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    Best bullet for Cape Buffalo

    Several caveats. First, what functions 100 % in your magazine rifle when working the bolt as hard and as fast as you can? Second, what shoots to the point of aim best from a cold barrel in your magazine rifle or regulates well in your double? Third, Please take into account that both your...
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    Winchester 70 - 416Rigby

    I would not recommend such a project as way too much metal needs to be removed. If you want a .416 Rigby, simply get a CZ, Dakota or Ruger in .416 Rigby. It will cost less and likely work better. It will certainly be stronger without all that metal cut away.
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    Norwegian big game rookie - 3500 dollars to spend on a rifle!

    Buy a Blaser R-8 Professional in .375 H&H. Special order one WITHOUT the detachable trigger/magazine. You can either order it left handed, or the dealer can switch the right handed bolt to a left handed bolt in his shop in less than 2 minutes. Get a good rail mount scope with the Blaser...
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    338 Winchester Magnum

    The .338 is a great PG cartridge. I would recommend bullets in the 225-250 grain class. A-Frames, TSX, North Forks, TBBC's, and the great Woodleigh Weldcore. See which one shoots best in your rifle and take that load with you. You won't go wrong with any of the above.
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    30-06 recoil vs 300win mag.

    Amen. TerryR hit the nail right on the head!
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    Bullets for Lion in 375 Rum

    I successfully hunted a large male lion in Matetsi last year and used a .416 Rigby with Norma factory loaded 400 grain Swift A-Frames. While outstandingly accurate in my Dakota African (>1" @ 100 yards, consistently), I think the A-Frame, in retrospect, is too "tough" a bullet for cats. While it...
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    What 375 H & H rifle would you Purchase and Why

    Agree. The new Model 70 Safari is a great rifle right out of the box. You won't go wrong with one and the price is right. I have a Kimber Caprivi I like a lot, but it is more than twice the price of a Model 70. It is very well made, but is not twice the rifle the M70 is. For more money...
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    A question about optics

    I find the CZ550 overly heavy and cumbersome for a .375. IMO, that kind of weight and bulk makes more sense in a .416 or .458 Lott. The action is also a bit rough out of the box and it has a sling swivel, not a barrel band. Look at the new Winchester Model 70 Safari in .375. I shot one recently...
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    WHat ammo do you like better for 470NE?

    First question--What ammunition did the maker regulate your .470 with? That would be a good place to start. I have also used Safari Arms ammunition loaded with Woodleighs in my .470. Excellent stuff. He will send you a sample pack with several loads so you can see what shoots to the point of...
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    tick expectations?

    Have hunted Zim during those months on multiple occasions. Ticks are a problem, especially when you are in proximity to a recently downed game animal. My suggestion is to talk to your doctor about an Rx for doxycyclene. It is an antibiotic that works well as a malaria prophylaxis and is also...
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    Working Gun

    Thanks for your service to our country. I would recommend buying a used rifle. My .470 is a Krieghoff, bought used, and I'm well pleased with it. It had less than 20 rounds through it and was in "like new" condition. It's been on multiple safaris with me and in 2010, dropped a charging...
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    Brand New Westley Richards Drop lock vs Brand New Searcy Classic

    I went to London last fall and visited all the great gun houses. A gentleman at Purdy's told me that if I was looking for an excellent working double, he suggested that i take the train to Birmingham and visit Westley Richards. He highly recommended the Westley Richards boxlock as a great...
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    Cape Buffalo Cartridge?

    I have hunted Africa extensively with my Dakota African in .416 Rigby (including multiple Cape Buff) and it has always performed well. I highly recommend Dakota rifles. They need nothing out of the box and mine has been absolutely reliable and quite accurate. In addition to being a 25 yard...
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    Russell or Courteney - Safari Boots...

    Boxers or briefs? I have hunted extensively with both the Courtney Safari ( made in both buff and elephant) and made-to-measure Russell PH's, with the the measurements taken by Ralph himself at SCI. Both work well. I prefer the Courtneys for Africa, but the Russell's have worked well in...
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    First look at the Ruger African Safari 9.3x62

    A few comments--I own a custom 9.3x62 built on a Persian Mauser 98 action by Somarriba and next to my Dakota .416 Rigby, it is my most prized bolt action rifle. Doctari Robertson avers that his ZKK 602 in 9.3 is his client rifle and between it's first owner and his ownership, has accounted for...
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    Caliber for Leopard

    If you are hunting leopard in areas where lion, elephant and cape buff are about, I suggest a minimum of a .375 with a soft up (for the leopard) and solids down in case of a situation involving one of these heavies. I have hunted leopard (unsuccessfully) on two separate hunts. On the first...
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    Need assistance identifying Winchester M70 .375 H&H

    I recently bought a used Winchester M70 .375 H&H in excellent condition. It is a post '64 controlled round feed rifle with a 24" barrel marked "Super Express". The floorplate is marked "Custom Express". Serial # is G1XXX. The stock is very nicely figured and is oil finished in a reddish tone...
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    Shooting the 470 Nitro

    My Krieghoff .470 came with their "see through" sights which have a luminescent orange stripe down the center of the rear sight and a large orange bead of the same material on the front. very easy to see and quite instinctive to use. My riflemaker fitted the rifle to me and increased the LOP...
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    I was in London a year ago and Rigby is no more. Paul Roberts & Son now build rifles with the Rigby (and Jeffrey) name under license. The barrels and actions, according to Paul, come from Austria. They are finished, stocked and regulated in his shop. If you want a British double and can't...
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    Why Not A Double Rifle?

