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  1. sdalcher

    275 Rigby & 300 H&H Brass & Bullets For Sale

    Looks like all the 300 H&H sold, but if not I’m interested
  2. sdalcher

    For Sale 3 Bolt Shrouds & 6 Cocking Pieces For 98 Mauser

    Received as described. Thanks!
  3. sdalcher

    For sale Hornady 458 Win Mag Superformance

    Details to you in PM
  4. sdalcher

    Zeiss Diarange M 3-12x56 T Riflescope For Sale

    Might be a little easier if you just list a starting price... I for one usually won’t even bother responding to a make an offer post. You are brand new to the site and it doesn’t boost confidence with a make an offer post. Just my 2cents.. happy hunting
  5. sdalcher

    For Sale Chapman Safety Milling Jig

    I’ll take this
  6. sdalcher

    For Sale Winchester Model 70 375 H&H

    Pm sent
  7. sdalcher

    Pay It Forward-Free

    They are yours. PM replied to. Will get them shipped this week.
  8. sdalcher

    Pay It Forward-Free

    I’d like these books and will put up a set of Lyman 416 Rigby dies, minus the shell holder
  9. sdalcher

    Reloading Dies For Sale

    You’ve got some hard to find ones in there! Reasonable prices too
  10. sdalcher

    Henry Griffiths Safaris Beginner Plains Game Hunt Package

    Sent you an email several days ago, not received a response. Not sure if spam filter got it or what.
  11. sdalcher

    Pay It Forward-Free

    If the books have not been taken, I’d like them. I’ll post up a few items this afternoon as my gift back.
  12. sdalcher

    Mauser Project For Sale

    I’ll buy this at $280 shipped. Need a project
  13. sdalcher

    Management Hunt 2019

    Interested, what are proposed dates?