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  1. IronRanger

    Botswana Cancellation Hunt

    Thanks for the photos. I didn't see..what's the cost for an observer? Still one more slot open for this hunt?
  2. IronRanger

    Mounts on the wall

    I'm awe struck... impressive layout of your trophys.
  3. IronRanger

    they are almost home

    Alot of truth above, or that's what I feel. Now I don't know, or feel my Taxidermist or my shipper are dumping on me, bit I can see the potential for abuse. We are planing on going back in 2025. maybe 2024. Might bring the lady's and see more of Africa then just hunting ground. But with the...
  4. IronRanger

    they are almost home

    We are using SBS LOGISTICS for shipping, I assume they are flying with Delta, don't know. I'm told rates have gone up again, 2400 final cost. Happy the crate is on its way, not happy about the cost/lack of control you have. Gotta trust the people you meet in RSA are making good decisions.
  5. IronRanger

    they are almost home

    Congrat on getting the walls painted...and the mounts so close! I'm about a month behind you, crates are sealed n waiting shipment to Chicago. Laura with Coppersmith is handling our two boxs of memories as well...shipping from CH to northern MN (Duluth). Hope our cost is close to yours.
  6. IronRanger

    SOUTH AFRICA: Great Biltong Hunt Rooiberg South Africa

    Filling the freezer it's always a good time, congratulations on successful hunt
  7. IronRanger

    Greeting from Virginia (U.S.) - NEW here..just joined

    Welcome to the group, looks like you will have alot to provide as well!
  8. IronRanger

    Hunting dogs

  9. IronRanger

    Hunting dogs

    The current main horse in my/our dog power hunts, Shal'gure. My second Brittany, and wow more go then I anticipated at my age n leg strength. MN opener 2022 in the photo. She's great with birds around, no so great with no birds near as she feels they must be jn the next section and heads that...
  10. IronRanger

    Hunting dogs

    Here is my old dog, Iron. This was most likely his last year hunting, 14 year old springer that still puts the kill on racoons (skunks n porcupine too) while mixing in finding upland birds. IA opener in this photo. He's hunted, MN, IA, SD, ND, MT. Very sick today, old, not long with us.
  11. IronRanger

    Safari frequency?

    I have dreamed of African hunting since my 20s, finally went in 2022, and planing to go back in 2025, at 55 years young. For me it's a question of free time and money. We are hoping to set up a trip every 3 years right now, would prefer every other. Currently, hunt year X, have trophys D&P...
  12. IronRanger

    I'm back from safari #1

    Excellent report, thanks for all the information.
  13. IronRanger

    I'm a new in here

  14. IronRanger

    Greetings from Florida

    Welcome, great forum with tons of advise
  15. IronRanger

    How far do you have to travel to even hunt?

    Out my kitchen door for whitetail, 30 min drive for grouse, 5+ hour drive for good phesant, 10+ for western big game.
  16. IronRanger

    Minneapolis to Africa?

    In July of 2022 we took MSP-ALT-JNB on Delta, the trip back was JNB-Paris-MSP on Air France. The next trip will be using AF both ways, better service. But if time is the issue, you can't beat the direct, 16 hour, flight ALT to JNB. If you go that rough pay for comfort +, main cabin was hard...
  17. IronRanger

    New from Wisconsin

    Welcome from a cross border hunter in MN, I hear you on the addiction, one trip to RSA and now want to see more every year!
  18. IronRanger

    Fines for illegal moose hunting

    Looks like your right, Red Lake ON, Canada is the location of the Lodge, with transportation done over the border into MN, USA. I read it at first it was Red Lake, MN was location of the hunting.
  19. IronRanger

    Fines for illegal moose hunting

    Alot to unpack in the above article, bit not enough legal detail to know all the facts. Interesting that it was a US service that issued the citation. Not the MN DNR. Moose hunting has been closed in MN proper since 2012, last I checked. That does not hold true for several of the Native...
  20. IronRanger

    Introduction of African Hunts & Safaris South Africa

    Excellent website, alot of info packed in there! And Welcome.
  21. IronRanger

    Sable Hunt With HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS US$3,000

    Looks like a great value, where are you located?
  22. IronRanger

    What are the toughest plains game animals??

