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  1. Eduard_Venter

    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    Awesome to hear this feedback. I'm a PH and I usually encourage the outfitters I hunt for to do exactly this. I usually cook a fresh liver somewhere along the safari and of course tenderloins on the fire! I had someone hunting with me twice in one season. When the first safari was done, I got...
  2. Eduard_Venter

    What to carry

    Best is to speak to your PH or outfitter. The terrain and style of hunting would determine your needs. In most instances I would advise a binoculars at least on the hunting vehicle. As PH I like my hunter to have a good look at the animal before taking it. That way he's clued up and I'm sure he...
  3. Eduard_Venter

    What is your go to 375h&h load and what do you use it on?

    Hi sir. Mind sharing what powder you're using and what velocity they're running at?
  4. Eduard_Venter


    I'm in town 23 and 24 December. Hopefully I'll make it for a visit.
  5. Eduard_Venter


    Good luck oom F! Please let us know how the Safari Bullet Company bullets does on the lion.
  6. Eduard_Venter

    How far do you have to travel to even hunt?

    I've shoot some rodents and small game from my window. A friend shot a kudu bull from my front porch, although it was an exception as I like having game around the house when they decide to visit. Needless to say I don't need to drive anywhere to hunt.
  7. Eduard_Venter

    Snakebites - Who Gets Bitten & Who Dies?

    Interesting thread this that I am only seeing for the first time now. On Saturday while herding my cattle I accidently stepped on this puffadder's tail. It did absolutely nothing. I had the fright of my life as I was convinced it was going to bite me, but it only moved ever so slightly after I...
  8. Eduard_Venter

    Binocs for African Plains Game hunting?

    As a PH, I like to explain certain things to visiting hunters, show them the small critters, look through the bosses of a bachelor herd of buffalo bulls, glass an open field, show them a goshawk eating a snake etc. So if you're interested in that kind of stuff, a bino will make your trip more...
  9. Eduard_Venter

    New from South Africa

    Welkom Geno!
  10. Eduard_Venter

    What do people think about “non-trophy” hunts

    I've had clients hunt with me that took non trophy animals during their trophy hunt. Usually when all the priority animals are in the salt, and we have some time to kill. Hunting something like female impala is cheap, great fun and usually more challenging than one would expect. What I had as...
  11. Eduard_Venter

    In memoriam - RIP cal pappas

    Very sad news. He was on his way to hunt with us on Wednesday. It would have been my first time meeting him and a privelege to PH for him. Got the news earlier today. The camp fire will be quiet this week.
  12. Eduard_Venter

    Wounded animal?

    A hit on the horn is still a hit and the hunter is responsible. The PH may use his discretion if he feels it wasnt deadly. I've once had a hunter shoot off the top 2 inches of an impala horn. I did not charge him as there was no harm done. However, the lower you hit it, the more serious it gets.
  13. Eduard_Venter

    Another new Guy who is looking forward to Africa

    Welcome here. This forum will only make your itch for hunting Africa worse. You are at the right place! Enjoy the planning and make it happen.
  14. Eduard_Venter

    South Africa Outfitters and rifle rental

    Most/all outfitters or even PHs will have a rifle you'll be able to use on safari. Some will charge rent, some just ammo and some will provide it for free. Just arrange beforehand, a plan will definitely be made.
  15. Eduard_Venter

    Rifle bolt in luggage

    Managed to fix the extractor with Mark's help. I'll still be on the lookout for a spare. Thank you sir!
  16. Eduard_Venter

    Rifle bolt in luggage

    Thank you sir. This is great info. I'll compare with my rifle once I'm home.
  17. Eduard_Venter

    Rifle bolt in luggage

    Dankie IvW, will visit them when in town again.
  18. Eduard_Venter

    Rifle bolt in luggage

    Thanks for all the replies. Henry, email sent. Thank you. As for the extraction problems, it's nothing huge but it needs fixing. When extracting a live round (happens much less with spent cases) the extractor derails (for lack of a better word) from the bolt. Photo attached. This only happens...
  19. Eduard_Venter

    Rifle bolt in luggage

    Thank you all for the advice
  20. Eduard_Venter

    Rifle bolt in luggage

    Good day to all the hunters. Can someone please inform me of the legalities to bring a rifle bolt from the USA to South Africa in one's luggage? Background info: My Winchester mod 70 stainless 375H&H has some extraction issues. The local agents did not even reply my emails and my gunsmith...
  21. Buffalo Hunting

    Buffalo Hunting

  22. Eduard_Venter

    What's the deal with stainless barrels

    I have a stainless Winchester mod 70 in 375H&H. I brought it simply because i got a good deal in the caliber I needed at that time. Definitely not the most beautiful rifle but it works for me.
  23. Eduard_Venter

