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    Lightweight leather glove help

    Try Cabelas shooting gloves. I wear them for skeet trap and sporting clays to preserve the finish on my shotgun. It is not a Purdy but I like it.
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    In search of a proper belt

    Good belts can be had from any of the better shoe companies. My dress belts are from Allen Edmonds as are most of my dress/work shoes. All are over 30 years old. My casual belt is from Dooney and Burke. They also make briefcases and purses. It is 40 years old and looks new. I wear it almost...
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    Let's See Your Pig And Pig Gun

    This is my most recent pig shot in February 2023 in South Carolina at Waccamaw Hunting Services. There was a larger hog with it but I shot the smaller meat hog. It all became ground pork except for the tenderloins and lions. A buddy near Georgetown has a Hobart professional grinder.
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    Leica Terra ed binoculars

    I bought a pair of Terra 8x25 a couple of years ago on the recommendation of a hunting buddy who destroys Leitz and Zeiss binoculars after a couple of years and hasn’t destroyed the Terra binoculars. Mine are decent at dusk but they are Japanese. The current Chinese version might not be. I can...
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    Elementary question on Camo Semiautomatic

    My Benelli Super Vinci gets wiped down with a very light coat of REM oil or CLP but I am hunting either the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay or New Jersey salt marshes. Salt is nasty on metal even if it is coated.
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Dewey’s was around back when I was in high school, which was a long time ago. They didn’t carry high end guns back then so this gun might be a little out of their wheelhouse and they want to move it.
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    Big Horn Armory Model 89 500 Smith & Wesson Lever Action

    I have a hunting buddy who just took delivery of a Big Horn Armory in 454 Casull after a year wait. The manufacturer raised the price by $1000 recently. My guess is that the current price is $4400.
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    ER Shaw mk VII 375 H&H left handed

    Big Horn Armory puts Skinner sights on their rifles. A 500 Smith and Wesson has lots of recoil.
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    .360 Remington Buckhammer!

    The Buffalo Bore website claims that their 38/55 ammunition will work in a 375 Winchester. From the website: BARREL BORE .375 BORE RIFLES We use a bullet that is sized .377 inch. I am aware that 375 Winchester chambered rifles utilize a .375 inch bore. When fired, the .377 inch bullet will...
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    Recommendations Deer hunt in Georgia

    It isn’t in Georgia but I have been going to Waccamaw Hunting Services in South Carolina over the past 15 years. He only takes 4 or 5 hunters at a time. No fences. Leased farms.
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    Double barrel shot gun choices

    The “look” from an improper gun really depends on the place. At Woodmont in Maryland steel shot is required as is a break-open gun. 12 gauge guns are standard. At the Oakwoods Club in SC about 30-40 years ago one of the filthy rich new members showed up with a new Winchester 23 in 20 gauge. He...
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    Perfect Safari or Tropical Hunting Shirt

    Orvis previously offered a lightweight all cotton shooting shirt with arm tabs that allow rolling up the sleeves. I bought 2 on a close out for shooting metallic silhouette in the summer. The current version has some polyester.
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    Hot weather day pack & socks?- Real world advice

    I have been wearing liner socks under wool socks forever. Either polypropylene or coolmax.
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    Double barrel shot gun choices

    I have used a Dickinson Prestige for the last few years. Mine is a 12 gauge though with hand detachable sidelocks. It is a copy of an H&H 7 pin sidelock. I got mine for $2100 but you might be able to get a 20 gauge for $3500 or so. I shoot about the same scores in trap with it as my Remington 90T.
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    .360 Remington Buckhammer!

    If the 350 Buckhammer is a necked up 30/30 and a 30/30 is a necked down 38/55, then what us the difference between a 38/55 and a 350 Buckhammer?? I suspect the only difference is that the Buckhammer is loaded hotter since the 38/55 started as a black powder target cartridge. Buffalo Bore sells...
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    Has anyone got experience with browning bps slug guns

    I have a Ithaca Deerslayer II with the pinned rifled barrel that I bought in 1990 when I had access to 1000 acres of private land in upstate New York near Poughkeepsie that is shotgun only. The Ithaca has bottom eject so it is ambidextrous. You just switch the safety around. It is reasonably...
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    Wild game meal tonight

    Our game meal two days ago. Moose medallions in butter/wine/garlic/rosemary sauce. My wife created the recipe.
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    W.J. Jeffery back in business!

