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    Modern Muzzle Brakes

    Using a brake to zero the rifle and then removing for the hunt is a bad idea. Many times the POI can shift, on some rifles significantly, from how it shot with the brake on. If you really need the recoil reduction, a suppressor offers some aid without the risk of firing a braked gun without...
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    300 WSM Tikka versus Savage!

    Just add Talley one piece light weight rings and go shoot!
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    Bullets for the .257 Wby mag

    I don't have experience with the 117 and 120s, but my hunting partner uses the 110 accubonds in his Weatherby to great effect on mule deer and pronghorn. This is factory Nosler loaded ammo.
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    300 WSM Tikka versus Savage!

    I've had rifles from both and prefer the Tikkas due to the smooth action and more reliable (for me) out of the box accuracy. A Tikka supervarmint in a Manners EH1 chassis stock would be a real nice long range rig. I'm not familiar with the GRS stocks.
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    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    Fried hippo tenderloin medallions was a favorite, but I am now jealous that I have not tried zebra.
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    Waterfowl Guides in the New Orleans area

    Try Jimmy Corley he's just outside NOLA (45 minutes) and does ducks and inshore fishing. Our family camp is near his lodge and he is well respected in the area.
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    Sharps 1874 Sporter #3 For Sale

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    Sharps 1874 Sporter #3 For Sale

    Yes still for sale.
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    10mm Hard Cast: Underwood vs Buffalo Bore

    I've shot about 150 rounds of the Underwood through my XDM 10mm without issue. It's certainly a step up in the recoil department from that S&B range ammo so good idea to practice a bit with it (and sight in your red dot if you have one with it), and to make sure it functions in your gun. I've...
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    Im done with steel shot

    I agree wholeheartedly. I get great patterns out of my factory IM or F chokes in my SBE3 with Boss No.4. I recently hunted late season mallards and honkers in western Nebraska and the Boss really is devastating. 5s would have been plenty but I brought 4s as I had a day or two to hunt after duck...
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    Swarovski Z3 3-9x36mm For Sale

    Sold to Mr. Short.
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    Swarovski Z3 3-9x36mm For Sale

    I have a Z3 3-9x36mm for sale. It has the standard plex reticle. Scope is in great shape and comes in original box with paperwork. There is a very small scratch from the rings on the underside of the tube and I have attached an image. $650 shipped to lower 48.
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    Sharps 1874 Sporter #3 For Sale

    This is a Shiloh.
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    Sharps 1874 Sporter #3 For Sale

    I am listing my Sharps 1874 Sporter #3 for sale. The rifle is chambered in .45-70 and is in excellent condition with only 20 rounds fired since new. Specs: -1874 Sporter #3 45/70 with 30" Heavy-Half Octagon Barrel - Semi Fancy wood upgrade - Pack Harden Finish - Traditional Pewter Tip -...
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    Im done with steel shot

    The copper plated bismuth from Boss are worth a look as well. Prices are reasonable and it's real step up in performance from steel, though if shots are expected over the decoys I'll still shoot Kent faststeel
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    Scope ring options for Rigby Highland Stalker in 275 Rigby

    I've have had no issues with the Hexalok mounts on my HS. I also have Talley's for it, but prefer the ability to use the irons in a pinch with the hexalok rings.
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    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    I went with the Springfield XDm Elite OSP. With 15 rounds it is lighter/the same weight as my S&W M69 44 mag which only carries 5 rounds. However, the main reason I switched was because I can make accurate shots faster with the XDm. I also picked up a 9mm version of the same XDm for practice and...
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    Can’t ship to a FFL unless you are a FFL???

    It is my understanding that UPS caved to political pressure, but that no new law or regulation mandated the change. Hopefully someone else will correct if they have more details.
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    Can’t ship to a FFL unless you are a FFL???

    I also just learned of the new rules trying to ship something I sold on here. As of August 29, UPS is fully woke.
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    S&W 500 For Sale

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    S&W 500 For Sale

    Yes, this is still for sale.
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    S&W 500 For Sale

    I am posting for sale a S&W 500 with a 6.5" barrel together with a Simply Rugged pancake style holster and one box of Buffalo Bore ammo. This revolver was taken to the range once, and then carried as backup on one hunt last year. Asking $1,200 for the package plus actual shipping to your FFL. I...
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    Bang flops on buffalo

    Witnessed a true bang flop from a 450 Rigby at about 20 paces. Broad side shot a little higher than center line right up the front leg. More about shot placement I suspect but the 550 grain soft doesn't hurt. That bull was dead in the dirt instantly.
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    Best braid to leader knot...

