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  1. Mark A Ouellette

    Holland & Holland double face after little use..?

    For what is worth, here are a couple photos of my three newer doubles during a load development test.
  2. Mark A Ouellette

    Holland & Holland double face after little use..?

    HH, Sorry but I have no idea. Since I load all my ammo and track every practice shot with Lab Radars, I don't worry about that. My Heym regulates with 500 grain Cutting Edge solids and 470 gr Grand Safari Raptors at 2130 to 2140 fps. Other bullets in that weight range regulate close to the...
  3. Mark A Ouellette

    Holland & Holland double face after little use..?

    I currently own four German doubles to include: Heym 88 in 458 Win Kreighoff Classic in 500/416 Merkel 140AE in 375 H&H Blaser S2 in 375 H&H Please don't ask why, these things just follow me home. Of these rifles, the Heym handles the best. Movement of Inertia is easiest with the Heym. The...
  4. Mark A Ouellette

    Holland & Holland double face after little use..?

    I wish to report that I have almost 500 documented shots and two safaris over the past three years with my trusty Heym 88 in 458 Winchester. I think that's probably more than most doubles are ever shot! I am very familiar with break action shotguns and rifles and can assure all that my Heym is...
  5. Mark A Ouellette

    Desirable Powders For 300 Grain Swift A-frames, For .375 H&H Magnum?

    I have a bunch of H4350 and used that for my South Africa hunt last October. My rifle shot Barnes 300 gr TSX, factory seconds 285 gr Grand Slams, and Cutting Edge 270 gr Safari Raptors smaller than MOA. Their points of impact were also each very close to the other loads. I stuck a square...
  6. Mark A Ouellette


    I will weigh in on this religion in Zambia religion question based on information that my Zambian born wife is telling me as I write. “Gather your intelligence locally.” Muslins in Zambia The Muslins in Zambia are primarily eastern Indians who are descendants of British Citizen Indians. There...
  7. Mark A Ouellette

    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    Thanks for the heads up but AH sponsor @RAVEN ROCKS PRECISION offers an everyday better deal: at $70 with free shipping for orders or $150 or more!
  8. Mark A Ouellette


    I look forward to watching Trump attack Elon Musk. That would be entertaining at least.
  9. Mark A Ouellette

    Prayer Request

    Brother in Arms @ArmyAV8tor , Fair winds and following seas through your surgery and recovery. Try not to "pinch" any nurses... :)
  10. Mark A Ouellette

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Okay guys and gals, here's a lesson in Supply and Demand... A month or so ago I posted up a nearly new Winchester M70 Classic (CRF) in .416 Remington for something like $1725. It was available from a local Michigan shop which would ship it. I should have bought it myself but I have four...
  11. Mark A Ouellette

    Extra Ammo?

    I've been in SA twice and hade great Verizon service in Limpopo and Kalahari. I also used a local $5 SIM card in ZIM and had good service. What's App uses my cell number and works with any WI FI. Sorry your experience wasn't as good.
  12. Mark A Ouellette

    Extra Ammo?

    For my South Africa hunting trip during October 2022, I put Apple Air tags in every piece of luggage including my plastic ammo box. Their location showed on my wife’s Apple phone (I’m still a Droid) in real time. If my ammo would not have arrived it would have been very easy to show the airlines...
  13. Mark A Ouellette

    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    What I concluded from this tasteless, tacky, and unprofessional video is that: 1. The old man with the crossbow is a gosh darn jackaxx and fool all in one. 2. Retirement Outdoors is on my permanent Shxtlist! 3. Discount African Hunt is also on my permanent Shxtlist! 4. The old man with the...
  14. Mark A Ouellette

    Best 375 H&H factory ammunition for thin skinned game?

    With the 375 H&H's 4,000 foot pounds of energy, just about anything will kill thin skinned game. On my recent trip to South Africa, I shot game from monkeys and a baboon to a buffalo with a 375 H&H. For bullets I used: 300 gr Barnes TSX for buffalo 275 gr Cutting Edge Safari Raptor for a...
  15. Mark A Ouellette

    500 Nitro Express Pistol

    I think I watched two videos by Kentucky Ballistics and concluded he/they are clearly attention seeking persons acting like idiots on YouTube for Likes and monetized videos. I REFUSE to contribute to any idiot's need for attention and them receiving monetary compensation.
  16. Mark A Ouellette

