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  1. BnC 04

    SOUTH AFRICA: The Adventure Begins!

    Safe travels and straight shooting to yall. Look forward to the updates.
  2. BnC 04

    African Hunting Academy

    Has there been any update on the planning and location? Sure hope your able to put this together as I think it will be well attended and enjoyed by many of us here on AH.
  3. BnC 04

    My new Rand's hat is on the way...

    Well, I think I've seen and read it all. From quality hats to someone in a pith helmet being arrested in his kitchen. Oh, almost forgot a fella dressed as Tiger off of Winne the Pooh knocked out on the kitchen floor. I can now say I've witnessed the most bizarre thread derailment in history...
  4. BnC 04

    AUSTRIA: Stalking Europe's Big Bird - Hunting The Capercaillie (Auerhahn) In The Austrian Alps

    Fantastic write up and such a beautiful bird, thanks for sharing the experience with us.
  5. BnC 04

    Starting to look for my first Double for Buffalo and need some advice from folks smarter than me...

    My #1 suggestion is handle as many doubles made by the various makers you can. Better yet get fitted and atleast you will know what your proper length of pull "should" be and go from there. Visiting in person with George owner of Champlin Firearms in Oklahoma is worth the weight in gold. Best of...
  6. BnC 04

    SOUTH AFRICA: Lion Hunt With Marius Goosen From KMG Hunting Safaris

    Congrats on some wonderful animals, looks like you and @KMG Hunting Safaris, Marius had a wonderful trip. Love the Mauser 98!
  7. BnC 04

    Going to SA to hunt? Be prepared for power blackouts

    If you have a CPAP it is HIGHLY recommended to have a battery cell for it. Nothing like your machine shutting off at 0200.
  8. BnC 04

    Omay North Concession awarded to MARTIN PIETERS SAFARIS

    I'd be very interested in an update as well.
  9. BnC 04

    SPAIN: Hola Desde España!

    Outstanding shooting @Just Gina! I'm sure you and Bob had a wonderful trip and I look forward to reading all about it.
  10. BnC 04

    Medical Evac insurance - I need solid opinions, Please

    We have purchased Ripcord and Global Rescue policies. That being said we have never had to use their services so cant comment on quality of service but like the saying goes "you dont need it, till you need it" I will continue to buy a policy for our wayward travels.
  11. BnC 04

    Woke is marxism evolved to take on the West

    Laborers in the US have been brainwashed by Soros and Marxism. They want EVERYTHING for free (labeled as "equality "), they don't want to work (the Havers owe it to them), and they are extreme bullies (hiding behind our Constitution, SPLC, NAACP, and current Whitehouse leaders), and are willing...
  12. BnC 04

    Insurance for shipment?

    Our first shipment I paid for the insurance as I felt it protected me from lose. Since then I have declined the insurance as no one I know that sustained damage was able to collect on the "insurance" they paid for. Once it hits the US by all means have it covered for the duration till it hits...
  13. BnC 04

    Wanted .404 Jeffery Loaded Ammo Or Components

    I will have to check and verify but should have factory ammo, once fired brass and bullets that I might be able to come off of.
  14. BnC 04

    New from North Dakota

    I use to duck hunt outside of Jamestown way back when. My folks now live outside of Bismarck but we are from Dickinson/Killdeer area out West.
  15. BnC 04

    New from North Dakota

    Welcome to AH @DSchmidt! What part of ND you from?
  16. BnC 04

    Best Grade Heym 470NE Double Rifle Package

    I really need to stop looking at this thread before i end up with two Heym 470's...
  17. BnC 04

    Waterberg Mountains

    The Waterbergs are amazing! 4 buffs later they have yet to disappoint, nor has Tsala safaris. Always look forward to our return as it's such a beautiful area.
  18. BnC 04

    African Hunting Academy

    I would be interested as well. I will be sending you a PM this evening.
  19. BnC 04


    @flatwater bill. Now THAT is going to be a hellofva adventure! Safe travels and look forward to reading about the adventure upon your return. Will you be doing any hunting or solely visiting the various operators?
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    Safari frequency?

