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  1. cperso

    Looking for advice, what are the best outfitters in the eastern cape?

    Another vote for KMG Safaris..We've had 4 fantastic safaris with Marius and my son and I heading back in May this year.
  2. Russa Deer Hunt Australia

    Russa Deer Hunt Australia

  3. Pig Hunt Australia

    Pig Hunt Australia

  4. Scrub Bull Hunt Australia

    Scrub Bull Hunt Australia

  5. cperso

    New Aussie bullet

    Was speaking with Cameron this afternoon on the phone and he informed me he's going to join this great forum very shortly ;)
  6. cperso

    New Aussie bullet

    That ones a 220gn .338 recovered from a raking shot on a Sambar stag.
  7. cperso

    New Aussie bullet

    Yeah, nice big Northern Territory boar.
  8. cperso

    New Aussie bullet

    Scrub Bull taken with Atomic29 365g in the 416 Rem Mag
  9. cperso

    New Aussie bullet

    A sample of game taken with the 416 Rem Mag and Atomic29 projectiles last season
  10. cperso

    New Aussie bullet

    A sample or game of the taken with 325WSM, 338Win Mag, 375H&H, and 416Rem Mag projectiles last season.
  11. cperso

    New Aussie bullet

    I can vouch for the quality and accuracy and have done quite a bit of testing on deer in calibres 325WSM,338Win,375h&h Mag and 416 Rem Mag. Recovered a couple from raking shots but the they usually punch through with great expansion.
  12. cperso

    The big, bad 375... isn't?

    I have a Sako 338 Win Mag and Sako 375H&H both weigh a bit over 9lb and a Win 416 Rem Mag Model 70 which weighs 10lb To me the Sako 338 has the fastest/ harshest felt recoil and can't notice any difference between the 375 and 416 felt recoil.
  13. cperso

    Prayers for Mark

    Glad to hear you are on the mend
  14. cperso

    Kudu/Bushbuck Hunting Package 2023

    We can get an exact measurement on the ground next May;)
  15. cperso

    Kudu/Bushbuck Hunting Package 2023

    It's definitely a bull judging by the horns ;)
  16. cperso

    Professional Hunter Michael Fell Wounded by Buffalo

    Wishing him a speedy recovery
  17. cperso

    Sako AV 375 H&H

    I would use it again on dangerous game in a heartbeat. Functions flawlessly. I actually purchased another AV Deluxe in 338 Win Mag as well recently.
  18. cperso

    Back to KMG, finally!

    Word around the traps is he's been in training for the "Bundy Cup":D Beer Draft::D Beer Bottle::D Beers:
  19. cperso

    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    Sorry for your loss
  20. cperso

    SOUTH AFRICA: 10 Day Buffalo/Plains Game Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris July 15

    Awesome bull..Congratulations to all involved. That Black Wildebeest is a Chief as well
  21. cperso

    SOUTH AFRICA: TwoTracks-KMG Hunting Safaris AH Members Group Hunt 2022

    Great report and excellent trophy's as usual with KMG. Looking forward to hunting with them again next year.
  22. cperso

    Big 5 Area Buffalo Hunt With MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS

    Great offer Dieter
  23. cperso

    Back to KMG, finally!

    416 Rem Mag Mark?
  24. cperso

    Back to KMG, finally!

    Exciting times
  25. cperso

    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    Sorry for your loss
  26. cperso

    KMG Hunting Safaris - 2022 Season Photos

    It seems a lot of dogs from up North are called "Pothole" :unsure:
  27. cperso

    325 WSM

    Yes Bob, And I have a 375h&h and 416RM which is a step up on the Whelan and so on and so on but that wasn't my point:giggle:
  28. cperso

    325 WSM

    I have both 325WSM and 338Win Mag and there isn't a lot of difference ....Both excellent killers and a noticeable step up from the 30 cal brigade IMO
  29. cperso

    416 bullets heavier than 400 grains?

    I'm using 77g AR2208 with the Atomic29 365g monumental projectile and getting good accuracy as well
  30. cperso

    416 bullets heavier than 400 grains?

    I'm testing Atomic29 mono metal projectiles made in Australia and had great results on Sambar deer. Currently testing the 365g in my 416 Rem Mag Model 70 Safari Express and found them very accurate in calibres tested so far in 325WSM,338Win Mag, 416 Rem Mag (expanded 365g .416cal recovered...
  31. cperso

    SOUTH AFRICA: KAROO WILD Safaris Plains Game Hunt Report

    Great read Geoff. Great to see you enjoyed the hunting in Eastern Cape and you are recovering from your ill health.
  32. cperso

    325 WSM

    If you can't handle the recoil of a 325 WSM or 338 Win Mag it's time take up golf or lawn bowls
  33. cperso

    Buffalo, Sable & Eland Combo Hunt

    Fantastic offer
  34. cperso

    Best airline to take hunting rifle from Melbourne, Vic, Australia to Johannesburg SA

    I know someone who now has a 416 RM that would be handy over there :cool::giggle:
  35. cperso

    Best airline to take hunting rifle from Melbourne, Vic, Australia to Johannesburg SA

    Qantas direct flight Sydney to Johannesburg is the way I always go, also less chance of things going amiss with connections,firearms and luggage on stopovers in other countries. Never had an issue with Qantas on any of the above when flying to Johannesburg.
  36. cperso

    Cape Buffalo Hunt Reduced Offer

    Great Deal Bossie
  37. cperso

    Package Hunting Deal South Africa Best Of The Best 2022

    Great offer Stuart (y)
  38. cperso

    325 WSM

    Totally agree, the 325wsm is a hammer...Dont knock it until you try it.
  39. cperso

    325 WSM

    I own two Browning ABolt rifles in 300wsm and 325wsm and find the recoil very manageable . Taken hundreds of head of game with both rifles in Australia and plains game up to Eland in Africa.
  40. cperso

    What traits have you picked up from your Professional Hunter?

    I learnt from Marius how to rig fishing competitions and how to use alcohol to your advantage when you are being beaten at pool :LOL:
  41. cperso

    L61r finnbear how did I do?

    Beautiful rifle and a great price
  42. cperso

    SOUTH AFRICA: June 2021 Cape Buffalo Hunt With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Congratulations to you guys on a well deserved bull. There's no such thing as taking the easy way out when hunting with Marius. No-one works harder on a hunt to achieve success for hunters than him
  43. cperso

    325 WSM

    I have a 325WSM in a Browning ABolt and can't fault it as a hard hitting calibre. I've taken numerous big Sambar Stags here in Australia with it and also taken plains game including Eland without fuss. Never had one feeding issue in either my 325wsm or 300wsm in the 15yrs I've owned them and...
  44. Buffalo Hunt

    Buffalo Hunt

    Barnes TSX 270gn
  45. cperso

    .375 H&H ammo recommendations for Cape Buffalo hunt

    Barnes TSX 270gn worked well for me last time. Going to try 300gn Swift A Frames on my next Buff hunt next year
  46. cperso

    My latest 375H&H

    Mark ,I have an AV in 375 H&H that has never had sush ejection problems. Love the rifle and it would be the last rifle standing if I was to sell off any of them.