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    New old guy from the Rockies

    Welcome to AH!
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    FNG from Texas

    Welcome to AH!
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    New guy from Florida

    Welcome to AH!
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    New Aus Member

    Welcome to AH!
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    New Member from North Carolina

    Welcome to AH!
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    Nice site

    Welcome to AH!
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    New From Colorado

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hello from Spain!

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member Houston

    Welcome to AH!
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    Introduction of African Hunts & Safaris South Africa

    Welcome to AH, thanks for being a sponsor!
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    Introducing Kou Kuas Adventure Safaris- Dangerous Game Outfitter in Namibia

    Welcome to AH, thanks for being a sponsor!
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    New Member From Wyoming

    Welcome to AH!
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    Fairly new member

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member from South Africa

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    New Member from San Antonio, Texas

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    Welcome to AH!
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    New Member Western Cape South Africa

    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from Utah

    Welcome to AH, the Limpopo Province has great hunting!
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    New Member from Wyoming

    Welcome to AH! Wyoming has great hunting.
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    Another new member from Wyoming

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member Western Australia

    Welcome to AH!
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    Newcomer Report

    Welcome to AH!
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    First trip, but not the last.....

    Welcome to AH, some beautiful animals and memories!
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    Going Back To Zimbabwe In 2023!

    Congrats, it sounds like an excellent adventure!
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    Rare Gun Collector Sometimes a Seller

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member from Kentucky

    Welcome to AH!
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    Opportunity has knocked/ an offer not to be refused

    Congratulations sounds like fun and challenging hunt!
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome to AH, great choice on the .375 H&H.
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    Calibers for leopard

    I used a 7 mm Rem Mag and 160 grain Swift A but still the leopard ran 100 yards and was dead on his feet. Leopards that have been eating cattle and wired hard to escape. Accuracy is paramount but so is having enough gun. If you are confident with your .338 Win Mag or 375 H&H go ahead but I think...
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    Winchester XPR's in 338 Win Mag?

    I think the price is okay, a .338 Win Mag will give a lot of recoil. It’s not a caliber in my mind for every day shooting. Great for eland, bear hunting in Alaska etc. but I have seen elk and smaller size game fall very fast to well placed 7mm Rem Mag. or similar sized round.
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    New member Minnesota USA

    Welcome to AH!
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    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from Ruaha Tanzania

    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from Oklahoma

    Welcome to AH, Mike!
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    Welcome to AH!
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    New member from NC

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member

    Welcome to AH!
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    New guy

    Welcome to AH, 10/22 was one of my favorite Ruger guns!
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    New from Minnesota

    Welcome to AH, nice trophies! Love the civet cat.
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    New Member from Zimbabwe

    Welcome to AH!
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    New from PA

    Welcome to AH!
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    Redo introduction

    Welcome to AH!
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    New Member From California

    Welcome to AH, nice Cape buffalo!
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    Hello from Memphis, TN

    Welcome to AH!
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    Wart Hog hunt

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member long island new york

    Welcome to AH!
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    New Member from Haymarket, VA

    Welcome to AH, Bob!