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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    A very interesting video featuring the anatomy of the ".500 Nitro Cartridge for Black Powder express rifles."
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    British double rifle gauge to caliber conversion

    The problem is that my 40 gauge is not .488" it is .497" bore diameter, and .505" groove diameter....go figure.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Like I said, I have no way of knowing what was actually asked or agreed to. During this discussion you originally mentioned only arsenic, now you say you asked for arsenic, antimony, "other alloys" and heat treatment . So which is it? But I repeat...what I do know is that Hawk has always...
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Obviously I have no way of knowing what you asked for, or if what you asked for would perform satisfactorily, nor do I know what Hawk delivered. But what I do know is that Hawk has always delivered exactly what I asked for in a timely manner.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    But Hawk doesn't use linotype or any other alloy. They use essentially pure lead, which is barely affected by the addition of arsenic.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Arsenic (As) Melting point, 1,503o F. Arsenic is a catalyst to heat treating Pb/Sb alloys and only a trace is required (¼ to ½ of 1%). Arsenic in itself does little to harden the alloy. Tin and/or antimony are added to lead (~2% to ~5%) to increase its strength and hardness. In the as cast...
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    British double rifle gauge to caliber conversion

    My .505" 440 gr Hawk bullets arrived and here are the results so far. 50gr SR4759 1743 fps 56gr Accurate 5744 1744 fps 59gr IMR 4198 1634 fps 61gr IMR 4198 1723 fps Estimated pressure of the loads are less than 9.0 Tons Hopefully I'll have a chance to do some...
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Did you say arsenic, but mean antimony?
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Thanks for the advice. A practiced hand can tell lose and tight spots in the bore. A pin gauge tells you nothing about the groove diameter.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    This method is the only way I know of that will give you the groove diameter. It also allows you to check the bores for tight or loose spots along the length of the barrel.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Nope....I used lead slugs driven through the barrels and measured very carefully with a dial caliper.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Woodleigh is a very good bullets but the 440 gr and 450 gr bullets are too large diameter for my gun. Fortunately, I’ve had very good luck with Hawk. They made some thin (.025”) jacketed 400 gr .466” diameter bullets for my sons 577/450 that he used in Namibia and they were great…also made...
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    It is obviously important to have access to a chronograph. My new gun 440 gr Hawk RNSP, .505" diameter. Hornady 3" brass, Rem 9 1/2 Mag primers with a wad, shot from 25.875" long barrels. 50 gr. SR 4759 1743 fps 56 gr. Accurate 5744 1744 fps 59 gr 4198...
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    Africa hunting ammunition use

    I can't remember ever shooting an animal with factory loads. Of course I've hunted most of my animals with antique Winchesters. Not too many factory loads available out there for 38-72, 40-82, 50-110, 33 Winchester, 577/450, etc.
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    British double rifle gauge to caliber conversion

    The grooves seem to be a quite conventional square shape....the barrel has 6 grooves. Interesting observation....the left barrel seems to have been shot a lot more than the right, which generally goes against the common perception of the right barrel getting shot the most.
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    British double rifle gauge to caliber conversion

    Well what I do know for sure is that my H&H is marked with 40 meaning 40 gauge and it has a groove diameter measured quite carefully, more than once, of .505". This was done by pushing a soft lead slug through the entire bore. During this process, starting from the breech end seemed to indicate...
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    British double rifle gauge to caliber conversion

    If the gun is proofed and marked as 38, 39 or 40 gauge then there must have been a standard inches dimension to go by.
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    British double rifle gauge to caliber conversion

    In my study since acquiring an H&H double I've run across three different proofed bore diameters for the .50 BPE guns. So far I've read about guns having 38 gauge, 39 gauge and 40 gauge bores. Can anyone actually tell me what were the industry standard bore and groove diameters for these three...
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    Hawk Bullets .375 H&H

    My son used 400gr Hawk bullets I loaded for his 577/450 MH on several head of African game, to include Kudu, Warthog, and Springbok. All bullets killed quick with good expansion and penetration. The bullets were loaded to 1460 fps and had a .025" thick jacket.
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    Wanting .458 win mag chronograph results of factory

    So unless I missed something NO ONE has bothered to actually chronograph current fresh factory .458 mag. ammo?
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Thanks a lot, this will come in handy.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    Well I would love to get the loads from the book but @ $400 to $500 per copy it is a mite steep. Can anyone help me out here? 4759? 5744? 4198?
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    It is proofed for 5 drams and H&H curtly informed me they were too busy to be bothered.
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    This is a very interesting thread. I have an old (1884) H&H double in .500BPE that I've been looking for the safe pressure to load it to. John Taylor's book African Rifles and Cartridges lists the pressure for the .450BPE as 11 tons. Now I find the pressure for the .577 BPE is apparently 8...
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    Want To Buy Left Hand .375 H&H

    I have a real nice LH custom Ruger 77 in .458 if you might be interested.
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    Guess that cartridge

    .348 Winchester
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    The Good Old Days 30 Historic Hunting Photos

    Great pictures! What I find fascinating is trying to figure out which rifles those old guys were using. I found the following....Winchester 1876, 1886, 1892, 1894, 1895, and two model 1908 or 1910 Self Loaders, more than one Savage 99, a Marlin 1895 and 1894, Remington Model 8 Self loader ...
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    Courteney Selous Boots VS. Russell Moccasins

    I ordered a pair of Joe's PH (size 14) from Russell in 2009 and they were perfect. I just ordered a pair of Joof to be made from my Cape Buffalo hide....I'll let you know how they turn out.
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    Can I make 375 ruger from H&H?

