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    Fair Chase Reserve Buffalo Hunt On 44,500 Acres

    No guarantees, I’ve got a plan…extra $100 USD for scout that finds the oldest busted up bull on the place and I bag it! if that plan falls through, just want to wear out a pair of boots in a week!
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    Hunting With Spear Safaris Your One Stop Safari Destination In Africa

    Cameroon Feb 2024 can’t get here soon enough!
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    Fair Chase Reserve Buffalo Hunt On 44,500 Acres

    Just over a month away and will have feet on the ground looking for a Dugga Boy!
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    CHAD: Western Greater Kudu & Red Fronted Gazelle Club Faune & ACN

    What a great Safari and in Chad! Appreciate you taking the time to take us along with you and the Warthog is fantastic!
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    4457 Process?

    Will be flying out of PNS again on 13 June to JNB. 4457s signed off this morning by PNS CBP, never an issue with those guys. (y)
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    4457 Process?

    The new 4457 has a field labeled "Number" just above the "Name of Owner" field, what needs to go in the "number" field, if anything? I did a quick google search but came up empty.
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    ZIMBABWE: March 2023 Amadundamela Forest Reserve Management Elephant Bull Hunt With CMS Safaris

    Dangerous game…well done! Good to have you here to tell the story (and no one in the hunting party was injured).
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    Greetings AH Community - We've got lots of new hard to find Dangerous Game brass in stock

    Just placed an order for some 223 Norma brass!
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    I've got wood!

    Hope to have a pic with it resting atop a hard bossed buffalo by 23 June!
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    .416 Ruger ammo recomendation

    Load up or have someone like Hendershots load some 350 gr TSX and 350gr Barnes Banded Solids (older flat point design), they are devastating on buffalo at 2550 fps. You can send the components to them and they will load ammo for you (or so I've been told). I may be able to spare some of the...
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    I've got wood!

    I really like the old timer, well done! I may just take the blade you gave away at your AH dinner to Africa in June :)
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    Fair Chase Reserve Buffalo Hunt On 44,500 Acres

    Bar is set Dempsey, nothing less in June!
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    Well done to both the hunter and PH! Great buff and gorgeous stock on that Winchester!
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    Elephant Tusk Replicas - your experience?

    Since you are hunting in Zim, this may be an option if you can supply the tusks to make the molds, see link below.
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & Plains Game with Nyamazana Safaris

    Thank you and haven't looked into importing the tusks.
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    Reproduction Elephant Tusks

    The fiberglass is definitely heavier than foam but I don't think they weighed 52lbs each as the real tusks weighed. I didn't weigh the reproductions but I look at those tusks every single day I'm in the house!
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    Spear Safaris 2022 News flash

    Looks like a great year, congratulations! Will stop by your booth in Dallas, want to chat with you about the possibilities of a free range Roan.
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    Cape Buffalo Hunt with Marromeu Safaris in Mozambique's Coutada 10

    Thank you for sharing and what a great adventure, awesome animals! What did the waterbuck measure?
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    Reproduction Elephant Tusks

    No, I shipped everything else back to the States, just dip & pack using Andy Hunter in Harare, I highly recommend him. He was a big help with my Leopard import paperwork and only charged ~ $500 for a crate vs the extortion fees paid in South Africa.
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    Reproduction Elephant Tusks

    TCI in Bulawayo did the replicas, not sure why I initially capitalized “taxidermy studios”.
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    Lion trophy importation?

    Another example of elephant tusk reproductions, no input on lion importation:
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    Free Booze and Food! January 5th, 2023

    Wife and I just booked the Canvas hotel near downtown, sounds like a good time! Also looking to share an Uber / Lyft to @mdwest Edge
  23. Buffalo Hunting Mozambique

    Buffalo Hunting Mozambique

  24. Buffalo Hunting Mozambique

    Buffalo Hunting Mozambique

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    What is a "perfect" buffalo hunt?

    Wild area with naturally occurring buffalo, throw in natural predators who are also hunting (lions), picking up dugga boy tracks at first light and track them for as many miles as it takes and finding an old dugga boy at the end of the trail… Just a few weeks ago, 16 Sept 2022, Mozambique. 8.5...
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    Layover in Atlanta question

    Just went through a similar layover time on 24 September, no issues and had enough time for a quick lunch before catching the connecting flight.
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    ZIMBABWE: The Dogs Of Night - Hunting Hyena In The Omay

    Congratulations on the Hyena!
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & Plains Game with Nyamazana Safaris

    Mounts delivered a few days ago, extremely pleased! The new resting places:
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    SOUTH AFRICA: June 2022 Hunt With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Congratulations on a great hunt. My first Safari in 2017 was with KMG! Understand the feeling midway through that first Safari of planning a return, headed back to Africa in a few days for what will be the 5th trip!
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & Plains Game with Nyamazana Safaris

    I wrote up a separate post on the reproduction tusks and bases:
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    Pelican case foam

    Just bought some from Foam Factory for my pelican, many options to choose from and they will cut to size. Much cheaper than Amazon or other sellers. $47 for two 2 inch sheets of “firm” including shipping.
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    ZIMBABWE: Off To Zimbabwe With AH Friends

    Looking forward to the hunt reports!
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & Plains Game with Nyamazana Safaris

    Hopefully have some pics up before I leave for South Africa & Mozambique!
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & Plains Game with Nyamazana Safaris

    Some finished pictures from the taxidermist of the “cats”, delivery planned for early next week! The milky eye on the male Civet was how we wanted it done as he was blind in that eye. Looking forward to the delivery!
  35. Edge

    SPAIN: Ibex, Mouflon & Stag With Adictosacazar

    Taxidermy was delivered a few weeks ago: And on the wall (minus the smaller Red Stag: