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    Lightweight leather glove help

    If you are willing to go the “tactical” route, both of these are strong performers. I use them in hot weather often. They 5.11 are the best I’ve used for dexterity. They are sheepskin but are a little bit sticky/grippy feeling. The magpul is also very good for dexterity, and do even better in...
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    NAMIBIA: Quality Hunting Safaris

    We did
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    NAMIBIA: Quality Hunting Safaris

    I’d be happy to share my load data, and other particulars with you. I took zebra, oryx, kudu, and hartebeest last year with 165gr ttsx so I have some good comparisons, and maybe another suggestion or two to consider.
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    NAMIBIA: Quality Hunting Safaris

    It will be along shortly
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    NAMIBIA: Quality Hunting Safaris

    Thanks FWB, too bad we didn’t cross paths over there. I think we had some overlap. Looks like you had a great adventure. Brian had a plan to get us to camp Zebra last year, but it didn’t end up fitting into the timetable we had.
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    NAMIBIA: Quality Hunting Safaris

    Many of you may relate to the way my African hunting story begins. What commenced as more of a "pipe-dream" quickly materialized into an actual plan to hunt Namibia in 2022. I convinced my wife that going to Africa with 3 months to plan was a good idea. She decided to come along, we had an...
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    Mounts on the wall

    Awesome wall! How bad was shipping on that crate?
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    United then Lufhansa?

    I would recommend the Frankfurt route. I can assist you with the Frankfurt transit application if you like
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    FN Mauser project

    Thanks! If this changes caliber at all it will most certainly be a .416T. I already have a barrel picked out. The barrel channel will require minimal modification as the factory barrel is pretty heavy. I’m well set up for handloading and already have a brass supplier (for now).
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    What do you do with skins?

    This company will build nice cases out of your hide for a modest price
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    FN Mauser project

    I keep forgetting about this thread, but here’s the stock. I kept it simple to preserve the original look.
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    Let's See Your Pig And Pig Gun

    I have a purpose built AR-10 for hogs, but it lacks soul and I find myself going back to my trusty Ruger Hawkeye compact in .300 RCM more often.
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    Now that sounds like a trip done right! I’ll be there next week hunting with QHS Namibia located near Etosha. Jaco at Namibia safari corporation has a new restaurant and brewery on his property that you’ll enjoy. I was there last June. We are all looking forward to reading about your next...
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    Embargo placed on outgoing cargo from Windhoek

    That’s interesting. I also have a shipment with Pronto that I expected to be ready by now but haven’t heard any updates.
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    Has anyone here read this book on Howard Hill?

    I actually got to hold the foot of that elephant. His son had it in his shop in Montana years back. Pretty interesting read.
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    FN Mauser project

    It’s currently still a 7 mag but the stock is refinished with a red pachmayr and the safety fitted. I’ll find a photo later. It’s unfortunately not going to make it to Africa with me next month, however.
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    Shooting off sticks

    Learn your natural point of aim on the sticks. Mount your rifle, close your eyes, and feel where your body wants to point your rifle. When you start to get a feel for this concept you can add a few shooting techniques and do very well. I think one of the most common mistakes I see is trying to...
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    They do allow firearms but require you to call in advance if booking directly through eurowings. Here is their statement in regards to firearms and sporting equipment when booked through a partner: For flights with our partner airlines, the regulations of the respective airline apply. These...
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    Eurowing just defers to Lufthansa regulations for firearms
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    Yes, Frankfurt now requires a temporary import permit even for layovers where your bag is checked through to the final destination.
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    Well that sounds promising. I believe it’s 62” overall measurement for standard baggage, and of course under whatever the weight limit is. My 38” case comes in at 59” total measurement
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    To those of you have done this, if my rifle case dimensions come in under the standard checked baggage limits and I call Lufthansa directly, there’s a chance I will not be charged extra? My plan is to separate the action/ stock and drop in a 38” travel case. Thoughts? I leave for Namibia May 1...
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    My first big bore!

