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  1. CharlesT

    Project Rifle - Firearms International Corp

    I vote 9.3x62. That's a nice rear peep sight. Whose make is it? CT
  2. CharlesT

    Most durable wood stock finish/treatment

    For what it's worth, I have been using polymerized Tung oil from Lee Valley on all my wood stocks with great success. CT
  3. CharlesT

    Quick Detach Rings

    It's an M96 in 6.5 Swede. Not worried about recoil at all.
  4. CharlesT

    Quick Detach Rings

    Thank you all. I have them pushed forward but got into a debate with someone who recommended the forward/back. I'm using Warne rings BTW. Thanks again. CT
  5. CharlesT

    Quick Detach Rings

    Just looking for opinions on mounting QD rings. Is the general consensus to keep both rings pushed forwards on the mounts? OR Keep the front ring forward and the rear pushed back, Or is it another configuration that is most used? Thanks folks. I hope I haven't opened a can of worms here. CT
  6. CharlesT

    Greetings from Ontario

    Welcome to a fellow Ontarian.
  7. CharlesT

    1917 Enfield action

    I beg to differ. Both the P14 and P17 are, to the best of my knowledge, cock on close. Dayton Traister and possibly others offer kits to convert from COC to COO. CT
  8. CharlesT

    Memories of the .303 Lee Enfield

    I have a No5 complete with the hockey puck recoil pad. I reload 180gr Sierra RN. It's not that bad to shoot with the butt firmly in the pocket. It's no worse than a Win94 with no recoil pad shooting 170gr. I bought the rifle because I needed a 303 Enfield. I was looking for a No4 when this...
  9. CharlesT

    Out Of The Vault After 22 Years

    I'm very interested in hearing more. Much more. I love stories about just "making it work" and the project sounds fascinating. CT
  10. CharlesT

    PPU Brass

    For what it's worth, I use PPU brass and am on my 4th reload in 303 British and 5th in 9.3x62. When I need to replace the Lapua brass for my 6.5x55, I'll be buying PPU. CT
  11. CharlesT

    Once Bitten ... Never Again

    What is one item or brand you will never purchase again? It could be firearm related or not. I thought of this as I dumped 100 pieces of Hornady brass in 6.5x55 that I had fired only 3 times. I was getting sticky extraction on some and when trimming them, some pieces needed far more brass...
  12. CharlesT

    AWD vehicles in snow opinions

    Another Subaru fan here. We have had 3 over the years. Our current one is a 2016 Outback. Here in central Ontario our winters can vary from an 8" snowfall to black ice in a few days. With good winter tires, the Roo handles it all. We have never had an issue with oil consumption as you...
  13. CharlesT

    Mad Minute

    You have it reversed. Lee Enfield actions are COC, as is the Mauser 96. The Mauser 98 is COO. CT
  14. CharlesT

    Reloading for a 9.3x62?

    A bit late to the party, but I am loading 285gr PPU over 57.2gr of Varget in PPU brass and getting 2340fps out of my Husky 9.3. I use open sights and my best group was a bit more than an inch at 100yds.
  15. CharlesT

    Cleaning for Copper

    After I posted I had a thought: In my 6.5x55 I mostly shoot Hornady bullets, in my .303 Sierra. In my 9.3x62 I shoot Prvi Partisan and it by far is the worst for copper fouling. Incidentally I use Barnes CR10 (ammonia based) and I have found it works very well. CT
  16. CharlesT

    Cleaning for Copper

    I'm just curious as to how often people clean their rifle barrels for copper fouling. I've found that about every 50 rounds seems, for me at least, to be the time before accuracy starts to dramatically fall off.
  17. CharlesT

    Hello to All

    Both the M96 and PH have 24" barrels. The M96 loved H4831 but the PH did not.
  18. CharlesT

    Hello to All

    @Shootist43 I was using 45.5gr H4831 in an M96. Grouped about 0.75 @ 100yds. I have a new to me Parker Hale Lightweight that I am working up loads with RL22 for both 140's and 160's.
  19. CharlesT

    Hello to All

    Shootist43, I'm in central Ontario cottage country. I use my Swede for deer to beaver. If I ever got a moose draw, I wouldn't hesitate to use it there either. I have a load developed for 160gr and have some Woodleigh's in stock for just that. Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
  20. CharlesT

    Survey: Your Favorite .30 Caliber

    You beat me to it. CT
  21. CharlesT

    Help - What is in this J Rigby Case

    @MMAL If you do contact Rigby, please post what you discover. Thanks CT
  22. CharlesT

    MTM cartridge box for 9.3x62?

    Your magazine and chamber will limit the length of the cartridge. Mono metal or other longer bullets project more into the case. The COL will remain the same. A case for 30-06 will be fine. CT
  23. CharlesT

    Sighting in your rifles for hunting

    All your replies seem to confirm that my decisions are within reason. I keep my scoped 6.5x55 140gn zeroed at 100. It is a deer gun for under 100 and is also used for pest control at much shorter ranges. My Lee Enfield No5 is zeroed so that the POI is correct for the elevation setting. I...
  24. CharlesT

    Sighting in your rifles for hunting

    Just curious as to how you sight in your rifles for hunting. Do you sight in specifically for the game animal and what distance you expect to shoot from? Do you sight in to zero at 100yds? Do you sight in for MPBR? I hope this doesn't open a can of worms. [emoji3] CT
  25. CharlesT

    9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo?

    Thank you. I truly appreciate your offer. I hope one day I may be able to take you up on it. CT
  26. CharlesT

    9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo?

    The simplest answer is commitments at home. As things are, I will live vicariously through reading the posts on this forum and reading the books of those who have been there. CT
  27. CharlesT

    9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo?

    This rifle may have been to Africa, but I haven't. Yet. I bought this Husqvarna almost 2 years ago because I liked the history of the cartridge. It needed the tang crack repaired and I bedded it as well. I also shortened the LOP and added a Limbsaver. I am shooting 285 grain PPU over 57.2...
  28. CharlesT

    Comment by 'CharlesT' in media 'Husqvarna in 9.3x62 Rifle'

    @Gert Odendaal I'd be glad to. Is it the 9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo? thread?
  29. CharlesT

    Comment by 'CharlesT' in media 'Husqvarna in 9.3x62 Rifle'

    I'd be glad to. Is it the 9.3X62 for Cape Buffalo? thread?
  30. Husqvarna in 9.3x62 Rifle

    Husqvarna in 9.3x62 Rifle

    I have a Husqvarna in 9.3x62 and here is the load I worked up based on the data from Hodgdon. 285 grain PPU over 57.2 grains of Varget in PPU brass and get 2340 fps. My COL is 3.23". Groups less than 3"@100 yards using open sights.
  31. CharlesT

    9.3x62 load

    My first post here, so please be kind. I joined AH because of threads like this. I have a Husqvarna in 9.3x62 and here is the load I worked up based on the data from Hodgdon. 285 grain PPU over 57.2 grains of Varget in PPU brass and get 2340 fps. My COL is 3.23". Groups less than 3"@100 yards...
  32. CharlesT

    Hello to All

    I have been shooting .22 off and on since I was a boy, but didn't started shooting center fire until later on in life, ten or eleven years ago. Since then I have collected a few rifles that are in calibers that mean something to me in some way. I reload for 6.5x55, 303 British, 44-40 and 9.3x62...