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  1. machinistbutler

    Lion Hunt Specials South Africa 2023

    Great pictures!!
  2. machinistbutler

    WANTED: Looking For Low Fenced Hunting In Namibia

    I also hunted with Pieter Delport of Eintracht Jagd Safaris in Namibia . Everything I hunted was low fenced, and a fantastic experience. Couldn't have asked for anything better on my hunt and Pieter will do all he can to get the absolute best animals . I loved my experience there and will...
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    Looking for my first "affordable" double in 2023, which to consider

    Wolverine supplies in Manitoba has some Merkel doubles in stock. I have purchased a fair bit of stuff from there, and they are great to deal with. Ralph Martini is great as well.
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    Namibia or elsewhere? 2024

    I am planning a return to Namibia to hunt again with Pieter Delport of Eintracht Jagd Safaris. I had the time of my life there. Pieter is a serious hunter, and was able to put me in position to get some fantastic trophies on a plains game hunt of a lifetime! Namibia is a beautiful, diverse...
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    The Excellent 308 Norma Magnum

    I am in Canada and was able to buy quite a few boxes at a couple vendors last year, I haven't looked this year though.
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    The Excellent 308 Norma Magnum
  7. machinistbutler

    The Excellent 308 Norma Magnum

    Norma still makes the ammunition and the brass. Last I bought had the 180 gr oryx, and it shoots well.
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    CZ 550 458 Lott

    It's an awesome combo.
  9. machinistbutler

    470 for North America, possible or waste of time

    Yes a Merkel with a wood upgrade. Shoots fantastic with everything I have tried in it so far. Took a whitetail with my 458 Lott so will try and take one with the 470 this year. Love the rifle!
  10. machinistbutler

    470 for North America, possible or waste of time

    Nothing like holding those long 470 Nitro cases and dropping them into the barrels and hearing that beautiful "THUNK". Love the 375, used it lots in North America too. Wandering around in the Deer woods with a double in 470 is hard to describe , it is just awesome.
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    Sauer double rifle, still doing what was made for

    What a beauty of a double rifle and a fantastic bear! Love the huge space between the ears!
  12. machinistbutler

    My Papa

    That is awesome!!
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    Any Problems with "Heym"?

    I think any manufacturer can have problems , it's how they handle them that should set them apart. I have seen pictures of an older Heym action split in two. It may have been the only one, but it has happened.
  14. machinistbutler

    Buck falls to the Merkel

    That's a great picture ! Very neat double rifle!!
  15. machinistbutler

    Africa is just not for me

    Also seen some razor wire to make sure the damn baboons stay out of the houses.
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    A few questions for the reloading/double rifle gurus here.

    It doesn't matter if you never hunt dangerous game, or even want to. Double rifles are works of mechanical art and are just a joy to own. Those that are fortunate enough to have a double know what I mean. I do use magnum primers in my 470, there is a lot of powder to get going in that cigar...
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    A few questions for the reloading/double rifle gurus here.

    I bought a nicely upgraded Merkel in 470. It has shot everything I have put in so good. From my loads with the a frame or the woodleigh to factory Federal and factory Hornady it has hit so far above my expectations. The Hornady factory I purchased for a great price. I think I ordered 11 or...
  18. machinistbutler

    Alliant powders

    Isn't reloder17 a Swiss made powder?
  19. machinistbutler

    Show me your 308 Norma or bigger brother 358 Norma

    I believe it is a 67 or 68, can't remember but I can check when I get home. Kind of a funny thing the deer my son took with it was its first animal. The original owner had it for 30 years and never hunted , a friend of mine bought It, and fired a few rounds out of it , and as he had a 300 win he...
  20. machinistbutler

    Stanley Cup Finals

    I believe he was yes! Can't remember if he had a loud tie on at the time though . Most people don't remember the Rockies. I went to a lot of games in the old Northlands Coliseum to watch Gretzky, Messier and company play some memorable seasons there.
  21. machinistbutler

    Stanley Cup Finals

    First NHL game I watched live was the Colorado Rockies vs my Edmonton Oilers.
  22. machinistbutler

    The double has arrived

    So glad to see you have your double! It is a beauty for sure. Optics trade EU might have a lower mount in stock, under the 11 mm they have a henneberger in stock for an 11 mm dovetail, looks very similar to the one you said was discontinued. I will post a pic of the lower one and the one...
  23. machinistbutler

    Finally recieved my new double rifle

    What a beauty! The name Art describes it well!
  24. machinistbutler

    Happy Birthday @BadBoyMelvin

    Happy Birthday!
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    7.5 x 55 Swiss Smith/Ruben K31 rifle

    Some pics of antique swiss revolvers from the 1800's , they function perfect and still look almost new. The swiss had some wonderful manufacturing methods and really took care of their stuff.
  26. machinistbutler

    7.5 x 55 Swiss Smith/Ruben K31 rifle

    I have used Hornady Interlock 165 gr for whitetail deer here, they work great , and shoot very well out of a bunch of k31's I have. For African game maybe a little tougher bullet. Gert did you mean RL17? It is a swiss powder and works perfect in the 7.5x55
  27. machinistbutler

    7.5 x 55 Swiss Smith/Ruben K31 rifle

    Link wouldn't post but it is swissproductsusa then a .com .
  28. machinistbutler

    7.5 x 55 Swiss Smith/Ruben K31 rifle

    Will try and put a link on Gert, looks like around 60 dollars US, Will post photos, says they can ship to the EU if under 160 euros? Not sure on south Africa? Would be worth sending them an email. I have a lot of their products and they are all very well done.
  29. machinistbutler

    7.5 x 55 Swiss Smith/Ruben K31 rifle

    For sure Gert , I will try and get into my safe today. It is probably the same swiss products mount that you had confiscated . It is very well done and no alterations to the rifle, mounts in seconds .
  30. machinistbutler

    What to do in Windhoek?

