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  1. Sarg

    Simple Camp Set-Up

    Wow that is a nice set up Mark .
  2. Sarg

    Simple Camp Set-Up

    For an over nighter or two, just pack with sleeping bag, water, muesli bars & chocolate, maybe a freeze dried meal, bivy bag if it’s raining ! I’m out bush in the NT right now, I don’t think you need any sleeping bags at the moment ? Got the hunter a nice big Buff Bull yesterday, saw a lot of...
  3. Sarg

    Any Info - Raick Erlgis & Liege - Double Belgium Rifle

    Hi bud, are you sure on the name as Raick Freres Liege Belgium is fairly common & I have seen some nice Doubles from them ?
  4. Sarg

    For Sale CZ 550 458 Win Mag

    May also feed better as .458Lott, I love all my .458Win Mags & never had a problem with the ZKK 602 I have used but I hear the long case feeds better in that long action ? I have put a ZKK 602 .458Win barrel on a ZKK 600 action & it fits much better, even feeds a few from the 30/06 mag but I...
  5. Sarg

    SOUTH AFRICA: 1885 Era Black Powder Hunt 2023 - Re-loading The Mauser 43 & The Martini Henry Classc Sporter For The Hunt

    You might have to open a private You Tube account & load on to that first, then load onto here Gert ?
  6. Sarg

    Shooting the British Double Rifle For Sale (AU)

    Good luck Ben, the notes could add value in the future, like some of Frederick Selous musings !
  7. Sarg

    Does anyone get fish mounts right?

    Fantastic work @Tundra Tiger, I love this mount, Dolly Varden ? I wonder if you can repair my Tiger Fish from the Deka River lol I remember he was beautiful when I caught him & around 12lbs
  8. Sarg

    Trophy Hunting Pictures JKO HUNTING SAFARIS - 2023

    Thank you for posting some great photos of awesome animals, could you say how long that Impala was please & is that a Red Flanked Duiker ? When I was in Kenya I saw a few Impala I believed looked that size, I was thinking 34-36in but haven't seen any hunters that have shot any that long, could...
  9. Sarg

    What Have You Killed with Your .308 Winchester?

    New Zealand also fought most of those Wars along side Australians & Americans, many of my Fathers friends fought (I think he was a little young) in Vietnam, my buddies Dad fought in Korea & another's in the Malayan Emergency, not sure if the USA fought in that one ? Sorry going off topic !
  10. Sarg

    Single Shot 500 Nitro Express

    @TMac is that the Rifled Barrel model, if so I have one to & yes for sure is a bit light for heavier loads ? I had some very nice Ball loads for mine many years back & you sure knew when it went off ! I think that is a very good price & they are under rated as a killing machine, with the right...
  11. Sarg

    Speaking out but nobody listens

    All of this is out of my Ball Park sorry, but hold up on that Age Discrimination ! You know what I'm saying .
  12. Sarg

    What Have You Killed with Your .308 Winchester?

    This is a little like asking "what have you killed with your .22LR" as most people have had experience with the .308Win & if using any where near the right Bullets for game being shot it will work nicely ! I'm a 30/06 & bigger guy but have shot many hundreds of Deer, Pig, Goats, Horses, Donkeys...
  13. Sarg

    Crocodile takes another fisherman

    This is one of the guys that lived next to our camp in the NT, we crossed this Billabong most days in a Dingy half his size, he had one eye shot out by a fill in guide using a .375H&H which made him invisible for a well, much later he took one of the indigenous Rangers & was shot some more but...
  14. Sarg

    Hunting In Africa With The Remington Model 8 rifle

    One was on my list also, in .35 Rem but after the Big Shoot Up we lost all our semi auto center fire rifles, the worse of it was handing in the ones we had, knowing they are going to be crushed, I lost heaps but the .401 1910 Win was plain sad !
  15. Sarg

    Using a Southern Impala Cape on a East African Impala

    Thanks guys, yes I think so to, I'll pick one up next time I'm there .
  16. Sarg

    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    @Rare Breed, that sounds like a much better idea, are you also sure on the 3 Months bud, a big lion will eat a lot of game in that time, couple of Sable or Roan & its off the scale ? I looked hard at one of these hunts I could live with & managed Lions was the closest but still out of my...
  17. Sarg

    Whistling Past The Graveyard?

