flu pandemics during his tenure
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    I seen online today that here in wyo we have 15 positive cases and 7 of them are the same nursing home what ya gonna do come on vacine
  17. crudeoildude


    At this point im not sure anyone including the chineese and Italy have any real idea how deadly it may be,it may be gestating into a real monster,sure as hell hope not
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    Until you have worked in the commercial pork industry and seen a virus move through a 500 sow pig barn over night and kill 397 head of sows full of baby pigs the next two day its hard to realy understand their reasons for no large assemblys of people.We tend to err on the side of caution more...
  19. crudeoildude

    2 Pairs TAG Safari PH Shorts For Sale

    only about 10 in too small,and I didn't mean length. LOL
  20. crudeoildude

    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    You better order 3or 4 more of those shelves cause it wont be long before you need I for powder 1for bullets and primers ,1 for brass and miscelanious BS and 1 for finished products,we have enough crappy days here in wyo in the winter I fill a shelf with cartridges and then spend the spring and...
  21. crudeoildude

    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    That is one beautiful leopard and it tops off a exceptionaltrophy room it is stunning But you are not done yet ARE YOU?
  22. crudeoildude

    My first reloads down range

    Bob I know exactly what you mean,when I learned to load for my 25-06 It opened a whole new era of accurate shooting for me,being able to close up cloverleafs 1 grain at a time was amazing,I have tried with 30 cal but not as much luck.Shoot to reload =Reload to shoot.
  23. crudeoildude

    What First Spurred Your Interest in Africa?

    well it started out for me back when my dad would carry me on his shoulders while hunting because my leg were to short to keep up,we would all harvest our annual deer and antelope,meat for the upcoming winter,but then I got to watching marlin Perkins every sunday afternoon and then seen Hatari...
  24. crudeoildude

    What is wrong with people

    you need to realize that this young lady is being used as a tool for someone with a much larger agenda.
  25. crudeoildude

    What is wrong with people

    what I think this is most about is the ability for one of our friends and fellow members on here to be able to vent and vegetate with other fellow members so that he don't go kick some ass and end up in a lawsuit,I hope he has the sense to stay away and on his own property and mind his own...
  26. crudeoildude

    Reading list advice

    Well besides the entire capstick library here are some that I have very much enjoyed.The man eaters of Tsavo,Lt Col J.H.Patterson Hunting the elephant in Africa.Capt.C.H. Stigand,African Hunter Baron Bror von Blixen=Finecke,The book of the lion Sir Alfred E.Pease,Memories of an African...
  27. crudeoildude

    What is wrong with people

    what were you suposidly doing wrong Eric?
  28. crudeoildude

    Avenging The Kalahari Buffalo

    Ha I figured that might be enough to force him over the edge,you know we only have so much time on this earth so best spend all you can on the dark continent.
  29. crudeoildude

    Avenging The Kalahari Buffalo

    toby I don't think you have enough hair on your uh uh knuckles to attempt another hunt so soon,So what do you say to THAT?????
  30. crudeoildude


    ok HERE IS THE 64 thousand dollar question??? what is it made from and what is it supposed to do for you?
  31. crudeoildude

    Near Death Experiences, Divine Intervention, Kids and Alaska Bears

    sharing your time with those youngsters is a awesome reward the griz is simpley a huge portion of gravy on top of your taters,congratulation to all of you well done
  32. crudeoildude

    The Noble Waterbuck - Shoulder Taxidermy Mount

    beautiful work Eric awesome animal
  33. crudeoildude

    Wolves in Colorado!

    Im not sure that you would have that much to gain Ridgewalker,since oil,gas,and coal have went in the crapper wyomings golden goose hasn't laid many eggs,in the past 2 or 3 years wyo has doubled the state tax on vehicle registrations,raised some property taxes kicked around implamenting a toll...
  34. crudeoildude

    The Appeal of Trophies?

    people hI have a friend that had a badger that ave things mounted for a multitude of reasons I once said that I wouldn't have anything mounted until it was big enough to make the Boone and Crocket book,well then one day I shot a pronghorn thatwas big enough and thatopened the flood gates ,4...
  35. crudeoildude

    Improving the 375 H&H

    come on IvW you have already made up your mind on the conversion you were just waiting for someone to validate it,??? Holy Crap go for it.LOL
  36. crudeoildude

    Disabled bear hunt

    me to savage hunter
  37. crudeoildude

    Night Of The Lioness

    thank you I enjoyed this read very much thank you again
  38. crudeoildude

    Barnes TSX vs. TTSX

    I have shot both in 25 and30 cal and cant tell much difference,It seems that I can run the ttxs a little bit faster and still keep awesome groups.
  39. crudeoildude

    Florida Hunter entering new world

    Hop aboard This BS train is about to leave the station,LOL
  40. crudeoildude

    Disabled bear hunt

    beautiful bears nice job
  41. crudeoildude

    Wolves in Colorado!

    I guess they have provided a few targets of opportunity on their own.
  42. crudeoildude

    Wolves in Colorado!

    the only thing good that wolf reintro has done for wy.that I can see is eliminate a few hundred bison from Yellowstone that the fed gov didn't have the balls to get rid of,along with a hell of a bunch of moose,elk and deer from wy.Id and mont.
  43. crudeoildude

    .470 Nitro Express - Cleaning regimen?

    I tend to agree Redleg
  44. crudeoildude

    Howdy from Oregon

    welcome and enjoy
  45. crudeoildude

    Snake Trap

    The trap that he talks about is not actualy a trap but a refuge from the heat,the snake can come and go as it pleases but will usualy stay in the shade during the hot part of the day that's why he suggested checking the traps during the heat of the day.One of our most productive snake traps were...
  46. crudeoildude

    Hi all

    Hop in,strap down,hold on to the bar your in for a hell of a ride.
  47. crudeoildude

    Disabled bear hunt

    disabled bears usualy get eaten by their brothers.LOL
  48. crudeoildude

    Black Mamba Pictures

    Is there a reason they are bigger there IvW?
  49. crudeoildude

    Black Mamba Pictures

    I hope to shout its a big one