    That’s a fine looking rifle
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    7MM Rem Mag

    Yes. I haven’t shot the the terminal ascent in my 7 mag yet, but they have proved outstanding in the 30 cals I’ve shot them in. I would have no hesitation using the 155s on plains game
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    Are the new Hornady cartridges necessary?

    The PRC cartridges certainly reflect the change toward long, high BC bullets and faster twist rates designed for well beyond “hunting range” applications.
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    New Member from Idaho but living in Western Montana

    Welcome! I grew up in Missoula and learned to hunt in western Montana. Texas is home now, but I (like most here) have Africa in the blood.
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    Best AR triggers

    AR Gold adjustable is the best trigger I’ve shot, but Geissele is great and POF deserves an honorable mention. Reset is also a big separating factor in AR triggers and often gets ignored. I had an Elftmann trigger once and found the adjustments finicky, but some love them. My experience may have...
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    Sandhill crane hunting in Texas guide recommendation

    Muddy Water is the best in the north part of the state. Honest, hardworking outfit. They will put you on birds
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    Im done with steel shot

    I use Kent Bismuth exclusively now. It’s cheaper than tungsten but steel is still no comparison
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    Candace Owens hunts in Africa

    I really appreciate what she’s trying to do, and I’m sure it will reach an audience that doesn’t get exposed to the perspectives we hold. As hunters, you’ll probably laugh and cringe a few times during the podcast, however.
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    Wanted .416 Taylor Dies

    That website only takes Vanilla gift cards and bitcoin…
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    9.3x62 Reamer

    What smith did you use? I live in the same area and it’s always nice to have resources.
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    9.3x62 Reamer This is a good company to work with if you can’t find one local
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    No 1 375 Belted to Flanged....'smith needed

    I talked to Aaron back in August and he wasn’t taking any new work. His work is certainly worth waiting for, however. Incredible blend of art and technical prowess.
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    Need help with broken Kudu euro

    Your skull can probably be fixed with epoxy but I would personal use a replica skull like this
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    What do I take to Namibia? 30-06

    No, I’ve used them in .308 and faster .300 mag velocity loads with the 200gr version. I shot a deer at 310y last December with the .308 factory 175gr load out of an FN SPR with a 20” barrel. Buck was quartering towards me and I had a full pass-thru out the back rib. The exit wound was...
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    What do I take to Namibia? 30-06

    Aoudad are tough animals with a will to live. They are a good test for an African load. I shot mountain zebra and gemsbok in Namibia with the 165 ttsx out of a loaner win mag and I’ll say this: they were absolutely effective and did the job, but I must admit I was underwhelmed at the 200yd +...
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    Blaser R8 rebore?

    JES does quality work with a very reasonable cost and turn around. I’m about to ship him a barrel. I’d get him on the phone (which may take a few attempts) and tell him your plans. I bet he can do it with little fuss.
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    375 H&H load data using Superformance powder

    The one that first caught my attention was the .30-06 data for 200+ gr projectiles. Very impressive
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    Model 70 Safari Express - Safety Issues?

    I’ll play both sides of this one. The models made between 64-69 I believe had some safety issues from lube, etc drying inside etc and making the safeties hard to move, especially going from fire to the middle position. I have a 1970 express 375 sitting on my bench right now that I’m buying from...
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    375 H&H load data using Superformance powder

    I noticed that Hornady had new superformance load data in the 11th edition that was not in earlier editions
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    375 H&H load data using Superformance powder

    Another good new powder to consider is 6.5 StaBall. It will give you good velocity with 235gr bullets and is very temp stable.
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    375 H&H load data using Superformance powder

    This is true. Hodgdon superformance is very good for a handful of cartridges, like the WSMs. Its very effective in 6.5 creedmoor as well. However, it is not the same as any of the factory loaded superformance powders, even in the cartridges with burn rates the Hodgdon powder is designed for.