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  1. Hillcountry63

    Taking bullets (not ammunition) to Professional Hunter

    Sorry just saw the question. I just watch the weight in my checked bag.
  2. Hillcountry63

    Going to SA to hunt? Be prepared for power blackouts

    I was in Limpopo SA in March this year, load shedding 3/4 times a day, but the Outfitter was set up with a good generator system so no major inconvenience. I would advise to ask your particular Outfitter their current situation if you're heading over soon.
  3. Hillcountry63

    Greetings from GA

    Welcome from N GA, Cartersville area.
  4. Hillcountry63

    Which scope for a Model 70 in 416 Remington?

    Trijicon Accupoint 1x4x28 or 1x6x28. Run it on 1 and turn it up for distance shots.....use it professionally every day and trust my life to Trijicon Optics.
  5. Hillcountry63

    Wanted Lead On 375 Flanged Mag Double

    Check Gunbrokers, saw one there the other day.
  6. Hillcountry63

    Taking bullets (not ammunition) to Professional Hunter

    You should have no issues, I take brass and bullets to my Outfitter and PH each trip in my checked bag. The only thing you need to worry about is the bag weight.
  7. Hillcountry63

    Toughest Scope: Trijicon? Leopold? Others?

    I am a SWAT Team Leader and have used Trijicon more years than I care to share at work, active duty down range and on most of my hunting rigs…. I bet my life on them. They’re bomb proof and I’ve never had a POI shift. Just my .02
  8. Hillcountry63

    Hunting in Hawaii

    Big Island contact Hola Hola
  9. Hillcountry63

    What scope for 375 Model 70?

    It's been said........ Trijicon Accupoint 1x6. Just got back from my trip and used my Winchester 70 375H&H with same setup. I made shots from 25 out to 200 yards with this rig, can't go wrong.
  10. Kudu, Limpopo SA

    Kudu, Limpopo SA

  11. Springbok, Limpopo SA

    Springbok, Limpopo SA

  12. Nyala, Limpopo SA

    Nyala, Limpopo SA

  13. Impala, Limpopo SA

    Impala, Limpopo SA

  14. Gemsbok, Limpopo SA

    Gemsbok, Limpopo SA

  15. Eland, Limpopo SA

    Eland, Limpopo SA

  16. Black Wildebeest, Limpopo SA

    Black Wildebeest, Limpopo SA

  17. Blue Wildebeest, Limpopo SA

    Blue Wildebeest, Limpopo SA

  18. Cape Buffalo, Limpopo SA

    Cape Buffalo, Limpopo SA

  19. Hillcountry63

    Baikal MR/MP-221 45-70

    Last one I saw sell on Gunbrokers a couple of weeks ago went for $2100. Everything is high now days.
  20. Hillcountry63

    Size 9 W Courtneys For Sale

    Confirming those are green? Do you know what type of skin?
  21. Hillcountry63

    Rifle case set up

    If you're going to fly with it, all holes have to be filled with locks.
  22. Hillcountry63

    Courteney boots are about done

    I've got two pairs of Courteney's, one from 1999 and another from 2018. First pair look as good as the second and both are in good shape....I use leather conditioner and bees wax to keep them in proper order. Also, about to invest in my third pair, just because.
  23. Hillcountry63

    Some handgun hunts

    Here’s a couple handgun deer, Ruger Blackhawk Hunter in 44mag and Contender 44mag.
  24. Hillcountry63

    For Sale/Trade Winchester Model 70 Super Express .375 H&H

    Fair price for a nice setup
  25. Hillcountry63

    Model 70 Safari Express - Safety Issues?

    I currently own seven Model 70's from various era's, pre 64 to current production with one being the 375H&H Safari Express in question .............I would humbly submit that you need a new "gun guy".
  26. Hillcountry63

    Measuring Trophies

    When you get it back give me a yell. I’m a SCI Measurer and will be happy to score for you.
  27. Hillcountry63

    For Sale Super Clean 1st Year Marlin 1895 45-70 22" Straight Stock Nice Wood

    Dammit man, I don’t need another one. I have the exact rifle…..bump for a great deal.
  28. Hillcountry63

    My second rifle choice

    It is subjective as to what some folks call quality.....pocketbook dictates most. If you have unlimited money then the big three you mentioned, but if you're a blue collar guy and may be limited in funds go for Leupold, Bushnell Elites, Nikon or the like. I'm a big fan of Trijicon and Vortex...
  29. Hillcountry63

    Anyone use the .270 Winchester?

    I’ve taken whitetail, mulies, pronghorn and various exotics with a Winchester 70 270 130gn out to 600 yards. It’s an excellent round for medium sized game in my opinion. It’s flat shooting and easy recoil. I’m a 30-06 man but the 270 will get it done.
  30. Hillcountry63

    My second rifle choice

    A Winchester Model 70 Featherweight CRF is a perfect firearm to carry and shoot. Top it with quality glass and it’ll last a lifetime.
  31. Hillcountry63

    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome from from N. Ga.
  32. Hillcountry63

    New Russell Moccasin Lightweight Snake Boots

    Dang it, too late
  33. Hillcountry63

    In memoriam - Riaan Naude, Murdered

    Also just saw this on MSN. Sad sign of the times, the article that I read stated that only a pistol was taken. Based on that I would speculate that robbery was not the motive. Condolences to the family.
  34. Hillcountry63

    What do PH’s like to see for sights on Dangerous Game

    With the Trijicon RMR, how are you accessing the battery compartment? Don't you have to totally remove it and lose zero to change the battery? I use a RMR and MRO every day at work. Yes, you have to remove it to change the battery (we change annually but they normally last up to two years with...
  35. Hillcountry63

    What do PH’s like to see for sights on Dangerous Game

    Forest……that buffoon with the DEA t-shirt isn’t a professional. Gives the rest of us a bad name.
  36. Hillcountry63

    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    Prayers and condolences
  37. Hillcountry63

    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    Best all around choices for hunting in the mountains and southern swamps of Georgia…. 22 mag 44 mag 30-06
  38. Hillcountry63

    Custom Boots

    Sorry to hear that, good quality
  39. Hillcountry63

    Custom Boots

    Not buffalo but I’ve got two pairs from alligators I’ve harvested. Used Loveless in OK, outstanding job and very satisfied.
  40. Hillcountry63

    Wounded animal?

    I guide on several ranches and the written rule for all of them is if you draw blood and the animal isn’t recovered you pay for it. Had a situation a couple of years ago where a client shot the left main beam off of a 150 class Whitetail just above brow time. Ranch owner said no harm and client...
  41. Hillcountry63

    Old New Member

    I’ll be doing the first timer thing, plains game with a couple of target animals and an open mind for what the bush gives up.
  42. Hillcountry63

    Old New Member

    Greetings from North Georgia, good ole USA. Finally got around to registering even though I’ve followed the website for several years. Guide in Texas and Ga and finally booked a RSA hunt for March 2023.