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    Bear Encounter - cool or decide

    I've lived in SW Alaska for several years and I've fished in SW Alaska for I don't know how many years. I have encountered hundreds - yes, hundreds - of brown bears during that time. Some were quite close. Had a fishing guide tell me once, "Watch your back cast. There's a bear back there." I saw...
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    Qatar airlines Question

    If you were using miles, do you have a sufficient airline status to get some help? I see you're from the best state in the country so I would presume you are using Alaska airlines miles. Are you a Gold MVP or Gold 75 or 100K MVP? If so, it might help to call the Alaska Air MVP desk and advise of...
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    Water Buffalo in Crocodile Dundee

    My family hails from southern Kansas. Lots of cattle farming. Saw a sign on several ranches that said, "If your bull wanders onto our property, please come get your steer." I understand that the ranchers want to ensure that cows are bred for particular lines and strains and they don't want any...
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    Fines for illegal moose hunting

    I would certainly check the regulations. As I said and others have echoed, Alaska game laws are extremely complex because Alaska is so damn big. Hunting in SE Alaska on Prince of Wales Island is a far different hunt than hunting in SW Alaska or northern interior. Game limits, methods of taking...
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    Fines for illegal moose hunting

    I've represented my fair share of hunters from Alaska and Outside. I've represented hunters, guides, hired help, lodge owners, and pilots. While free legal advice is worth what you pay for it, I can give you some recommendations to avoid anything like this if you hunt in Alaska. Some of this is...
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    Dumbora The Croc & Bad Choices

    1. You write very well. 2. I'd like to hear about the elephant. 3. I'd like to hear about your buddy's buffalo. 4. Congrats. That is a great story and a great result.
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    Man Kills Kodiak Bear Inside Home

    I lived in the Alaska bush for several years. We had a pickup truck with a cover over the back and I would use it to take my trash to the dump. I remember the first morning I came out and saw bear paw and nose prints in the dirt on the back of the pickup because I had taken trash to the dump the...
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    Proposed BATF ban on privately made weapons - Gun Grab Forthcoming

    I've been in touch with some of FPC people because I'm currently litigating the constitutionality of some provisions of 18 USC 922(g) post-Bruen. Last time I checked, FPC had plans to hire additional attorneys in the future but I have not see that they have decided to go through with that. I...
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    Proposed BATF ban on privately made weapons - Gun Grab Forthcoming

    I would love to work as litigation counsel for FPC. Most of my experience in federal court involves criminal cases but I think fighting the government over gun regs would be a great job. I'd look at Cooper & Kirk but I do not want to move to DC.
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    Proposed BATF ban on privately made weapons - Gun Grab Forthcoming

    I would encourage members of this board to join Firearms Policy Coalition and Second Amendment Foundation. Their presidents don't fly in chartered jets at members' expense. They do not really lobby. Rather, they just file lawsuits challenging gun laws. Both of them file lawsuits throughout the...
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    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    I fly fish a lot in SW Alaska. During a typical week, I estimate we see between 25 - 50 bears, sometimes quite up close. I was on one side of a small stream with my son on the other side when a bear popped out of the grass about 5 feet from my son. I yelled at the bear and it ran away but that...
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    Rifle rich and pistol poor...

    Get it in 10mm. I carry a full-sized 10mm in a chest holster when I'm in bear country. Those 200gr bear bullets work wonders. And because I use the 10mm there, I just use it in my EDC with a compact Springfield with holosun optics. Why the 10mm? 1. Ballistics are just a bit below .357 magnum...
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    Bear Attack Palmer Alaska

    Yes. He was medi-vacced from Palmer to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle b/c of their trauma unit. He was seriously injured but is expected to recover.
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    A Rifle Related Question For American Bear Hunters

    That makes sense. I checked with contacts I have and the boy was transported from Mat Su to Harborview in Seattle. He's in serious condition but is expected to survive.
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    A Rifle Related Question For American Bear Hunters

    Where did you see that? Neither ADN nor KTUU are reporting that the child died and both have been updated within the hour. Nor does the Trooper website list the child as having died. Not disputing you but just wondering where you got your info.
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    Custom Dangerous Game rifles

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    Custom Dangerous Game rifles

    Had not heard of Granite Mountain Arms before. Looks extremely promising but their website really sucks. Bad navigation, no customization options, and no prices listed.
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    Custom Dangerous Game rifles

    This action has piqued my interest:,182,276,262,248 Mauser extractor and Springfield ejector. It's gotten a lot of good press but mainly in the long-range, precision community. You can get it with a bolt face of...
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    When showing off your new Elephant rifle goes wrong

    I've practiced law in Alaska now for about 25 years. I've not had a case from Barrow (Uqtiavik now) but otherwise I've had a case from every standing Superior Court in this state, from Kotzebue to Dutch Harbor to Ketchikan. I have seen all kinds of horrible things come from mixing guns and...
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    Alaskan Hunter destined for Africa

    This posted while I was answering. I've been researching that issue because I'm aiming to go to Seychelle or Mauritius to go fly fishing within the next couple of years. You can fly SA Air from Atlanta but if you're a real Alaskan, you have a ton of Alaska Air miles. Qatar Airways is a mileage...
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    Alaskan Hunter destined for Africa

    I just joined recently after lurking for some time because I am trying to make a trip to Africa in the next couple of years or so. I'm in Palmer and used to live in Dillingham (which should explain my name to Tundra Tiger). Feel free to DM me. We could hit the Ale House and talk hunting or fly...