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  1. Desperatezulu

    Video BASA (Big Bore Association of South Africa) shooting day 20 May 2023

    Nice video! Well done! I need to get off my @ss and participate one of these days... in my defence, I was at a shooting range on Sunday. :giggle:
  2. Desperatezulu

    Anti Malaria before Zimbabwe in June?

    You missed @Dewald 's post then. His local hospital probably sees more malaria cases than any other hospital in SA - if not the most, then it's right up there.
  3. Desperatezulu

    NAMIBIA: Leopard Hunt With Nick Nolte Hunting Safaris

    Congrats on some great animals, and than you for taking the time to share!
  4. Desperatezulu

    Trip Advice

    Agree with the above - if tiger-fishing is important, then you're quite limited to hunting in proximity to a water body containing tigers, particularly with a 5 day duration. Not sure where Kevin gets the timing/dates from as I see no mention of dates? Sept/Oct is a decent overlap between late...
  5. Desperatezulu

    .333 Jeffery reloading data

    Fill to mouth of the empty fired case if you wish to use the case capacity data for QL, GRT etc.
  6. Desperatezulu

    Reloading Components Question

    Some good advice above. Short of employing a pressure strain gauge, none of us knows exactly what the pressure is of our reloads. Nobody wants to blows themselves up unwittingly. Therefore the best measure of pressure short of actually measuring pressure is muzzle velocity. In other words a...
  7. Desperatezulu

    Rifle for my daughter

    Is a suppressor/silencer an option? If so, that's first prize on something using <50gr of powder (i.e. 308 case size and down) Suppressor lets you use normal loads with much reduced recoil and noise. (I am bemused at all the suggestions of reduced loads here....for a newbie shooter that...
  8. Desperatezulu

    Explaining hunting in africa

    As a (South) African living and hunting in Africa, we also get the 'anti' acquaintances. I always try to engage politely. I have a 2 part spiel... Part 1: While wild animals do die in the hunting process, my own focus is primarily meat harvesting (culling surprlus animals that are usually old...
  9. Desperatezulu

    SOUTH AFRICA: Bos en Dal SAFARIS April 12-24, 2023

    They look like a mix of Cape Turtle doves (aka RIng neck) and Laughing Doves (smaller pinkish ones) Rock pigeons are a fair bit bigger, faster and much more difficult to hit!
  10. Desperatezulu

    Westley Richards 500 NE Double Rifle For Sale...I Am The Toby Of!

    Fantastic rifle!! I see the certificate refers to 1903 manufacture. Not that it's particularly relevant.
  11. Desperatezulu

    Learner Professional Hunter fund

    I hear you that the average starter DG gun for these PH's is junk. That doesn't disqualify a better quality bolt gun as being a step up that achieves adequacy. I still think a double is pushing it (makes me think of Marie Antoinette's alleged quote of "Let them eat cake") and it's less optimal...
  12. Desperatezulu

    THOR is about done! (.600 Overkill)

    I bet that draws an audience at the range:sneaky:
  13. Desperatezulu

    Learner Professional Hunter fund

    Hi Kevin, Nice idea and thought process. I do differ from you on the appropriate first DG rifle. I agree that from an ammo cost and availability aspect, a the 375 H&H makes most sense. But buying one in a double makes very little... The appy PH will be tasked with shooting camp meat and bait...
  14. Desperatezulu

    First episode of Al Jazeera undercover report on money laundering and gold smuggling in Zimbabwe

    When more food is found in the trough, all the piggies quickly force their way in to get their share
  15. Desperatezulu

    When stepping up from a .416, which direction to go?

    While a .458 cal in whatever flavour you prefer is the next logical step up from 416 (with lots of component availability etc), I also stand in the .505/.510 camp. 500 Jeff or 505 Gibbs in a bolt gun or 500 NE in a double. If you need bigger than 416 then you need it to be quite a bit bigger!
  16. Desperatezulu

    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    Go for it! The 7mm works just fine on PG with appropriate bullets and ranges!
  17. Desperatezulu

    How are lechwe and waterbuck able to survive in semi-arid environments?

    They need water supplies and some food and they can make do The Northern Kalahari was 'settled' by the apartheid government to form a buffer against any potential invasion from the north (Russian/Cuban etc plus the ANC and its friends) in the 60s and 70s. The primary input needed was access to...
  18. Desperatezulu

    I need help..

    Search the forum and you'll come up with lots of references - both highly regarded and you won't go wrong with either. Adding my 2 SA cents - while I hear you on your reservations about SA hunting and the image of high fenced, 'artificial' hunting I do think it's a serious consideration for the...
  19. Desperatezulu

    Long trousers?

    I think I bought it at Outdoor Warehouse. Pretty sure Safari & Outdoor will carry it. Cape Union Mart would likely have it too.
  20. Desperatezulu

    Long trousers?

    Kevin, you can buy Bayticol in SA - looking it up, I see its active ingredient is "flumethrin", which is from the same family of compounds as permethrin. It's an aerosol that you can spray your socks, gaiters and lower trouser legs with. I've found it to work well in SA - I've never tried...
  21. Desperatezulu

    Shot distance

    Sadly A-Frames max out at 200gr in 30 cal. Only 'proper' hunting bullet in 220 gr I know of is the Partition. At 2600 f/s out of my 300H&H I've had only positive experiences with them - they're my first choice kudu combo. For eland the 200gr A-Frame would be my no.1, with 200gr Barnes TSX close...
  22. Desperatezulu

    100% Success Rate?

  23. Desperatezulu

    100% Success Rate?

