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  1. edward

    2nd book????

    the site member who wrote SIMBANDA was going to write a follow up,anything ever happened on that?
  2. edward

    Any tips for using iron sights with failing eyesight?

    lazar surgeries will get the job done,or and a red dot sight.
  3. edward

    Comment by 'edward' in media 'Masai warriors, picked up in africa in 2005'

    sadly they have faded,but i still have them and will have them refurbished if i can find some one capable .
  4. edward

    .350 Remington Magnum

    in the encore,yes.with the decelerator grip.the 450 marlin with 500 gr bullets is pleasant to shoot in this combo.
  5. Sable Pedestal Mount Taxidermy

    Sable Pedestal Mount Taxidermy

  6. edward

    Sable Pictures

  7. edward

    Reproduction Elephant Tusks

    i touch mine,the real ones,was lucky to get them home.
  8. edward

    Gun Room & Trophy Room Done

  9. edward

    David Rudolph from South Africa

  10. edward Hunting Knives

    my newest knife,made by my neighbor who is a fire fighter who makes knives as a hobby.damaskus blade and mammoth slides,sheath is elephant hide from my 2011 hunt with buzz.
  11. edward Hunting Knives

    where are thr other knives sites??
  12. edward

    Leopard Taxidermy Pictures

  13. edward

    Comment by 'edward' in media 'Knife'

    the knife is a custom Damascus blade with 50,000 year old marmouth scales .the sheath is made out of my elephant next door neighbor is a fire fighter who makes knives as a hobby.
  14. Knife


  15. Knife sheath

    Knife sheath

  16. edward

    Shot Placement Versus Bore Size

    shot placement,bullet construction,common sense,i bet my life on these words.
  17. edward

    .577 Tyrannosaur

    how often do you shoot these ???
  18. edward

    Double, Bolt action or Lever Action rifle on Dangerous Game

  19. edward

    Knife Maker Needed

    peter larson is your man.
  20. edward

    454 Casull

    how they preform on dangerous game counts,not sand,that cant kill you.
  21. edward

    Dangerous Game Range

    lion meat is white meat and very delicious.
  22. edward

    Dangerous Game Range

    i find nothing wrong with,get as close as you can,then 10 yrds closer.
  23. edward

    PHASA Captive Bred Lion Hunting

    i would not want to hunt any animal that wasnt fair chase.that goes for the lion.why do you imply that all cbl hunts are phony and corrupt.why cant they be as fair as a plains game hunt???
  24. edward

    Comment by 'edward' in media 'Handmade Knife'

    this guy is the best.
  25. edward

    Elephant Hunt With TSALA HUNTING SAFARIS

    750 per pound,is this a joke???
  26. edward

    ZIMBABWE: My Excellent Adventure In Dande North With Charlton McCallum Safaris

    as some of the trophys are my wifes,as she is my favorite hunting pardner,she dosent mind the beautiful dead animals in our home through out.
  27. edward

    ZIMBABWE: My Excellent Adventure In Dande North With Charlton McCallum Safaris

    dont no what he or you are looking at,but my sable looks like a beautiful SABLE!!!
  28. edward

    Taxidermy Skin Wall Mount

    my rug is 72 inches wide by 48 inches deep.a very nice size.
  29. Hunting Knife

    Hunting Knife

  30. edward

    Show Us Your Hunting Knife

    this peter Larson is my favorite.
  31. edward

    Comment by 'edward' in media '475 Linebaugh Revolver'

    i had the gun made for elephant in 2010.the maker had problems getting parts so i had to use my freedom arms in 454 on my elephant hunt in zim with c&m in 2011.when i finely got the gun it would keep 5 in the ten ring at 15 yards if i did my likes to get you close so 15 yards was...
  32. 475 Linebaugh Revolver

    475 Linebaugh Revolver

  33. edward

    Comment by 'edward' in media 'Buffalo hunted with Savanna Hunting Safaris'

    isnt that a breeding bull.
  34. edward

    Wanted 475 Linebaugh Revolver

  35. edward

    Wanted 475 Linebaugh Revolver

    heres my 475.
  36. edward

    Comment by 'edward' in media '475 African Hunter Revolver'

    i post a pic of my 475 but cant figure out how.
  37. edward

    Holy Crap, I Like Adventure As Much As The Next Guy, But This Is A Little Much.....

    check with spear safaris,he hunts B.F,no more.
  38. edward

    What to do with a giraffe

    i never considered one but in 2005 the land we hunted had them and the land owner had an old problem bull past breeding age that wouldnt let the younger bulls breed.he wanted him taken out so i did.the mount is nothing fancy but of all the trophys we have,hes the star of the show.
  39. edward

    460 s&w for dangerous game

    no matter what you use,,or how you use it,i prefer the ONE SHOT KILL!!!.if your good enough .my 2 cents.
  40. Smith & Wesson Revolver

    Smith & Wesson Revolver

  41. Handguns


  42. edward

    460 s&w for dangerous game

    i have 2 460s,a scope sighted encore with 14 inch barrel,and a s&w p.c. revolver with a 12 inch barrel and scope.ive taken elk,thar,water buck with the s&w and bison with the encore.the cal will take any thing on this planet,BUT,proper bullet construction and perfect PLACEMENT is mandatory.the...
  43. edward

    My African Knives

    youve been asked twice about the price,so what is it???
  44. edward

    My African Knives

    whats the handle and how much?
  45. edward

    Hippo hunting what is ethical consensus?

    i think im safe!!!
  46. edward

    What Line Of Work Are You In

    i am now and forever a retired handgun hunter and a music lover and a red wine drinker and a lover of not haveing to do anything i dont want to wife and i just want to enjoy the rest of our 20 or more years having fun,at 78 and 82 we earned that right,ha,ha,.not the answer you wanted,but????
  47. edward


    does that smile look a little strained????
  48. edward

    Lets stir a pot of hot steamy stuff