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    Looking for more reading material on 500 Jeffery...

    The .500 rimless Jeffery is discussed briefly by John Pondoro Taylor in his book on African Rifles and Cartridges. You may find more material by following up on the old Rhodesian hunter well known for using it- one C. Fletcher Jamieson. Interesting subject. Good luck!
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    Good books?

    Kambaku- Harry Manners, Big Game of Africa- Major H.C. Maydon Meditations on Hunting- Jose Ortega y Gassett Uhuru- Robert Ruark
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    Back country carry gun

    My choice for the back country is a double action revolver in .44 magnum with a 4 inch barrel. I like the 4 incher because it gives me the longest barrel that will ride high enough on my belt for its muzzle to comfortably clear the seat of the truck while driving. My revolver choices are...
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    Damonk1384 you are fast on the trigger. Awaiting your PM with shipping address.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    Barnes TSX bullets free to a good home. One box of 50 bullets, Barnes .375 caliber, 350 grain TSX FB, #30494. Barnes' website has load data for this bullet. Thanks guys for everything I have learned from you while hanging out here.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    I'll be glad to take the 45 auto rim. Thanks
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    Thoughts on double rifle training and muscle memory

    Your practice range sounded familiar so I looked around on the book shelves and found a similar layout recommended by Terry Wieland in his book "Dangerous-Game Rifles", in a short chapter on practice with a heavy rifle. He recommends use of reduced velocity practice loads and further suggests...
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    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    Graf & Sons shows Remington 9 1/2 Large Rifle primers in stock. Case of 5000 for about $350. FYI
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    Chapius Iphisi 375h&h

    This rifle interests me very much. If it can be regulated for 350 gr. Woodleigh SN RN ammunition or other heavy bullets it could be just the thing for our interior grizzlies in the Rocky Mountains.
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    Purchases On AH References

    Mark Biggerstaff is another good guy to work with. The ammunition I purchased from him has arrived in good condition and includes the welcome surprise of a bit of extra brass. Once again I've gotten more that I bargained for in a transaction made here on AH. Thanks Mark!
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    Purchases On AH References

    My transaction with @Backyardsniper for purchase of new Winchester brass has been completed with complete satisfaction. I got what I bargained for and then a little more. Justin was generous with his time and knowledge in advising me on issues of load development. Will gladly work with him in...
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    Misc Ammo For Sale

    I'll take the Federal 375.
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    New Rear Sight for Supernova Slug Barrel

    Idea! Hastings shotgun barrels still has a site up with shotgun sights and parts listed for the barrels they have imported from Verney-Carron. Try www.hastingsdistribution .com. They show an adjustable rear sight kit that might be made to work for you with a little gunsmithing. That same rear...
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    Purchases On AH References

    My transaction with @Jamie D Van Roekel has been completed with total satisfaction. Will be glad to work with him again anytime.
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    Purchases On AH References

    My transaction with @SkullKeeper for the purchase of some new brass was just completed with complete satisfaction. Definitely would be glad to work with him again.
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    House Cleaning Bullet Sale

    Jamie D, Payment sent today for Lot # 2. Thanks
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    House Cleaning Bullet Sale

    Thanks. I will take the box of Woodleigh PP SN .375 in 350 grain. If you'll PM your digits I'll give a call later today. Also, where are you located?
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    House Cleaning Bullet Sale

    I'm interested in lot 2. Which bullet type are they?
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    For Sale New Hornady Brass 375HH

    PM sent.
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    For Sale New Hornady Brass 375HH

    Thanks, I will take the brass if still available.
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    Anyone know a good revolver gunsmith?

    My S&W 629 has an issue and I'm also interested in finding a gunsmith for repair. If no recommendations turn up I'll try calling Smith and Wesson and see about sending it back to them.
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    Holster Suggestions

    Ted Blocker Holsters in Oregon has provided all my leather holsters and belts for several years. Their materials and workmanship are top tier and their designs are safe, effective, and comfortable to wear. For my own Glock 19 I have on hand both IWB and OWB concealment rigs to wear for...
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    Hi Desert Dog, There's something I've wanted to ask you about after seeing your very informative...

    Hi Desert Dog, There's something I've wanted to ask you about after seeing your very informative videos online. I have just bought a new in the box M70 Safari Express in 375 H&H and am concerned about whether it has correct stock bedding. I'm working my way up to dismount and inspect but could...
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    Wanted 375 H&H Mag Trim Die

    Is a form & trim die the same thing as a file trim die? Redding lists a form & trim die for 375 H&H on their die charts. Part # 83169 goes for $50.25.
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    Wanted PPU .375 H&H Magnum Brass

    Hi Trogon- Huntington Die Specialties had PPU/Privi brass listed under the Graf brand on their site today. PPU brass also shows up at Graf's and on Gunbroker intermittently. Best of luck in your search!
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    IMR3031 load data for 375H&H?

    As requested by Rookhawk here is a partial summary of published data for loads using IMR 3031 in 375 H&H Magnum. From Sierra for their 250 gr. SBT start @ 58.0/2500fps and up to max 66.4/2800fps. For their 300 gr. SBT start @ 57.3/2300fps and up to max 62.2/2500fps. (Sierra Manual ed. VI) From...
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    IMR3031 load data for 375H&H?

    Hi Rookhawk, Your question about loads for 375 H&H using IMR 3031 rang a bell. Rummaging around the shelves finds loads in Lee's 2nd ed., Lyman's 50th ed., Sierra's ed. VI manuals and also online from Speer. Anything in particular you're interested in from the manuals?
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    Northfork 350grain 375. For Sale

    I'm interested. Brand new here. Actually brand new to any forum. How to proceed?