    100% success is largely a marketing gimmick for me - no outfitter/PH can account for the fitness and marksmanship of his hunter, even if he could ensure 100% certainty of shot presentation of whatever species. If we further complicate the picture with trophy aspirations of the hunter, then 100%...
  24. Desperatezulu

    Shot distance

    Don't underestimate or ignore this advice, especially with a speedy calibre like a 300WM. For Limpopo ranges, you can use bullets as heavy as you like in the WM - 200-220gr would be ideal, doing 2600-2750f/s max at the muzzle. Anything going at 3000+ f/s is just tempting bullet failure at close...
  25. Desperatezulu

    UK hunter heading to Cape Town in November

    Hi Jack, and welcome - unfortunately, while Cape Town has many touristic merits, hunting opportunities are not really among them. There is a bit of wingshooting that takes place there but November is out of season and far from ideal timing. For furred game, my feeling is that you would need to...
  26. Desperatezulu


    Glad you made it with your sanity and gear intact - it was a close run thing for a while! Hope things continue to go smoothly here in SA :giggle:
  27. Desperatezulu

    on a lighter note...

    With the endemic corruption in SA government departments, the standing joke is that people either just buy driving licences (not sure if this is really possible/true) or bribe the testing official (much more likely). Ergo, there are some grossly unqualified drivers on SA roads - I have my...
  28. Desperatezulu

    My Second Man Eating Royal Bengal Tiger

    Great story! And please write/publish all of them! Not only do you have an appreciative audience here, but you are also recording your invaluable memories and experiences for posterity.
  29. Desperatezulu


    Yessir - I'm using Sako brass currently, which have an ave H2O capacity of 76.2gr. I trim to 61.8mm if that's of relevance. I have Norma too but haven't measured them. Figured I'd stick with Sako until they are retired and then do load development with the Normas.
  30. Desperatezulu

    Headed back to South Africa for another great Safari 2023

    This is true. Completely non-regulated item here, available over the counter. Prices range from $200-450 depending on materials of construction, design etc.
  31. Desperatezulu

    Shot distance

    Very doable, especially if you're prepared to work hard stalking and you're happy to take any representative animal that presents an acceptable shot, rather than holding out for maximum inches..
  32. Desperatezulu

    Shot distance

    Obviously depends on the specific terrain that you're hunting but Limpopo is generally characterised as bushveld (short range shots likely). The exceptions to this would in mountainous areas like the Waterberg where you might have a longer (>200m) shot at something like kudu. But closer shots...
  33. Desperatezulu


    Sorry for your trials and tribulations and aggravations - at least you'll be acclimatized ready for African bureaucracy when you land. Hope you get going soon! Safe travels!
  34. Desperatezulu


    That there is a dream double, calibre and all!!! I hope you've bought this by now!!! I doubt you will ever find a more desirable big bore double and they're not going to get cheaper. The only negative of buying this rifle now is that any future gun purchases are going to be unsatisfactory...
  35. Desperatezulu

    375 Flanged Magnum

    How did it go?
  36. Desperatezulu

    375 Flanged Magnum

    The default capacity or volume of the H&H Mag case is actually slightly smaller than the Mag Flanged - the big difference is in the CIP max pressure. The H&H Mag is 62,000 psi (which is surprisingly high for a cartridge of its vintage) and the Mag Flanged Pmax is only 47,000 psi. Nope, a...
  37. Desperatezulu

    375 Flanged Magnum

    Perhaps some useful info here: From Norma I see MRP powder also has quite a low burnt propellant percentage in the Fl Mag so maybe my concern is misplaced. I have a lot of faith in Norma's info as a general rule.
  38. Desperatezulu

    375 Flanged Magnum

    Hi Kevin, I ran it through GRT and got a somewhat different answer to Frog Stealer. I note that he's used a 26" barrel. The key parameter in these simulations is having a precise case capacity -> GRT default is 94.4gr H2O. To be on the safe side, I would advise measuring the H2O capacity of a...
  39. Desperatezulu

    243 WSSM

    Given that the 243 WSSM is very fast, I would be looking for 100gr premium bullet. The only one that really comes to mind is the Norma Oryx which is a great bullet but is a flat base (if that is important to you). Bullet choice might be influenced by likely hunting distances. A mono bullet like...
  40. Desperatezulu

    Not looking good for uk gun owners....

    The police didn't do their job properly, so now the laws need to be changed? :Facepalm: Sadly that song has been top of the charts in South Africa for many years too.
  41. Desperatezulu

    Not looking good for uk gun owners....

    Shotgun licensing is treated very differently to rifle/'firearm' licensing in the UK
  42. Desperatezulu

    Your endorsement for a limited edition of Ruger Rifles

    Why Ruger? I'm a bit lost on the relevance/significance of Ruger here?
  43. Desperatezulu

    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    Sports/golf parlance - for a missed shot where the only thing hit is fresh air. In American it's probably a whiff... which means something else in English :ROFLMAO:
  44. Desperatezulu

    Bullet Choice for Niederwild and Hochwild on the same hunt...

    Keep it simple, especially if hunting in the dark and mixing up ammo is a risk. One load, one trajectory to worry about. I get the impression that shots will likely all be at close range, so bullet drop probably isn't a major concern. Monos will work fine but a 180gr in your 30-06 would be...
  45. Desperatezulu

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo, Sable & More With Chris Troskie Safaris

    Excellent post - thank you for sharing!
  46. Desperatezulu

    Kid rifle for South Africa plains game hunt

    Add a suppressor if possible. Less recoil is always a good thing. As has been stated, the 7-08 with appropriate bullet will be up to the job for 99% of PG. My initial reaction was to suggest a 6x45 shooting 100gr bullet at 2400 until I saw that a 7-08 is an option. My daughters shoot happily...