    Can you form a H & H case that you can stuff into a .375 Ruger chamber? Yes Will it be safe? NO The base of the H&H is .021" smaller in front of the belt than the .375 Ruger chamber. This is NOT "blowing out the case a little bit." Don't try it.
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    Warning about travelling with a firearm to New York

    There is a law on the books since 1986 that is supposed to prevent such nonsense. Called the Firearms Owners Protection Act. One of its provisions states that.... persons traveling from one place to another cannot be incarcerated for a firearms offense in a state that has strict gun control laws...
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    Fixed power scopes

    The old Weavers are nice but the old Lyman 2 1/2x and 4x with post are really nice. I have a 4x on my 9.3x62 and a 2 1/2x on my .458 Winchester. If you gave me a variable I would sell it to buy a nice fixed power.
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    Here we go another Sabatti review

    It is bring the point of impact down you install a taller front sight.
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    Here we go another Sabatti review

    Nope the reason you are hitting too high is that the front sight is not tall enough (or the rear sight is too high). The easiest fix would be to install a taller front sight. The proper sight picture should be with the front bead centered in the rear notch (right/left) and even with the top of...
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    Market & Fair price .458wm Ruger M77 Hawkeye?

    It’s interesting….how come the .404 and .425 are fully accepted as excellent dangerous game cartridges sporting 4000/5000fp of energy, but the .458 Win Mag. is not, even though it produces ~5000fp of energy? Don’t try to “shoehorn” a 458 Lott into a Hawkeye, you will likely end up with a mess...
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    Ruger Magnum bolt handle

    I have two Rugers (both left handed) and they both slap my trigger finger bad enough that I had to carefully bend the bolt handles slightly up and forward. Not noticeable unless you hold it up next to an unmodified bolt but they were quite painful to shoot before the mod, and my hands are not...
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    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    John Taylor talked about this very thing, and advised against it. He was of the opinion that the shallow rifling in a BPE barrel would not stand up to much firing of "cordite" without erosion damaging the accuracy. But he was concerned about a rifle standing up to thousands of rounds while being...
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    Kinda justice in the UK

    Not in Texas! We recently passed a Constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish.
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    165 or 200 grain load for 300WM?

    The 165 gr will have ~2" flatter trajectory @ 300 yards, but the 200 gr will pack ~200 pounds more energy. Personally I'd go with the 200 gr bullet.
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    Acquired a 500 Nitro for Black - now what?

    If your loads don't work out try 47 gr of IMR 4759 with a 440 gr Woodleigh and Magnum primers. (should give ~1900 fps) Any other powder I tried in the big .50 cases would occasionally hang fire. Never had an issue with 4759.
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    Another 9.3x62 thread.......

    A 258gr H Mantel bullet....great on light boned game. The front comes apart like a small hand grenade while the rear 2/3's keeps on going. Great bullet. I've shot a lot of game with my 9.3.
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    Steel Jacketed Bullets?

    The US military conducted many tests during WWII on this very issue, and found that when firing thousands thru a machine gun barrel wear was only increased by maybe 5%. Don't give it a second thought. Just keep your barrel clean and rust free and enjoy the shooting.
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    Zimbabwe plans to sell young elephants to compensate for funds lost from ban on trophy hunters

    Interesting...I don't see Pierce Brosnan stepping up to pay for the lost revenue. His type are the biggest morons that ever walked the face of the earth.
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    Left Handed shooters club!

    LH Ruger .300 re-barreled to .458. Crossbolt and glass bedded by me! Have an almost identical one re-barreled from 3006 to 9.3 x 62
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    US Fish & Wildlife Service: Lion Not An Endangered Species

    Yet we have an import ban on Elephant from Zim. ????? Morons!
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    Early Warning EU Trophy Import Rules to Change

    At least with the results of our last election, perhaps some sanity can be restored to our Fish and Wildlife policies.
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    458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott

    The story of the .458 Mag problems and the birth of the Lott etc. is quite interesting, but most of the info floating around out there is either obsolete or just plain BS. Bottom line is there is really no reason for the Lott to exist, other than someone wanting a more powerful rifle. The .458...
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    Bullet selection

    Nosler Partition and Swift A Frame are both great for your needs. People worry too much about "loosing" the front core. It has to go somewhere and therefore it acts as shrapnel that tears up organs far from the primary bullet path. (Similar to an RWS H Mantel) Also the rear core and jacket stay...
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    second lion question 405 win or 500 BPE

    What load are you using in the .500?
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    What is the worst rifle you have ever owned?

    A Savage 110LH in .264 Mag. Was a Christmas present from my parents, and was a POS. Inside of the barrel was so rough it was hard to run a patch through. It had two tight spots in the barrel which caused pressures so high it routinely stuck cases in the chamber. Had "pressed" checkering on a...
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    WANTED: First hunt $25,000.00 budget

    If you will drop me a PM I'll steer you to a couple of great outfitters, that can easily fit into your budget.