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    O/U for home defense

    I think the sound of a shotgun being pumped may not be too ones advantage. It telegraphs too an intruder where you are and what weapon you have. The sound may run him off but it will allow him to go to plan B depending on how determined he is. Same with a flashlight. Also, make sure the spring...
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    Bear rug

    Most people have rugs mounted with mouth open but another option is with mouth closed with skull displayed as a conversation item that can be handled. Just me but it seems odd too have a mouth open mount and also a skull. Makes the rug seem fake, just me. It will take about eight months too be...
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    Bear rug

    I’m currently having a grizzly rug done by Palermo Taxidermy in Bryan which is my hometown. I had them do some deer back in the 1970s. Third generation and willing to do as you like. Tell us a bear story.
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    Bear rug

    Conroe Taxidermy in Conroe and B&B which is also north of Houston. They all are shipped off for tanning then rug is done by taxidermist. The tannery is in Nebraska or somewhere up north. I’m not recalling exact location but you can send direct if it has been cured. Might same some money.
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    Quite possibly the ugliest white tail buck ever

    Boyd, you missed the humor or maybe my humor was fell flat.
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    Quite possibly the ugliest white tail buck ever

    Send a picture of the train, please!
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    KWALATA SAFARIS, Waterberg Wilderness Reserve. A New Home For Us In South Africa!

    Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Niassa Reserve With KWALATA SAFARIS August 2022

    Thanks Caveman. For some reason I was under the impression that tourist outfits were currently operating in the reserve. Congratulations on your hunt and sharing.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Niassa Reserve With KWALATA SAFARIS August 2022

    I hear that Niassa could be the next best place for tourism. Also, it is said that it is one of the wildest places in Africa. Please, someone explain how it could be wild but a tourist destination? Just trying to figure this out as I like to hunt in wild places. Thanks
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    Super 303

    The British were fond of the 303 British round so when Holland developed the Super 30 or 300 H&H why did they not neck the 375 down to 303? We’re they competing with or trying too better the 30-06 in velocity? Maybe it would have been confusing the two 303 rounds. Filling a hole in the caliber...
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    Wanted 45-70 Brass

    I was in Cabelas a week ago and they had several bags
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    …sight. I was at an airport close to Arusha when I used my credit card at the gift shop in the airport. They claimed it CC machine was broke and took somewhere in the back. Tried to charge big ticket items at an museum nearby. DON’T let the CC out of your sight. Period.
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    Just a reminder never let your credit card out of your
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    January Texas Trip

    Helicopter hog hunts are available. Have not done so no recommendations but something different.
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    Poor eyesight (well, heading that way) and open sights

    I was complaining about my 75 year old eyes when using open sights. The gun shop owner suggested lazer surgery. Says it fixed his. This is a bit tongue-in-cheek but you only live once.
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    Your favorite 2 rifle and 1 shot gun combination

    Pre-64 model 70 low comb super grades. No scopes but maybe a receiver sight on a 300 H&H shooting 180 grain Nosler partitions. Swift-A frames 300 grain in the 375. Woodleigh or any good solid if for elephant. A 20 gauge Browning superposed with 3 inch chambers,28” barrels choked ic and modified.
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    In memoriam - The Queen

    The saying goes “Long live the Queen.” And she did. She had traits that, for the most part, have been ignored by heads of states and presidents around the world. Bless her.
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    Restaurants in Joberg Airport?

    I suggest warthog the porcupine was under cooked.
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    The new Heym 89B got his Buffalo…

    My question is: What are going to do now? I would sign on for an ele hunt as a 100 pounder has too have your name on it! Great looking buffalo. Besides being a beautiful gun it must have special powers!
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    It’s not much; but, it’s mine... Heym 89B 450/400 arrived today

    Congratulations! I’m proud for you. I volunteer to be you gun carrier.
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    Are trying to get better accuracy from the rifle? I have been wanting one for a light weight gun but questioned my ability to show it well enough. Your thoughts?
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    Howdy from Central Texas!

    Welcome! My family is from Franklin.
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    Both shows are usually in January. Each have websites
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    Welcome! Don’t plan too far out as those plans seemed to get pushed back. Drive down too the Dallas or Houston Safari shows. The Houston show is smaller but has a lot of African exhibitors.
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    Sauer double rifle, still doing what was made for

    Well done. Nice rifle. Open sights. Love your style. I want to take a bear with a 30-30 m-94 or a 348. Maybe a 38-55. We’re the bears out during good light?
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    Hunting in Kamtschatka and other parts of Russia

    The takeaway is don’t put off what you want to do. Things change and opportunities slip away.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    What to hunt on next Safari?

