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  1. yhc

    Lightweight leather glove help

    You might want to check out Outdoor Research Tactical series gloves. I have been using them and they hold up great. OR tactical gloves
  2. yhc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Finally Found The Buffalo I Wanted

    That’s one spectacular buff!! Congratulations. Looking forward to your full report on the hunt.
  3. yhc

    Memorial Day Thanks

    We remember our fallen comrades….
  4. yhc

    Shipping US Trophies from USA to Africa

    You might want to reach out to Knight’s Taxidermy. I am quite sure Russell can either handle the exporting process or point you towards the right direction. Knight’s Taxidermy Alternatively you could contact either Coppersmith (Seattle office) or Trophy Shippers. Also this is just for your...
  5. yhc

    Greetings from Alaska

    Welcome aboard @NorthernKel
  6. yhc

    Ordered a Rigby Big Game DSB in 450

    @Aussie_Hunter, you have been bitten by Rigby bug HARD!!!! A new HS and now a Big Game within just a few months!! Way to go. Congrats!!!
  7. yhc

    Show Us Your Highland Stalker

    A bit late to the party…. Here is a few pictures of my HS. Both 275 Rigby and 7x57 are engraved on.
  8. yhc

    Finally got a Highland Stalker!

    So is that yours Kevin or are you considering it? Also how is it different than other HS other than the extras like the case, etc?
  9. yhc

    Anti Malaria before Zimbabwe in June?

    I would refer to CDC travel guidelines. CDC guidelines for malaria in Zim Travel health guidelines
  10. yhc

    Greetings from So Cal

    Welcome aboard!!
  11. yhc

    Starting to look for my first Double for Buffalo and need some advice from folks smarter than me...

    Good evening and welcome aboard JT. Whereabouts in Alaska are you located?
  12. yhc

    Prayer Request

    Praying for your health and a speedy recovery.
  13. yhc

    Best precision rifle suggestions?

    If you’re able to go a bit north of $2000 budget and don’t mind a second hand rifle I would add NULA (new ultra light arms) or ULA to your search list. pictured below is a 6.5CM My 6.5 CM and 30.06 are both very light but their felt recoil, at least to me, is very manageable.
  14. yhc

    2 lion mounts, looking for advice?

    Man of few words.... BTW Welcome aboard @stiffler4569!!
  15. yhc

    Courteney boots - USA source other than ASC?

    Here is the link to WR Courtney boots page. Westley Richards
  16. yhc

    Great Hunt Offer Available For Zimbabwe 2023

    Just for my reference, would you kindly verify whether the elephants in these pictures are in the 30 lbs range or much larger? Thanks.
  17. Pheasant Hunting

    Pheasant Hunting

    Hunting Dog
  18. yhc

    Verney Carron Double Rifles

    I have a VC Imperial RB in 450NE and am quite pleased with it. The fit and finish are great and it locks up tight. To top it off it’s quite accurate as well. i think I have posted these pictures previously on another thread but here they are.
  19. yhc

    Hunting dogs

    Here is my best hunting buddy who turned 14 years old today. She has long been retired from chasing birds but she still gets excited to go in the fields. During her prime years. Had her images engraved on my shotgun receiver to remember her.
  20. yhc

    Hunting trucks

    I have been driving Ford Super Duty trucks since 2004. I use it to get to my hunting/fishing areas then use ATVs or rafts to get to where I need to go. The white 2004 F-250 w/ 6.0 in the picture gave up its ghost a couple years ago. So now I have a 2020 F-350 w/ 6.7 that I drive daily.
  21. yhc

    Sako Kodiak 375 H&H For Sale

    Thanks for the reply Charlie. I was hoping to check out the rifle in person if the rifle was in Anchorage area. From @SDPlinker’s post I thought the rifle was in Alaska.
  22. yhc

    Sako Kodiak 375 H&H For Sale

    Charlie and/or Andy, whereabouts are you located in Alaska?
  23. yhc

    Westley Richards 500 NE Double Rifle For Sale...I Am The Toby Of!