    I hunt wild pigs with my .470 several times a year. it is great fun and excellent practice for Africa. Took a 355lb Bar Hog with it in 2008. Use Woodleigh or Trophy Bonded softs is you want some expansion.
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    CZ 550 Rifle Opinions?

    Had one in .375. very well made, but heavy for a .375. My riflesmith cut the barrel to 23", glass bedded it, tuned the trigger to a crisp 3.5 lbs, removed the front sling swivel stud, replacing it with a barrel band and extended the bolt handle. The rifle was very reliable and shot well, but...
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    Is there a reason to go beyond 470NE?

    I own a .470 and am well pleased with it in all respects. Having handled a .577 at SCI Reno, it is simply too much rifle to tote around comfortably. My PH has a .500, but in retrospect, wishes he got a .470 instead. Many clients show up with .470's, hence lots of access to .470 ammo. No one yet...
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    Woodleigh vs Hornady

    It does matter. A non-bonded solid which strikes heavy bone can have the lead core squeeze out from the base of the bullet like toothpaste from a tube. Have seen it happen.
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    Bullet 9,3x62

    I have a custom 9.3x62 built by Somarriba on a prewar Persian Model 98 action. A superb rifle and a superb cartridge. Norma loads a 250 grain Swift A-Frame at a listed velocity of 2625 fps. That should be a great load for any PG and the big cats. The only fly in the ointment for the...
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    375 Rifle Choice

    The Kimber Caprivi is a well made, accurate .375. I'm pleased with mine. Only issue is that the catalog states the magazine holds 4 rounds. While you can cram 4 rounds into the magazine, feeding of the first round is unreliable. With three rounds in the magazine, it feeds smoothly and reliably...
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    Woodleigh vs Hornady

    Considering what safaris cost these days (as well as funerals), price should not be a consideration when selecting DG ammunition. Woodleighs are bonded, Hornadys are not. That is important. Shoot both in your rifle to see which prints closest to the point of aim. Chronograph both as well. If...
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    Bullet Weight Retention and Performance .270

    Can't comment on Barnes TSX in the .270, as I do not own a .270. However, on my last safari (a 31 day Big Four hunt in Zim during May, 2011), it was necessary to shoot a lot of bait animals as we were concentrating on cats. I was running low on ammunition for my .416 Rigby, so my PH loaned me...
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    Beding question on 416 rigby

    Buy a CZ 550 American in .416 Rigby. Have a gunsmith shorten the barrel to 23" and add a barrel band for the sling, removing the forward sling swivel stud. Have him smooth the action and do a trigger job if needed (a crisp 4lbs on a DG rifle). Shoot the heck out of it before you go. P.S...
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    Old vs. New Model 70's?

    I have both pre- and post '64 rifles, including one of the new South Carolina featherweights in .308. The pre'64's are variable in terms of accuracy. They may need to be glass bedded with a pressure point or rebarrelled in order to get MOA groups. This will destroy the value of the rifle as a...
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    Top Custom rifle builders

    I highly recommend Stuart Satterlee of Satterlee Arms (South Dakota). Stuart built me a magnificent .30/06 on a prewar VZ 24 Mauser action. he is currently building a .338 for me on a 1953 Winchester Model 70 action. Stuart also builds rifles (including DG) rifles on his own made from scratch...
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    Factory ammunition for .375 H&H?

    Federal factory loads with either the 300 grain Swift A-Frame or the 300 grain Barnes TSX as softs, Federal factory loaded Barnes 300 grain solids (NOT the Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer).
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    Caliber for Leopard

    I'm hardly an expert on leopard, as I have taken all of the Big Five EXCEPT leopard. Both of my unsuccesful leopard hunts were 21 days each, without a shot being fired at Mr. Spots. Will try again next year. My leopard rifle is a .416 Rigby with an illuminated scope. The reason is that I...
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    .270 Winchester for plains game

    I agree with most everything that has been said, but I would like to point out three things. First, you didn't say where you were going to be hunting and whether or not DG might be present. If there is no DG in the area, your .270 with well constructed bullets in the 140-150 grain class will...
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    Question about non-hunting wives on DG safaris

    I took my wife on two DG hunts and one PG hunt thus far. The PG hunt was fine--no problems. The first DG hunt she went on was for another Cape Buff (Zim) and while there were no incidents, we were in the midst of a herd of Buff in thick jess at a very close distance, which she found unnerving...