    If you follow the TGS YouTube videos on shotguns in England Johnny recently visited Westley Richards. The company also had a Jeffrey banner above the entrance.
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    9.3x62 bullet choice for Moose

    Your comment comports well with Ron Spomer’s observation that a moose will take a shot without much reaction then amble for 10-20 yards and collapse. It didn’t matter whether Ron was using a 6.5 Creedmore or 338 Magnum, although he does suggest that the 338 is the optimal moose cartridge. My...
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    HUNTING Mountain Lion

    Hunting over hounds is a lot easier than it used to be. A few decades ago I was invited to go on a lion hunt over hounds. It involved running on snowshoes up and down mountains for several miles. Recently I got another invitation but told my buddy that I could not do that anymore at my age. He...
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    Great American Outdoor Show, Harrisburg PA February 4 – 12, 2023 Who is Attending?

    The website has a list of exhibitors. There are a lot of them so go through the list and pick some out. I plan to do two days and staying over one night during the middle of the week, probably Tuesday and Wednesday.
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    Experience with the 280 Remington

    Like you I have a 270 a 280 and a 30/06. For 40 years I used Remington Core Lokt in 130, 140, and 150 grains, respectively for deer and hogs. Out west for Elk I use 150 grain Nosler Partition bullets in the 280. I bought some RWS 160 grain but haven’t used them. I am thinking about using the...
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    I dropped into Guyette and Deeter yesterday to look at some of the guns. When I told Jon Deeter that the estimate on the Remington 700 was low he said that if there is a reserve it is the low end of the estimate so it could go for more than the upper end. He invited me to the pre-auction party...
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    6.5-284 Norma Best All-Round Cartridge

    I built a 6.5x284 after having 2 6.5x55 rifles- one for silhouette and one for hunting This was before the 6.5 PRC came out. Both the 6.5x284 and PRC fit between the Swede and 260 Nosler and are almost interchangeable. Ron Spomer didn’t talk a lot about the PRC in his story. Short action...
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    Savage 110 info

    There are two different types of bases for Savage 110s. Later ones are round receivers and earlier ones are flatter in the rear. Mine is a round receiver built by ER Shaw into their Mark VII. It puts everything into the same hole. It was built as a 1000 yard silhouette rifle.
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    Traditionally inaccurate cartridges

    I bought a Remington 788 in 30/30 about 2 years ago because I have a lot of 30/30 ammunition for lever action silhouette competition. The 788 in 30/30 shoots about the same as my 788 in 22/250 and better than my Remington 700 in 280. Rimmed cartridges and forward locking bolt actions like a 700...
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    Good 350 legend options

    For some reason the 350 Legend is available primarily in entry level rifles like Winchester XPR and Savage Axis. However these are very accurate rifles but are just not pretty. I hunt in a state that allows straight wall rifles and have been thinking about a Franchi Momentum. However my Savage...
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    Traditionally inaccurate cartridges

    I don’t have groups to show you but there are a lot of dead Viet Cong due to Carlos Hathcock and his 30/06. The 30/06 was a standard competition cartridge in the 20s and 30s. There were lots 100 scores at Wimbledon with it.
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    Marlin 336 Overhaul

    Very nice work. A friend in SC just rust blued a Marlin 375 that was a truck gun. He built a steamer for it much like yours. I think yours might have come out better. He got the rust blue solution from a Low Country gunsmith who specializes in rust blue.
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    HUNTING Bushpig

    I hunt wild hogs in South Carolina every year. The aiming point is right in the ear hole. Although we don’t shoot at night like Ngaka does it is often after sundown. I am not going to trail a wounded hog through a swamp after dark. They are either drt or gone. Going in February 2023.
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Zastava rifles were sold in the US under a variety of names like Interarms Mark X, Whitworth, Remington 798, Herters J9, Century International Arms and maybe some others. The factory made the Yugo M24 military rifles. This is the civilian version. The price is good.
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    Swarovski AV4-12×50

    The scope was received today. I am delighted. Thank you.
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    Who is your favorite artist?