    Congratulations Toby…I mean Rare Breed. And a hearty congratulations to the buyer. Enjoy the beautiful DR in good health!!
  24. yhc

    Looking for my first "affordable" double in 2023, which to consider

    I strongly recommend contacting Ralf Martini, specially since you are in Canada.
  25. yhc

    Scope ring options for Rigby Highland Stalker in 275 Rigby

    It definitely is more involved than installing some other scope mounts but definitely doable. I found the following information from EAW very helpful when I worked on my EAW ring mount. EAW scope mount instruction (actual mounting instruction starts from page 37) "Adhesive is recommended for...
  26. yhc

    Scope ring options for Rigby Highland Stalker in 275 Rigby

    TALEXA3, I ended up getting an EAW ring mounts for my Rigby Highland Stalker. I am quite pleased with it. The bases are only about 5 mm in height thus they don’t interfere with using iron sight once you take the scope off. Regards,
  27. yhc

    ZIMBABWE: March 2023 Amadundamela Forest Reserve Management Elephant Bull Hunt With CMS Safaris

    Wow…that’s what memories are made of!!! I bet you and your wife won’t forget the hunt for the rest of your lives!! Again congratulations.
  28. yhc

    Talk me into Blaser R8

    Good morning Shifty. I have been shooting my R8 rifles with various caliber for several years now. I don’t have high round counts for each bbl but I find them to be accurate today as they were first purchased. I think your choice of caliber is excellent. However they have the tendency of...
  29. yhc

    Bull Elephant Hunt In Zimbabwe 2023

    Congrats and good luck with the hunt Toby. Will you be making a replica set of the tusks? What becomes of the ivory tusks since you can bring them to the US? BTW will we be seeing more of your famous kitchen island pictures so you can fund this additional trophy fee? Regards,
  30. yhc

    My first double rifle

    Very nice. Glad you found a great deal on a Heym!! Did you refinish the stock as well? It looks much better than in the previous pictures.
  31. yhc

    my 1903 Rigby .275

  32. yhc

    It took me a while, but I finally finished it!

    Well done @jduckhunter!! So what’s going to be the next “slam” you will pursue?!
  33. yhc

    Bolt Guns finally ready to go for a walk

    Very nice collection!! Just curious as to which scope and ring combinations you are planning to put on these rifles.
  34. yhc

    Heym Express Rifle Which Calibre?

    I have a Heym Express in 375 H&H and like it a lot. Not sure how it would be for Australia but for North America, 375 H&H would be more versatile in my opinion. Having said that, if I were to get a 416 Rigby, I would rather get it in a Rigby Big Game rifle.
  35. yhc

    My DSC notes from today

    Wait…does it have running water and flushing toilet too? That is a fortress rather than a “hunting blind”!!
  36. yhc

    I have a good friend

    Bob, you literally made me LOL!! @Wyatt Smith, if you find a very loving, understanding and supportive wife, you will be fine.
  37. yhc

    7 Day Dream Buffalo Hunt South Africa All Inclusive

    Would you provide more information on what kind of trophy quality buffalo to expect and size/terrain of hunting grounds? Thanks.
  38. yhc

    Trophy Shippers offline?

    Coppersmith has several regional offices and my limited experience with Coppersmith is only with their Seattle office. The POC at the office seemed less than enthused in handling my friends’ and my crates. When my crate was “accidentally” sent to Montana it took more than a week and a few...
  39. yhc

    Y'all have wonderful holiday season!

    Have a blessed Christmas everyone!!
  40. yhc

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    That’s a great looking set of R8. Even though I already have R8s, I was quite tempted with this one. Enjoy the beautiful rifle and have a blessed Christmas.
  41. yhc

    Prayers for Mark

    Lifting you up in a prayer @Mark Biggerstaff
  42. yhc

    Rangefinder Recommendations

    If you’re open to getting a used rangefinder, you might consider a Leica.
  43. yhc

    Early Christmas

    That’s a great looking “family tree” indeed. Congrats and have a blessed Christmas!!
  44. yhc

    AUSTRALIA: Buffalo Hunt 2022

    They look great @Aussie_Hunter. Congrats once again.
  45. yhc

    Buying guns in Canada, and transferring them to the U.S.?

    I have used Borderview to import firearms from Canada to the US. Quite painless…just takes time and money. Borderview
  46. yhc

    My path to a Blaser R8

    Well that was one heck of a long and winding path!! Congratulations @meigsbucks Shoot straight in good health for many years to come.
  47. yhc

    In memoriam - "Deadeye" has fired his last shot

    My condolences and prayers for you and your family during these difficult times.