    For those line diameters I'd stick with a uni to uni (or a uni to improve clinch), just make sure to lubricate the fluoro before cinching.
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    Greetings from Laramie, WY

    Welcome, I miss Laradise! Did my undergrad and law school there. Coming back in a few months for archery elk!
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    Good pack/backpack for carry-one and hunt daypack

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf or Sawtooth are my choice for backcountry hunts and will fit in overhead bin. They come in solid colors and allow me to pack all my hunting clothes and gear in my carry-on. If this is for Africa only, I'd probably go with something smaller like the Badlands 2200 suggested...
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    Thoughts on best skeet/dove gun?

    Benelli M2 20 gauge my go to semi-auto for doves. Lightweight, but swings and points naturally with little recoil.
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    Opinions on the 6.5 PRC

    It's a great cartridge to build a light weight short action mountain gun for sheep, mule deer, etc. Light recoil and will throw 140 accubonds 3100 fps if you are a hand loader with H1000. My hunting partner uses one and has taken a moose with it. Not the right cartridge for that job but it...
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    Talley fixed rings vs EAW pivot mount on à new Mauser M98??

    You could also consider the Hexalock mounts if you go with a QD style set up. I have these on my HS and am happy so far.
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    Anyone use the .270 Winchester?

    Love the .270 Win and used it exclusively for 10 years while living in the west. Several bull elk and mule deer were taken with 150 grain partitions. Also killed one bull with a 130 grain accubond. All one shot kills and none made it more than 50 yards. My brother took his .270 with us to...
  31. 3-9x36mm Swarovski

    3-9x36mm Swarovski

    HS in .275. It's mounted on the Mauser Hexalock mount
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    Leupold VX-3I 3.5-10x40 vs Swarovski Z3 3-10x42

    I went with the 3-9x36mm Swarovski for my HS in .275. It's mounted on the Mauser Hexalock mount. Here's a picture for reference as to how it looks. I also vote for the Z3 line over the VX3 line.
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    For Sale Winchester Model 70 Super Grade .30-06

    Any chance his account was hacked and the perp wasn't actually chicken farmer? Apparently that has happened on another forum that I frequent.
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    For Sale Winchester 70 Alaskan 375 H&H

    @TOBY458 How recent is the production on this rifle? If it is the same as currently described on Winchester's website I'm interested. Please send me a PM. Thanks!
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    Crf Rifles Encountered While Hunting?

    Kimber rifles are fairly common out west. Took a mountain ascent on my mule deer hunt in Wyoming last year. Took a Highland stalker this year.
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    For what it's worth, my HS is stamped with both:
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    I believe the Highland Stalker is stamped ".275 Rigby/7x57 Mauser" I can check tonight.
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    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    The 270 is my go to elk rifle, and it is more than sufficient for elk. Just like the 375 H&H for buffalo. Both with modern bonded softs (or mono-metal). That said, when I had the opportunity to go to Zim and Moz I took my .416 Rigby and my hunting partner his .450 Rigby. That .450 really wallops...
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    Rigby Highland Stalker 9.3x62 For Sale

    The gun is sold. @ActionBob got himself a new Rigby. Thanks AH!
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    Rigby Highland Stalker 9.3x62 For Sale

    It was up on gunsinternational for a while, not interested in gunbroker at this time. Gun is still like new and unfired. Thanks for your interest!
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    Rigby Highland Stalker 9.3x62 For Sale

    Yes, still for sale.
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    I just returned from the range shooting my .275 Highland Stalker. Even when I pull a shot it still groups 4 Hendershots 140 grain partitions sub 1". My vote is for the .275, it's a joy to shoot.
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    Binocular suggestions

    The Nikon Monarch HG 10x42mm are surprisingly good. Best FoV in class. To me, they're the best choice if comparing to Vortex, Meopta, and Zeiss in the sub $1000 price range.
  44. Elk Hunting USA

    Elk Hunting USA

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    Heavy Bullet Preferences in the .270 Winchester

    I love the 150 grain partition and have taken several bull elk and a couple mule deer with it. Took this busted mature bull at 200 yards and he didn't make it 10 yards. A good heart/lung shot with this combo is wonderful on game up to elk/kudu. My brother has taken african plains game up to and...
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    Rigby Highland Stalker 9.3x62 For Sale

    No, it is still for sale.
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    Rigby Highland Stalker 9.3x62 For Sale

    Message received and replied to, thanks!