    We try for 1 a year but wont be over in '23 but doing 3 weeks in '24 and then again in '25.
  21. BnC 04

    Wanted Charlton McCallum Elephant Hunting DVD

    I've got him lined out with the dvd. Had a "spare" so will pass it onto him this Sunday.
  22. BnC 04

    Wanted Charlton McCallum Elephant Hunting DVD

    Shoot me a PM, going antiquing and will be going through Paducah on Sunday.
  23. BnC 04


    Looking forward to your report, good luck and straight shooting!
  24. BnC 04

    Hunting, lodge and food pictures for the 2023 season with Lex Strauss SAFARIS

    Love the picture of the brown hyena. Werewolf of Africa, unique creatures for sure!
  25. BnC 04

    What's up with shipping agents?

    You will contact an Coppersmith to handle the importation process.
  26. BnC 04

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    @spike.t. we sure are looking forward to hunting Takeri with you next year. Will be a new welcomed experience.
  27. BnC 04

    Great Alaska Sportsman's Show - Fri/Sat/Sun

    We used to attend the show there in Anchorage when we lived there. Always enjoyed it. Hope yall get alot of traffic this year.
  28. BnC 04

    Douglas Premium barrels

    My latest was last spring. Douglas has yet to disappoint so I have stuck with them over the years.
  29. BnC 04

    Tipping Guide

    When McDonalds has a tip bucket strapped to their drivethrough window you know things have gone over the edge.
  30. BnC 04

    SOUTH AFRICA: Trip Five Bos en Dal SAFARIS Countdown

    I'm excited for you Mark! Very glad you were able to put this one together and go as well. I will give ya a call later this weekend.
  31. BnC 04


    Outstanding animals, well done! I can't get over the size of the impala in that area.
  32. BnC 04


    Looking forward to this report. Keep it coming
  33. BnC 04

    Leaking Roof in Kruger Turns Out to be Pissing Python

    Now that will be a unique story for around the bar for this couple.
  34. BnC 04

    Looking for my first "affordable" double in 2023, which to consider

    I would highly recommend using the seach function as there has been several threads comparing the various makers. As well as firsthand reports from buyers of Chapius ect ect. Hope you get your double sooner than you expected.
  35. BnC 04

    Who Buys Their Own Blanks

    I have always bought my own for builds. If i remember correctly 6 total but still have 2 awaiting assignment.
  36. BnC 04

    USA: Florida Opening Day Osceola

    Very nice bird, congrats!
  37. BnC 04

    Post Your Gun Collection

    I might know a guy that could line you out Dave:ROFLMAO:
  38. BnC 04

    Post Your Gun Collection

    If i see any "floating baboons" im hauling ass, hell with shooting at them...
  39. BnC 04

    Urgent Sale (Never Seen Before Price On Rhino)

    Someone got a hell of a deal(y)
  40. BnC 04

    The perfect 275 specification?

    A couple pictures of my 275. Was completed a few years ago. At some point she will see Scotland and Romania.
  41. BnC 04

    In memoriam - Legendary Chasseur Professionnel (PH) Alain Lefol has passed away

    Condolences to the family and all his friends. He will be greatly missed
  42. BnC 04

    I'm a new in here

    :S Welcome:
  43. BnC 04

    For Sale Winchester 70 458 Win Mag FN USA

    Perfect bear and Arica DG setup. Best of luck on the sale @TOBY458
  44. BnC 04

    The perfect 275 specification?

    I used a Mauser Erma code 27 as the base of my 275 build, open sites, and used a special blank for the woodwork. Turned out the way I was hoping.
  45. BnC 04

    470 NE Crimp or Not

    As @PHOENIX PHIL stated i placed my order with Lee and the return time was much less than their estimated time they first provided so that was nice. Makes crimping a breeze.
  46. BnC 04


    Might want to reach out to them as there could be a good chance that the offer may be valid in '24 as well. (y)