    You have taken a nice list of animals but missing a Niassa Wilderbeast. If a lost one chances by shoot it. If not I like the sand grouse or any other bird shoot.
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    Howdy from Central Texas!

    Welcome from Seabrook Tx.
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    Hello from Denmark!

    Welcome from Texas. Send some boar pictures and method of hunting, please sir.
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    My second rifle choice

    An Alaskan guide told me the ammo most likely your will find in a gun store in Alaska would be a 30-06 and 375 H&H. He had a 375 Ruger which was light weight compared to a M-70. He did mention some feeding issues. Also, his was a stainless model which could be a consideration if much hunting is...
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    ZIMBABWE: 12 Days Buffalo/Nyala/PG With Richie Schultz Safaris In NUANETSI Game Reserve

    Nice report. Talking of leopard tracts make my trigger finger twitch. You better go back and get him before I do!
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    NAMIBIA: A Fantastic Leopard & Plains Game Hunt With Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris

    Proud for you! Waiting those years just makes it that much better.
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    My Papa

    Good stuff. Need more men like him
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    M98 Mauser groups 7mm Mauser

    What is rate of twist?
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    Not A Warm Welcome!!

    If General Custer could only talk I’m sure he would confirm how deadly an arrow is!
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    What Have You Killed with the 7x57

    Congratulations to your daughter and you for having a hunting daughter. Boots look fine maybe PF Flyers. Not sure how many pair I wore out in the fifties and sixties. Would have wore out more if I didn’t go barefoot during the summer!
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    Wild Croc/Hippo Rivers vs Lakes

    Ernest, what is the average size of your crocs?
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    Hello from Bwana Moja. Africa is NOT "The Dark Continent"

    I have always associated “Dark Continent”with the terms such as unknown, mysterious or unexplored. The wild places in Africa are fading away which is disheartening for me anyway. Maybe it is time too update.
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    What Have You Killed with the 7x57

    While hunting in Wyoming my friend shot a moose with his 7X57 using 140 grain Sierra SP at an estimated 125 yards . Shot it three times; never flinched. We looked at each other with that “What the Heck” look. Didn’t know to what to do, reload and keep shooting or take the bolt out too see if the...
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    New Ruger No. 1 .25-'06

    Nevada Mike, I’m with you on the wood. Just can’t get into the plastic. I might get there but have my doubts since I’m 75. Nice gun!
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    Model 70 375

    Buy it along with shooting sticks, dies, powder, bullets, cases and ….primers ( haha). You will have a blast! I probably put 200 rounds through mine before going the Africa.
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    South Texas thermal hog hunt

    Now that is kicking-butt or maybe kicking-hams would be more appropriate. Good start with several million too go.
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    Kenya and Tanzania Health Recommendations

    My wife and I went in 2017. Our doctor advised against the yellow fever vaccine since we are over 70. Instead we got the waiver and traveled from South Africa to Tanzania then Kenya in the areas you mentioned. If I remember correctly the issue may be that if you go too Tanzania, Kenya or a...
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    Paradigm Shift?

    If I recall correctly it was the politicians that were benefiting from contracts they lobbied for that resisted change. Cronyism, graft, kick-backs, you call it what you like. We are often reminded: somethings never change.
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    .264 WM

    I have used 264 WM with 140 grain Nosler partitions on 7-8 Wyoming elk averaging 200 yard shots. One shot kills. That should cover most plains game.
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    Other things to do in Africa

    Kevin suggested Zanzibar. I agree. Lot of history
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    Animal Engraving On a Double Rifle

    I’m intrigued by the warthog theme. Maybe an engraving of a pack of warthogs at the base of a thorn tree with a ele or lion clinging for dear life in the top. Have some jumping and trying to climb the tree like a pack of hounds. On the other side, grass skirt wearing warthogs complete with face...
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    Survey: Your Favorite .30 Caliber

    300 H&H just because I appreciate what it means too still be around
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    My Winchester mod 70 375 has taken me full circle

    The model 70 post-64 Safari Classic is a control feed. Mine is very accurate which cost $1000 in slightly used condition. Might consider as another option.