    Wanted CZ 550 Chambered In 416 Rigby

    Definitely not for one with the factory fancy American stock. An "as new" or 95% plain American stock CZ 550 in 416 or 458 will fetch $2500. The bigger bores will cost even more. A 550 in 375 H&H will cost a little less. Supply and demand. Until their is an new offering in a comparable...
  17. Mark A Ouellette

    Best Grade Heym 470NE Double Rifle Package

    OMG! It there is such a thing as a Trophy Gun (like trophy wife without continual payments...), this is it! And it's a Heym!
  18. Mark A Ouellette

    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    Hmmm, with a chef as good as Mr. Kharen of Tally Ho, all native African meat is great! I loved zebra. My first giraffe was maybe even better! My wife, a native Zambian, wanted to eat a guinea fowl. I borrowed a two-two from Stuart and promptly provided a couple birds to the house girl...
  19. Mark A Ouellette

    Mounting a red dot/RMR on a new Chapuis Elan-anyone done it?

    This article covers a lot on RMR style optics on doubles. I am not familiar with the rib of the Chapuis Elan but the information presented should give you good ideas.
  20. Mark A Ouellette

    Opinions on the real big boys? 500J, 505 Gibbs, .500 NE, 577NE, 600NE, 700NE etc.

    Thanks @Red Leg Once again you diplomatically stated my “WTF thoughts”. I admit I couldn’t find the words so that I would not be rude to the OP. Thanks Red Leg! Here’s another factor in big Johnson, oops I mean big bore lust. What is the intended purpose? If that is to “own” a .500 caliber...
  21. Mark A Ouellette

    Looking for advice, what are the best outfitters in the eastern cape?

    @ForestryAid you are a wise man! Not only in winning the hand of your bride but in "gathering your intelligence locally". That is, asking for opinions of those who have paid good money for the pleasure, or displeasure, of hunting with an outfitter in your selected area. Of course, one should...
  22. Mark A Ouellette

    Did I do well?

    We’ve had some threads from new members who “won” a safari at a SCI, DSC or so on auction. While there are some great auction buys such as donated hunts from the Duckworth family of Mokore Safaris which lists there to and from the airport, and trophy fees. The Duckworths are the exception to the...
  23. Mark A Ouellette

    Forget Cape Buffalo when we have these monsters at home

    If anyone in or near Michigan wants to shoot a bison for approximately 300 pounds of butchered meat, there is an SCI Lansing Area Chapter auction for one today, 2 April 2022 ! The donation is from Roger Froling in Ionia, MI. This is where I shot a bison last year. They use an Amish butcher who...
  24. Mark A Ouellette

    Forget Cape Buffalo when we have these monsters at home

    I bought a bison from Froling Farms in Michigan for its meat. My wife joined me for my bison shoot of a three year old steer. It was a shoot, not a hunt at all... For this I used my trusty Jim Kobe built Pre 64 M70 in 375 H&H. A 300 gr TSX through the brain, then the lungs, and ending...
  25. Mark A Ouellette


    I vote for China!
  26. Mark A Ouellette

    1911 .22 Conversion German Sporting Guns

    To the top A nice .22 conversion kit that fits any 1911 pistol.
  27. Mark A Ouellette

    9.3 x 74R Reloading Package: Dies, Shell Holder, Brass & Bullets

    To the top Who needs some 9.3 x 74R dies, brass, and bullets?
  28. Mark A Ouellette


    “In nature the sheep, real sheep, are born as sheep. Sheepdogs are born that way, and so are wolves. They didn’t have a choice. But you are not a critter. As a human being, you can be whatever you want to be. It is a conscious, moral decision. If you want to be a sheep, then you can be a sheep...
  29. Mark A Ouellette

    Dealing with wounded Cape buffalo

    Yes, there is a cure but it isn't easy; The question is; Are you shooting for fun or are you serious enough to put in a lot of work to better your performance? Competition shooting at the highest levels demands intense focus on the task(s). Tunnel Vision is...
  30. Mark A Ouellette

    Post Your Gun Collection

    Here's mine. I could not fit its A-10 airframe into the photo... Here's its 30x173mm round next to a 30-06
  31. Mark A Ouellette

    Big bore recoil

    Wiser words were never spoken! Every Africa hunter should own at least one 375 H&H or its equivalent. Heck, if an Africa hunter has something in the 30-06 and 375 classes, they should be good to go! Of course after acquiring those, then they should consider a 416 or 404, and something in .45...
  32. Mark A Ouellette