    Hunting Jackals

    I'd suggest to get a professional jackal hunter to help you out if the problem is serious. Calling jackal is not as easy as it seems and doing it wrong will ensure headaches for the farmer in the future. A good place to start is buy yourself this book by Hein Funch...
  24. Eduard_Venter

    Hunting Jackals

    Are you looking at trophy hunting jackal or problem animal control? Calling and shooting is an effective way to hunt these intelligent animals, as long as you're doing it right. Jackal are very smart and one wrong move could mean many more losses for the farmer. I'm by no means an expert, there...
  25. Eduard_Venter

    Best time of year to hunt Limpopo?

    Excellent advice! And while you're in camp during the dark moon, take the opportunity and do a night hunt as well for some jackal or small cats if you're interested in them.
  26. Eduard_Venter

    Taking a kid on Safari

    I was on a hunt this year where a 12 year old girl shot her first Cape Buffalo! The best age probably depends on the safari type and your child as well. Some 10 year olds will be bored to death, while others will have the adventure of a lifetime. I'd say if your child usually enjoys hunting...
  27. Eduard_Venter

    1st pair of courteney boots

    I have 2 pairs of selous, ripple and tyre tread respectively. I prefer the ripple, but it's probably just personal preference. Slippery floors are not your friend! Cow dung cleans off much easier on this tread, haha. Both are excellent, the thin ripple tread is just extremely comfortable for...
  28. Eduard_Venter

    30 caliber swift a frame bullet performance

    We shot this eland bull yesterday. The hunter used my 30-06 with 180gr A Frames at 2850fps. Perfect shot at roughly 200 yards resting over a dry branch. Both shoulders broken, top of the heart, bullet found under the skin on opposite side. This performance is predictable from these bullets.
  29. Warthog Trail Camera South Africa

    Warthog Trail Camera South Africa

  30. Eduard_Venter

    Been there, done that, got the nut sack...

    This thread reminds me of a photo one of my trail cameras took some time ago. Had a good chuckle back then.
  31. Eduard_Venter

    Power level..How do you ever rationalize going back down?

    Well today I stepped down again by using my 243 for some biltong... The silencer did its job and the results are evident, 2 shots 2 bucks 2 meters apart. Sometimes (not always) the smaller calibers is just more fun to shoot. And yes, that is a high fence. No, they are not caged in animals...
  32. Eduard_Venter

    30/30 gor Plains Game

    I have a PH buddy that shoots an open sighted Marlin 30/30 with Kriek 150gr monolithic softs. He has taken quite a few animals with it, kudu bull the biggest that I know of. No issues. By no means is it a perfect African cartridge but it's fun and that's enough reason for him. He obviously uses...
  33. Eduard_Venter

    223 In Africa

    A 223 will kill warthog, impala and blesbuck just fine with good bullets and shot placement, but it should definitely be considered marginal. While hunting for warthog your dream kudu bull shows up. If you had your 270 you'd be fine. Now you'll watch it walk away into the sunset. Personally I...
  34. Eduard_Venter

    Video DE KLERK SAFARIS Lioness hunt

    Great shooting with that Lott! Well done.
  35. Kudu Hunting Limpopo South Africa

    Kudu Hunting Limpopo South Africa

  36. Blue Wildebeest Hunting Limpopo South Africa

    Blue Wildebeest Hunting Limpopo South Africa

  37. Bushpig Hunting Limpopo South Africa

    Bushpig Hunting Limpopo South Africa

  38. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Hi Shootist. My every day rifle ("truck gun") is a Winchester mod 70 375H&H. It was always my trusty old CZ 243 but since I encounter buffalo daily now I upgraded. I shoot 300gr copper softs and brass solids from a local manufacturer (Kriek bullets) at 2500fps. QD scope mounts and iron sights...
  39. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Dankie oom! Thanks for the kind words. About time we have a beer together again! I still want to hear your lion story in person.
  40. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Dankie Deon!
  41. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Thank you Jeagger. Why have normal coffee when one can have cowboy coffee? I don't want to violate any of the groups advertising rules. I am not an outfitter, just a PH. I farm with cattle as well.
  42. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Thanks. I'm not as experienced as some of the guys here but we definitely have plenty adventures in this line of work. Still busy building up my DG experience.
  43. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Thank you all for the warm welcome
  44. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Hi Cal. Nope, no relation there. It's a pretty common last name in this region.
  45. Eduard_Venter

    Greetings from Limpopo

    Good day. I am a PH and farmer from Limpopo, SA. Stumbled across this forum and enjoyed the reading. Happy hunting to everyone!