    The first is a print by Owen Gromme. I bought some Maas prints from a neighbor who was moving to Florida. Maybe because a ruffed grouse was the first game I killed I like it better than any of the Maas prints The second is a ceramic salmon head done by my stepdaughter.
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    Swarovski AV4-12×50

    Missed it by that much.
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    Rifle Lessons Learned from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunter Proficiency Exam

    The TGS YouTube feed has several Holts episodes every year, mostly dealing with fine side by side double shotguns. Prices are ridiculously low by US standards. Brits often have to dump a side by side in order to buy a new over and under and many come from estates where the heirs and assigns are...
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    Any Other Interests???

    We started hiking during the pandemic because there was very little else that we could do together that we both enjoyed. So far this year we have done 30 hikes together. None were overnight but they would typically be day hikes of 6-8 miles and 1500-2000 feet of elevation. We spent a week in...
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    My Hunting Suppressors

    I live in New Jersey. Might as well be Canada. Possession of suppressors is illegal.
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    TURKEY: Bezoar Ibex Hunt With Caprinae Safaris

    Thanks for posting. Makes me want to go to Turkey immediately.
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    Hello from Maryland US

    Welcome to Africa Hunting. I am in St Michaels just north of you. My Eastern Shore hunting is mostly waterfowl and turkeys. It is not well known but the Eastern Shore has outstanding turkey hunting, better than any of the other 15 or so states where I have hunted turkeys. Do you hunt turkeys?
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    Improving performance of 12 GA cylinder bore?

    Pattern your shotgun at 30 yards and see how it shoots. Then decide yourself. Recently I shot a of sporting clays after forgetting to change chokes set for skeet. Upper was skeet and lower was cylinder. Despite the open chokes it would still break high clays at 40 yards. One of the stations has...
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    Harrisburg show 2023- Who’s going?

    Thank you mountaineer I will do the same. It is worth a couple of days to plan.
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    What’s the best watch to wear on safari?

    I have a assortment of fine watches including Jaeger-LeCoultre and Omega but haven’t warn any of them since I retired in September 2021. I wear a $9 black plastic Casio that is enough to keep my wrist from feeling naked. I used to wear a Hamilton Vietnam-era officer’s watch for hunting but the...
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    Harrisburg show 2023- Who’s going?

    I will be there for sure since my home is two hours away. Is there a list of safari outfitters who will attend??
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    Which Shotgun for buckshot ?

    There are some clubs that require buckshot because they run large man drives in open woods with a couple of dozen drivers and a couple of dozen standers. There might be some areas that allow buckshot but prohibit slugs but I am not aware of any. If you can use either slugs or buckshot there is...
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    Are Neck Shots Preferred Than Broadside Shot To Prevent The Damage Of The Meat?

    I hunt for hogs in Lowcountry SC where the outfitter insists on head shots. The area is thick and swampy so he doesn’t want to track a hog in terrain where you can’t see your feet let alone 5 yards in front of you. The hog is either drt or gone. What makes it difficult is that a hog never stops...
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    12 ga Remington 2-3/4” 1oz rifled slugs

    Do you mean the Remington Slugger Foster type slugs or the Remington Accutip sabots?? The sluggers are very effective. The Accutios are more accurate and more effective. Both are overkill and much more powerful than needed. The Sluggers are only accurate enough for 50 yards. Either will go...
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    Remington 12ga 2-3/4” rifled slugs

    I hunt in unit 63a in Idaho which requires short range weapons - muzzleloader, shotgun, etc. The sabots are not only more accurate but kill better. A Savage 220 with Hornady SST sabots kills deer DRT and is at least the equal of a 30/06. This year on a Shiras moose there was full chest...
  48. F Hunting Caps

    I would get a couple of hats and/or a mug if available.
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    Doctoral Candidate looking for some help

    I am in the third category and would be glad to help. My PhD is in Business Administration with a major in Finance and minor in Tax. I just retired and plan to concentrate on hunting and fishing so s trip to Africa is planned for the next couple of years. The school where I worked grants both a...