    Well I read that article, can't say he is lying as he isn't but I do think he is over stating a lot of it, all based on fact yes & going on for sure. I haven't been way down South but up where I operate it isn't that bad, cool place & we have a great life style, "Load Shedding" is terrible for...
  18. Sarg

    Using a Southern Impala Cape on a East African Impala

    What are the thoughts on using a Southern Impala Head Skin/Cape on a Old set of East African Impala horns ? I have a Big set of EA Impala horns & no way of getting a Cape now days & was wondering what might people here think on using a common SA Cape ? I have seen a lot of them & the body size...
  19. Sarg

    Taxidermy trainwreck ... twice

    Ha @Red Leg your fairly upper class bud, very nice room or rooms there you must have a magnificence home ! Cape Buff do look a bit off flat on the wall to me & as do some others, remember as this is personal choice, heck most of main are on the floor or stacked in the shed, wasn't a problem...
  20. Sarg

    Purchase .303 / shotgun ammo in Botswana and/or South Africa as a tourist

    No bud, I believe there will be no way for you as a Foreigner to buy ammunition in SA, Botos is also hard or impossible for you to. A licensed South African resident has to show the license of the firearm in the caliber of which that is in his name, each firearm has its own plastic license in...
  21. Sarg

    Purchase .303 / shotgun ammo in Botswana and/or South Africa as a tourist

    I'm sure your plan will not work bud, in SA you can only buy ammunition for a firearm/caliber that is licensed to you & show it when buying that ammunition, it is not a easy thing for a foreigner to do.
  22. Sarg

    Heym 577? again

    I think we have a group from Heym hunting with us in June, I hope they bring some nice doubles with them !
  23. Sarg

    500 Nitro Express Pistol

    You would think so, my hottest loads in 45/70 made it feel like a grenade had gone off in you hand & a little numb & tingling !! Not to mention barrel lift ! That .600NE is crazy but in a lot more heavy frame with added strength. Emm it is way loaded down to, my 45/70 was worse than that & if...
  24. Sarg

    Remington 798 458 WM

    I like it, bob the barrel down & nice Mauser work gun ! Wish it was here or near . Good luck on the sale
  25. Sarg

    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    Haha that doesn't really really surprise me as I get a lot of misinformation from different people here but I'm not the Outfitter & mainly do what I'm asked, might have a suspicion but do the job, unless I know like TOPS animals or transport permits !
  26. Sarg

    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    I have only assisted on the one Lion hunt & it charged after being wounded (grazed) with a Cross Bow bolt, my guiding partner shot it in the head with his .416 Rigby (I later asked why the head thus wrecking the Skull he said F#@K him !) before the hunt when talking to the guys they said expect...
  27. Sarg

    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    Every Dangerous Game hunt I have started in South African has had at least two PH's on that hunt, that is how I picked up my time for my DG rating, I was told it was a requirement ? Not all finished with two but two were meant to be there !
  28. Sarg

    This must have the antis having a meltdown...New Zealand kids competition for shooting most feral cats

    Sorry to hear that, it has been a hard year all over but the US has been hit ever where ! I hear a lot that the pigs when seeing a ewe going into labour will wait just off to grab the new born lambs ! I had a Huge Wild Cat here that was killing lambs, I think he started (same as the Pigs ?)...
  29. Sarg

    This must have the antis having a meltdown...New Zealand kids competition for shooting most feral cats

    Here it is great if they are Chipped (all dogs must be chipped by law ,,, But) if a Farmer shoots a dog or dogs that have killed $2500 to $10,000 worth of stock, mainly lambs, he can at least get some money from the owner ! We have had a huge increase in Lamb killing Pigs/Boars in the last...
  30. Sarg

    This must have the antis having a meltdown...New Zealand kids competition for shooting most feral cats

    Well Bob that is sort of True but aimed mainly at Dingos or Dingo X Feral Dog, or Dingo but they want to get away with culling them & say crosses ! Dingos in Australia are a bit like Coyotes, some times taking out bigger animals then Coyotes I think & some of my hunters have said the Dingos are...
  31. Sarg

    Favorite checked bag?