    Fill up with gas and head for swakopmund!
  31. machinistbutler

    Rolex Ad - If You Hunted Big Game The World Over You'd Wear A Rolex

    I want one, but the only one I could afford would probably be spelled Rollex
  32. machinistbutler

    Namibia questions

    I think Pieter Delport has mostly European clients , and he has done the sportsman type shows in Hungary, possibly other places in Europe too. While I was at a dinner with his relatives one of the guests commented that I speak the best English of any Hungarian they had ever heard, I had to...
  33. machinistbutler

    Namibia questions

    I also hunter with Pieter Delport of Eintracht JagD safaris. I would go again tomorrow if I could. I will be back to hunt with him again. He is a fantastic hunter who works his behind off to ensure the hunter is successful. The camps were great, the staff were very good. Hunter plains...
  34. machinistbutler

    A Covid read for our Canadian friends

    I bought a land rover, man what a way to get your mind off covid lol. With some luck I should have it road worthy by spring. I rarely think of covid at all, I just ponder what the hell were the engineers at land rover thinking?
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    Is it worth getting a 375?

    Ugh.... Tasted worse than it looked. Taste buds must be upside down too!
  36. machinistbutler

    Is it worth getting a 375?

    NO. It is a gateway caliber, and will wind up costing you countless sums of money in the future. Speaking from experience.....
  37. machinistbutler

    Schmidt and Bender Hungaria scope

    The Canadian importer, Wolverine supplies, has both the German and Hungarian available . Difference in price and usually different models.
  38. machinistbutler

    Schmidt and Bender Hungaria scope

    Another option may be the Meopta 7x56 for those looking for a 8x56. I had one with the illuminated 4 reticle and man what a brilliant scope. I wouldn't have a preference between that one and the German Schmidt 8x56,. I have used an Rd Meopta as well as their meostar and man they have nice...
  39. machinistbutler

    Schmidt and Bender Hungaria scope

    Same glass as the German ones, I think you would be hard pressed to find any difference. I have 3 of the German , a zenith and a couple Klassik, would be happy with a Hungarian as well if one came up.
  40. machinistbutler

    The 577.

    Beautiful! That wood looks wicked! More pictures please. This is like a hunting report that pauses after they get to hunting camp. Congratulations to you
  41. machinistbutler

    416 Rigby bullet recommendations

    I worked up some loads with the Woodleigh 410 grain and the swift 400 grain. They both shot very well! I wound up with a disease called the Double Rifle bug, 2021 variant. It caused me to neglect some rifles and work on 470 loads for a while, then I stumbled into a beautiful 308 Norma Magnum...
  42. machinistbutler

    Report Scam in AH Classifieds

    Nobody sent me a damn thing... Guess I don't rate lol.
  43. machinistbutler

    Fire at Woodliegh?

    I just received my woodleigh reloading manual! So nice to see so much info on the double rifle calibers. There is basically nothing in all my other loading manuals.
  44. machinistbutler

    Rigby "Big Game" Model in 450 Rigby

    Damn that's a beauty!! Congratulations , I am very jealous!
  45. machinistbutler

    9.3x62mm vs. .375 H&H Mag

    He is also getting a brake on his 9.3,or has done. I believe he magnaported his Ruger number one. I hope when I am in my mid to late eighties I can still hunt. That is an accomplishment all by itself!
  46. machinistbutler

    New rifle

    Gateway bore for sure. I started with a 375 , got comfortable over a decade and a half or so, then came the 458 win, then the 458 Lott, then a 416 Rigby, then a 470 double, and a few more 375 mixed in along the way The 375 is a beauty!
  47. machinistbutler

    NAMIBIA: My First Plains Game Hunt With Eintracht Jagd Safaris

    Want to go back so bad!! Love all these hunt reports on here , but there is truly nothing like being there. I got goosebumps at the pictures from @CAustin Leopard hunt from this year! Thanks for your comment @Milan and glad you enjoyed it!
  48. machinistbutler

    9.3x62mm vs. .375 H&H Mag

    Googled Bob Mitchell. He likes the 458 win in his blog too. I didn't know who he was until now I think . I can't imagine reloading for the 9.3 would be much cheaper than the 375 H&H. I purchased a Belgium Browning safari Mauser 375 H&H that I only paid $1000 Canadian. A wonderful rifle...
  49. machinistbutler

    Covid: Africa travel Restrictions / Flight Suspensions over Omicron variant

    Just watched Biden on the news sharing his new restrictions for entry into the USA, good grief. That guy does not instill any kind of confidence.
  50. machinistbutler

    Fire at Woodliegh?

    @Spooksar Ellwood Epps does have a fair amount in stock, for some calibers. I picked up some extra of the 350 grain for my 375 and a bit for my 416 Rigby. Terrible news for the people at Woodleigh. I really liked their bullets, and they were very quick to respond to any questions I had...