    My personal experience would be waterbuck, but both I dealt with were very poor shot placement. Any wild animal will be hard recovery if given a non fatal hit. PH n what otherwise experience 1. Blue Wildebeest 2. Eland 3. Zebra
  23. IronRanger

    SOUTH AFRICA: Proper Buffalo Hunt With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS

    Thanks for sharing, great report n hunt, love the photos.
  24. IronRanger

    Hello from Zimbabwe

    Hello n Welcome from NE Minnesota. Love the name lol!
  25. IronRanger

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    about 12 F right now an early hard start to winter
  26. IronRanger

    Tipping Guide

    While i think this horse has been beaten alot, there are ALOT of new Safari hunters that use this site as a guide and this gray area should be talked/discussed to help them.
  27. IronRanger

    New from Wisconsin, USA

    Welcome from Duluth Mn... go purple!
  28. IronRanger

    New member Minnesota USA

    Welcome from another MN hunter. Just back from my first Safari. The preparation guide here is exellent source of information.
  29. IronRanger

    Tipping Guide

    I understand the guide line given at the start of the thread might have changed (10$/day for trackers) as inflation has hit. But is the tip to the PH 5 to 8% simethink that neefs to be adjusted? Seeing above 10% or more was a surprise?
  30. IronRanger

    SOUTH AFRICA: Sable South Africa Trip

    wow, he is crazy high lift on the horns
  31. IronRanger

    Hello and glad to join in here

    Welcome Grouse. I too joined this year and pulled the plug and visited Africa for the first but not last time. Why Safari you asked, for me it was the adventure, something so new and different.
  32. IronRanger

    United airlines no more

    So sorry to hear, bjt it seems this is the new norm. Good luck in getting to AF soon.
  33. IronRanger

    Hello from Oklahoma

    more info here then you could ask for, welcome to AH
  34. IronRanger

    Hello from Tennessee US

    Welcome to the AH. Returned a few weeks ago from first safari and can't stop thinking on the great experience.
  35. IronRanger

    SOUTH AFRICA: Second And So Far BEST Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Great read, excellent recovery from from the Delta issue at the start.
  36. IronRanger

    Actual Itemized Costs of Dipping, Packing, Shipping and Mounting three Trophies from Zimbabwe 2021

    Thanks to the info, back in USA a week today and starting the process of getting trophys home. Using coppersmith as a broker. Any tips to for a first timer on getting the parts back in country?
  37. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Eleven Extra day at Bushmans Lodge. Travel back to USA started the next day. We had a great hunt. Bennie Lategan, owner/PH of Lategan Safaris was an excellent host and guide, couldn't have asked for more. We used his 7x57 on everything, got better shooting it as the hunt went on...
  38. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Ten 15) Spotted a lot of Kudu over last 7 days, found this one with his girls doing sneak and peak's at the MT. High angle shot at 17?yds. 16) We first spotted this Red Hartebeest on day three, but he always gave us the slip. Found them bedded and rechewing breakfast. Took the shot as...
  39. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Nine Glassed for Kudu, walked behind Hartebeest most of the day.
  40. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Eight 13) Worked new ground, heavy with rock ridges overlooking the Orange River, spotted nice Mountain Reedbuck, ewe's ran he stayed to see what we were. Hardest shot of the trip, 193yds almost straight on. Down were he stood. 14) Eland is a huge animal, hard for them to hide.
  41. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Seven Basically rained out... who knew it rains hard most of the day in July, in RSA!
  42. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Six 12) We had been looking for Nyala in heavy low cover on mornings and evenings since day 2. Spotted this one early in the day. Almost ran to get into position, sun at our back, wind in our face, sticks go up, Nyala go's down at about 90yds.
  43. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Five The 'top' trophy is our target today. My brother and I wanted to share hunting Sable together. 10&11) Started hunting well after the sun was up, but the area was more rolling grasslands then anything. Spotted a herd of about 30 Sable by late morning, made several stocks and...
  44. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Four Shifted hunting to what we called 'The MT' 9) Spotted this Waterbuck at mid morning, took hours to sneak into range, shooting through a tight window in the brush, through a hole in the leaves at 163yds. Took a long time, felt good (he was bedded) took the shot. He got up and ran...
  45. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Three Shifted to a new location, we called it the sheep farm, a hilly area with little cover to us as we hunted. 8) Managed to get close to this Blue Wildebeest by peak and sneak over hill creasts, 169yds shot, took extras to bring him down.
  46. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day Two Figured out the pattern, up and breakfast before the sun, out the gate as the sky turns red, lunch at noon, fire after dark, dinner after the fire, lots of story's as you go; and trips to the skinning shed if your lucky. 4) A fun Impala stock early in the morning, sub 90yds shot after...
  47. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Day One. 1) Springbuck seen just after sunrise, good stock taken at 110yds. Great start. 2&3) Black Wildebeest stocked several times before getting a shot, first one taken 164yds, herd ran in circles, second one finished at 220yds going away. Double with one rifle.
  48. IronRanger

    Our United Airlines experience. Plus more

    returning today from trip to RSA, 3 hours from my own bed. we flew Delta there, klm/delta back. minor issues bit nothing like above talked about next trip, more then likely not flying delta again, unreliable
  49. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Trip almost over, 11th full day in RSA, been an experience. I'll post more but getting or photos done now.
  50. IronRanger

    Opening steps on first trip

    Wheels hitting tar in 5, arriving in RSA mid day the 18th, at our outfitter, Latagens, on the 19th. Gotta thank everyone for the wealth of info that helped start this adventure.