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  1. DG Wannabe

    New member here

  2. DG Wannabe

    New guy from Florida

    Welcome from another NE Florida member!
  3. DG Wannabe

    FNG from Texas

    Welcome to AH!
  4. DG Wannabe

    A. Francotte Mauser 10.75x68

    Whatever you do with it, it is a beautiful rifle! I’m not sure the brass for the current caliber is any harder to find than that of 404J. Good luck!
  5. DG Wannabe

    New Member From North Carolina

    Welcome! Great PG pics!
  6. DG Wannabe

    Ruger RSM .416 Rigby

    Beautiful rifles, Krish!
  7. DG Wannabe

    Ruger RSM .416 Rigby

    All the ones I’ve seen on GB and GI have ranged been $2700 - $3400 in recent months. Whenever I see them these days I kick myself for passing on one with gorgeous wood for $1500 pre-COVID.
  8. DG Wannabe

    Wanted Ruger M77 Express

    Wow! Pretty wood on those two Rugers!
  9. DG Wannabe

    Ruger M77 Hawkeye 9.3x62 For Sale

    CoElkHunter, Why do you state that the Rugers in ‘06 and 338 WM aren’t true CRF? Not being contrary- I’m just looking to learn. My understanding is that the Rugers are CRF?
  10. DG Wannabe

    Howdy from Central Texas!

    Welcome! Have a great safari!
  11. DG Wannabe

    Professional Hunter Leon DuPlessis from Save Safaris injured by Buffalo

    Scary stuff! Wishing Mr. DuPlessis a full and rapid recovery. Thoughts & prayers…
  12. DG Wannabe

    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Hold strong…
  13. DG Wannabe

    Hubert Vereecke .416 Rigby

    Wow! What a rifle!
  14. DG Wannabe

    In memoriam - RIP cal pappas

    I didn’t know Cal but his posts, books, and videos were a great source of knowledge & inspiration for a novice like me looking to get into double rifles and safari hunting. The hunting community is poorer for his loss. Condolences to his friends and family.
  15. DG Wannabe

    Set of 3 Ruger RSMs in .375 H&H Mag, .416 Rigby, and .458 Lott for sale $2500 Each O.B.O

    Which one in the bottom pic is the 416? Thanks!
  16. DG Wannabe

    First glance at my new 404J

    Great looking rifle… awesome caliber + classic look with great wood! Well done!
  17. DG Wannabe

    404J Dies In Stock At Midway

    Just missed them. Out of stock already.
  18. DG Wannabe

    Custom 416 Rigby For Sale

    Great buff and good looking rifle! Good luck with the sale.
  19. DG Wannabe

    Latest Rigby

    Beautiful rifle! Classic caliber from a classic company… may it serve you well!
  20. DG Wannabe

    Rhino vs. Buffalo

    Check this out! Watch: Rhino, buffalo battle in 'extremely rare' clash of titans - USA TODAY
  21. DG Wannabe

    New Member

  22. DG Wannabe

    Heym Martini Express 416 Rigby On It’s Way

    Beautiful rifle! Enjoy!
  23. DG Wannabe

    .404 Jeffery build

    That is gorgeous color case hardening and I love your choice for front sight! Thanks for sharing these pics with us. I can’t wait to see it completed and fully assembled.
  24. DG Wannabe

    Hello from NE Florida

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! To answer your questions Shootist43, I am a self-taught hunter. Mostly hunted small game and birds in my late teens & 20s. Moved to northeast Florida at 30 and didn’t have the time (3 small children + job) or the resources to hunt much during my 30s. Now I’m...
  25. DG Wannabe

    Hello from NE Florida

    Greetings from the First Coast! I joined AH about a month ago and just wanted to officially say “hello.” I have absolutely zero dangerous game experience (hence the screen name) but have long dreamed of hunting DG in Africa. In the meantime, I’m living vicariously through all the African hunting...
  26. DG Wannabe

    Ruger M77 Hawkeye African 9.3x62 For Sale Near Mint Condition

    Hello, Is this rifle still available? Thanks!