    In the 2019 season it was brought in, I arrived with my Duffle in June & when I left in October it was banned but I just went over to the wrapping guys, they put the Duffle on a piece of cardboard & Wrapped, all good then, in Africa just make a Plan ! Not sure if it is still in force as I took...
  32. Sarg

    This must have the antis having a meltdown...New Zealand kids competition for shooting most feral cats

    Well should of seen the early morning News debate able this, all of them said "Shoot the Cats" even the anti gun hard left & Gay guys in the crew, one even said he would chip money into the reward Kitty for the dead Cats !! Holy cow they will get Death Threats over this I bet ! When ever you...
  33. Sarg

    Buffalo Facial Hair

    Thank you @IvW & @375Fox, I thought there were more, but as you say it turns out a very fine Buffalo from that area !
  34. Sarg

    This must have the antis having a meltdown...New Zealand kids competition for shooting most feral cats

    Was on till today, on the news today it has been called off because of backlash !! All cats should be neutered & any Cat not sitting on some ones lap shoot ! Do incredible damage here in NZ & in Australia on all manner of marsupials, reptiles & birds !
  35. Sarg

    Buffalo Facial Hair

    @375Fox where did you get the info that the Cape Buff on the Waterberg came from South Africa ? Not saying they didn't come via SA but I remember I was doing research on the Buffalo there as I like a certain look for Cape Buffalo with a more square snout & nose (also the wide spread of horns)...
  36. Sarg

    My African Knives

    I had a Dugong skull when up in the NT before some one stole it from my tent, I still have one tusk here bit like a Pig tusk, I have only had one in my hands but it didn't have any Ivory as such, not saying they don't from my only specimen, it could of been small or female for all I know. I was...
  37. Sarg

    My African Knives

    That is way cool, I wish I had those Mammoth grips on my guns, got to be fast as we loss Freedoms ever day it seems !!
  38. Sarg

    4 Bore Falling Block Rifle

    Interesting rifle for sure, normally a Double Rifle cartridge but a few single break actions made in modern times . I have a H&H 4 Bore cartridge in my collection, would really like a Old packet for the collection, that & a 600NE packet, I have a .700NE in the display !
  39. Sarg

    My African Knives

    I asked Boone Trading & they said sorry not any more, they used to but now days there is problems !
  40. 46 Inch Scimitar Oryx Hunt

    46 Inch Scimitar Oryx Hunt

  41. 40 Inch Gemsbok Hunt

    40 Inch Gemsbok Hunt

  42. 59 Inch Kudu Hunt

    59 Inch Kudu Hunt

  43. 30 Inch Blue Wildebeest

    30 Inch Blue Wildebeest

  44. Brown Hyena Hunt

    Brown Hyena Hunt

  45. Sarg

    My African Knives

    Looks the part & most likely lasts better ? What am I saying, the Mammoth tusk or molar is 10,000 to 40,000 years old already lol ! PS that Molar scales looks very cool to .
  46. Sarg

    My African Knives

    I have two .577 Revolvers & was thinking it would be great to have Mammoth (or Mastodon if you can get that} grips made for one of them, I don't have a lot of spare money (spent on guns & hunting) but when I looked no one would send to NZ ? I just had a quick look again & some nice grips on one...
  47. Sarg

    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    Scimitar Horned Oryx 46in. Gemsbok 40in Kudu 59 7/8 Blue Wildebeest 30in Brown Hyena that is equal or a little more than Rowland Ward No 1 18 2/8in Had one front foot missing.
  48. Sarg

    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    What a awesome story & hunt on a proper member of the Big 5, thank you for telling the story, that is something I would very much like to try but I'm sure it was still very expensive, most likely the same or close to actually killing a White Rhino ? Would much prefer not to kill a Black...
  49. Sarg

    Limpopo August 2023 Hunt- Target Species

    You have a few tough to get animals in there, Grysbok & even Klipy, Serval. Did Bossie say he could get you a Spotted Hyena in the Limpopo with out trouble ? You didn't want the Bat-Ear & Aardwolf in the end then ? Hope you have a fun hunt bud !