    Big bore recoil

    Yes, at least I did. I started out tensing up for the recoil. Boy did my 416 and 458 recoil! After a hundred rounds or so I relaxed in my trunk and presto! My body would sway with the reassuring push of recoil! Of course, shoot big guns standing from a standing bench or Africa-type...
  33. Mark A Ouellette

    Long Range Precision Hunting - Recoil/Caliber vs. Terminal Ballistics

    If interested in improving your shooting skills, here's a thread on who is a competitive shooter: We've got a lot, I mean a lot of members with strong competitive shooting experience.
  34. Mark A Ouellette

    Long Range Precision Hunting - Recoil/Caliber vs. Terminal Ballistics

    @HookMeUpII Everyone has the right to hunt differently, within the laws of the area. That stated since you appear to be a fisherman, and from a statement you made, perhaps a fishing guide? Great, how about if I bring a case of dynamite on your boat to go fishing via concussion? Does that...
  35. Mark A Ouellette

    Why would an outfitters trophy fee list be higher?...

    @migrabill There are many outfitters who are also sponsors of this Africa Hunting forum. Many have specials listed in the Deals and Offers sub-forum. If you are concerned about pricing, perhaps you should pause closing your deal and consider others' "Total Cost of Hunt" including; Daily fees...
  36. Mark A Ouellette

    Post Your Gun Collection

    @Sh1kar and all, Citizens in other countries must register and even obtain a license for each and every firearm. Your governments know exactly what you legally own. In the USA, our government does not. The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution states that our "right to keep and bear arms...
  37. Mark A Ouellette


    A-10's can loiter on station longer than a fast mover like a F-16. The A-10 aircraft was designed around the 30mm Gatling gun/cannon. Long ago I worked with the retired Air Force Colonel who was the program manager for this gun. Be told me all above his challenges for that project. Nothing...
  38. Mark A Ouellette

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    This is a nice one. It is however a California Rigby built on a Merkel action. If a base Merkel without the side swing ERA scope mounts and scope is worth $10,000, then maybe this very nice rifle in .450 NE 3-1/4 is worth $14,000?
  39. Mark A Ouellette


    I heard that and I think it was prior to Desert Storm! Please help me out on the "excess sorties" reference in Title 10?
  40. Mark A Ouellette

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    350 gr (23 g) 2,150 ft/s (660 m/s) 2,340 ft⋅lbf (3,170 J) It looks like a black powder 3 1/4" double. I pulled the above performance specs from Wikipedia. It is definitely not for dangerous game, at least by modern "safe" standards... It don't know it that's a good or bad price for such a...
  41. Mark A Ouellette


    Along with Close Air Support (CAS) not being a glamor mission in the US Air Force as @Red Leg stated, their is another reason the USAF wants to get rid of the A-10. The first consideration of fielding (for service) new weapons systems is personal. Who will operate, maintain, teach, and so...
  42. Mark A Ouellette

    Zimbabwe Recommendations

    Been there, done that, never again no matter how low the price!
  43. Mark A Ouellette

    Ruger RSM conversion to .505 Gibbs

    @rhoward252 I would NOT rebore from .458 to .505 diameter. The gun will probably shoot fine but it will have a light 505 Gibbs barrel. I'd want more weight to the barrel to reduce both recoil and muzzle climb.
  44. Mark A Ouellette

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    A single trigger, rimmed 416 Rigby, over under double rifle BRNO. Personally I do not like single trigger doubles based on my experience with vintage shotguns. Still a Winchester M21 single trigger is pretty much foolproof. Does anyone know if BRNO single triggers have occasion to double or are...
  45. Mark A Ouellette

    Anyone have the blueprints for 375HH vs 375 flanged?

    Here is the 375 FL specs, thanks to @Hunter4752001
  46. Mark A Ouellette

    Anyone have the blueprints for 375HH vs 375 flanged?

    Page 131 of this SAAMI document has the cartridge and chamber specifications for the 375 H&H: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/ The above link is from Google Chrome. The...
  47. Mark A Ouellette

    500 nitro express dummy rounds

    What are the "links" of a rifle, a double rifle I presume? There are a few threads on dummy (inert) cartridges. I make and use dummy rounds for all my rifles. 1. I use brass in which the primer pockets have loosened up. One may use new brass if they desire... 2. For safety, I drill four...