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  1. PaulT

    In memoriam - Long time Zimbabwe Professional Hunter Dion Stephens passes away

    I have been fortunate enough to have spent time with Deon in his homeland of Zimbabwe before it was stolen from him. Even though he was not my assigned P.H together we would burn the candles down to stubs each night, a time i feel quite fortunate to have experienced. Dion was "old-school" no...
  2. PaulT

    For Sale Custom Winchester 70 .458WM Grizzinator Package

    Stunning rig Safarikidd, love it. GLWTS.
  3. PaulT

    Remington Model 742 Woodmaster 30-06 For Sale

    Holey crap BeeMaa, i'd give you my left one if we were allowed to hunt with these down here. These 742's were the duck's nut's "back in the day", everyone on a hound crew having either a 742 or a 760. Shit, i'd give you more than your asking price just to have it but a retarded politician said...
  4. PaulT

    How many people have a 35 whelen?

    Your just not trying hard enough Spook. You should be able to get at least 3400fps !
  5. PaulT

    Top 5 SCI Bongo hunted in Central African Republic

    Alain, the forest animals fascinate me. Do you also take Sitatunga and Giant hog in this same concession ? Thanks in advance.
  6. PaulT

    Top 5 SCI Bongo hunted in Central African Republic

    Stunning Bongo. Testiment to the wilderness you are hunting to take an animal such as this after being in the same concession for 40 years. Outstanding. Congratulations to you and your team and of course the lucky hunter.
  7. PaulT

    Allure of the Ruger No1

  8. PaulT

    M70 Classic Super Express, 458 Winchester

    Very nice Idmay. Great to see a resurgence in the .458 and great to see them in Winny's.
  9. PaulT

    Just In.....Kimber Caprivi 458 Lott

    Very nice Toby.
  10. PaulT

    What will be the follow on Vehicle now that Toyota Land-cruiser is no longer in production.

    This. Lots of wanna-be's, pretenders and almost-rans about, no different to firearms. I ran a 3ltr duel-cab Hilux for almost 17 years. It did just short of half of one million kilometers before i sold it to a gent who is still driving it now. That truck did a decade of driving between my home...
  11. PaulT

    Water buffalo caliber recommendation

    Oh my, there's some really funny shit posted by some real funny people on this thread. In maintaining the theme in this thread i think the time is ripe for my book on ivory poaching. Bwahahaaaaaa. Sarge, you've dropped a huge pelican shit on a heap of pith helmets with your pictures of...
  12. PaulT

    Water buffalo caliber recommendation

    Oh my, really ? Yes Foxi, in certain areas of the country we shoot feral horses by the hundreds/thousands. I've shot over one hundred in one day while shooting on foot with no vehicle assist apart from getting there in the morning and leaving later that night. All shot and left to rot in the...
  13. PaulT

    What’s your guys opinion on a 375 flanged double rifle by Sabatti?

    The double rifle market is in the toilet. Save up a little more and set yourself a target and be vigilent on looking at all the sales sites and you will find a Merkle or Chapuis for under $10k.
  14. PaulT

    What’s everyone using for Buffalo?

    jdemocko, i have used that particular load with the 475gn Raptor at 2450 on buffalo and have never seen anything impact on them as hard as that load does. It is devastating. Penetration is quite stunning as well. Great cartridge, awesome projectile.
  15. PaulT

    If You Lost Everything

    Of all the things i have lost in my life.... it's my mind that i miss the most.
  16. PaulT

    .458 Win Mag chronograph results

    Nice work Badboy !
  17. PaulT

    Water Buffalo Mount 40yrs In The Mounting!

    Thanks Sarg. I've spent a bit of time at the lodge there at Point Stuart. Very nice place but recently become void of that "wilderness" feel. Too many people. I've hunted on Swim Ck a couple of times whilst helping Glenn with a couple of his hunts. Again, stunning buff, way bigger than anything...
  18. PaulT

    Water Buffalo Mount 40yrs In The Mounting!

    Sarg, that's an absolute monster. Reminds me of the shape you'd see out on the floodplains of what is now Kakadu. I notice you have no skull-plate, what did you use as cores to hold the horns on with ? Nice buff.
  19. PaulT

    Ordered one of these today... Model 70 Alaskan

    That's a lot of rifle for $1200 Ses. Great choice in cals too, well done.
  20. PaulT

    Winchester Pre 64 300 H&H Import

    Another fine addition to you already superb collection of hunting firearms. Nice, great report.
  21. PaulT

    Water buffalo caliber recommendation

    Quanticman, any of the three firearms you list will do the job with good bullet placement using an appropriate projectile. As Sarge points out there can be quite significant variations to hunt scenarios, and buffalo, depending on where your hunt is conducted and with who. Personally, amongst...
  22. PaulT

    Comment by 'PaulT' in media 'Asiatic Water Buffalo Hunt Australia'

    Cracking bull Mick. Well done, thanks for posting.
  23. PaulT

    Why 180gr over 200+gr in 30.06?

    Hey Sarg. I live in Vic and hunt Sambar regularly. My usual combo are 220gn Cor-lokts fired from my old 7600 pumpy. Very effective combination.
  24. PaulT

    8x57 build

    Great looking shooter Rdog. That'll put hogs in the dirt.
  25. PaulT

    Another 338 Winchester project

    I actually shot my very first buffalo with a .338, close to 30 years ago !!! When loaded with the 250gn T.S.X and placed carefully it does a credible job. For Scrub bulls it's actually quite a sensible choice, when it comes to thick skin i would not choose it over a .375 and if I'm backing up...
  26. PaulT

    Another 338 Winchester project

    Way to go Idmay (y). Another big fan of the .338 here. Regarding the barrel threads, well, cut-em off, leave them on, whatever, you could cut the stock off or drill another hole in the barrel.... it's a .338 for heavens sakes it wont matter, it'll work regardless. Nice rig, that'll put meat...
  27. PaulT

    Should I rebarrel my .338 WMag to the `64?

    Well John, what did you decide ? I'd be interested in knowing because when you posed the question, i had no answer either way. I have the x64mm myself but the specific rifle just hasn't found it's way to my heart and therefore does not get used and is for sale. I also have a .338 and love it...
  28. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    More ripping bulls Mick, well done (y)
  29. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    #2, It was the end of my season, all clients had gone and i had a few weeks before thing of departing for home. Traditionally, Henry and i would spend a bit of time at the end of each season, hunting for Beef, fishing, exploring new areas and just generally messing about. Rolling in to camp...
  30. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    A couple of stories, sorry no pics. #1. I was in camp and preparing to go out to a scenic location to film a short spiel on the hunts i offered in order to have a video playing at our stall in Dallas Safari Club. Clean clothes, video camera, rifle (just in case) and "script". We were only...
  31. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    For the adventurous, "can-do" type hunter who wants to test his survival, bushman skills there are some monsterous feral bulls living in the sparse, remote country of Central Australia. The Musgrave and Macdonald Ranges harbor bulls that live in relative peace in areas that are extremely...
  32. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Ben, when i first arrived on the East Coast i found a number of Man-made platforms built up in trees over the top of game-trails leading in to water. When i questioned my T.O's about it they told me they would use them to gather Red beef. Someone would sit up on the platform with a handmade...
  33. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    A mate of mine Mick, with a nice one for the table.
  34. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Awesome contribution .264, thanks for posting.
  35. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    You know your stuff Sarg (y) No visible damage to the scrotum (but i'm no doctor either) but he only had one nut ? Not sure if you've been out to the Arafura swamp, but i couldn't imagine how or why anyone would be cutting them out there either.
  36. Wild Bull Wildlife Australia

    Wild Bull Wildlife Australia

  37. Wild Bull Hunt Australia

    Wild Bull Hunt Australia

  38. Wild Cow Hunt Australia

    Wild Cow Hunt Australia

  39. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Another nice Red bull.
  40. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Fight, or flight ?
  41. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Unusual horns on a cow shot for the local community.
  42. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Bwahaaaaa. Classic. Talk about tree climbing, i have seen some BIG guys trying to scale trees. Cervus, there have been more than a couple of clients of mine that have discovered the dark side of my humour when we have bumped a Red bull whilst out hunting. In response to the remark, "Gee, he...
  43. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    The only white bull i have ever seen.
  44. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Yes, they do make interesting and unique Trophies.
  45. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    Great pics Sarg. I'd like to let the air out of the second bull, big time.
  46. PaulT

    Wild bulls of the NZ bush

    I really can't say with any authority. This specific region of Arnhemland, the Arafura Swamp, does tend to produce bulls with a lot of Bos Indicus traits as opposed to other Arnhemland regions i have hunted which tend to exhibit Bos Torus traits. Why this is so i'm an not totally sure but i...
  47. Wild Bull Hunting Australia

    Wild Bull Hunting Australia

  48. Arnhem Land Wild Red Bull Wildlife Australia

    Arnhem Land Wild Red Bull Wildlife Australia

  49. Wild Red Bull Wildlife Australia

    Wild Red Bull Wildlife Australia