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    Hydration Pack - Cabela's

    OFFERS ?
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    Hydration Pack - Cabela's

    I had a question about the straps on pack. It has straps for the shoulders, waist and chest.
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    Saving Mana Pools

    Unfortunately, the deadline has passed for signing the petition.
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    Hydration Pack - Cabela's

    This is basically a new pack. I bought it with the intent of using it for carrying water for my dog on early season pheasant hunts. I tried it once but found that I prefer to just carry water for the dog in a bottle. All literature that came with the pack is included. The bite valve is unused...
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    Sako 85 - Discontinued?

    Wow - no .223, .270 or 30/06. I guess they don't want to sell many rifles in the US.
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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    I've shot a total of six Eland on various trips to Africa. One with a 375 H&H, four with my .338 Win. mag and one with my .270 Win. shooting 150 Gr. Nosler Partitions. The one shot with the .270 didn't go any further after the shot than the others. The bull ran about 35 yds. and dropped. Put...
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    Wanted 416 Rigby Or Remington

    Look for a Ruger Safari Magnum. They were made in 375 H&H, 416 Rigby and 425 Lott. You should be able to find one for around $2K. Unfortunately, Ruger stopped making them several years ago so you'll have to check the used gun market. If you reload the cost of Rigby ammo goes way down. All...
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    My Next Heym Double Rifle

    Now all you have to do is book your Elephant hunt.
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    Leupold Vari-X III 2.5x8x36

    Friction or click adjustment?
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    Limited Time Hunt Special Buffalo, Wildebeest & Zebra - Timbavati Free Range, South Africa

    So, what is the size limit? Obviously, this should be disclosed in your offer.
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    Hawke Crossbow Scope

    Do you know the model # of this scope? Does it have an illuminated reticle? Thanks
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    Nosler partition

    I agree there are certainly better bullets for dangerous game like Buffalo and Elephant. NP's do however work great for plains game. I've shot them from my .270 Win. and .338 Win. for everything from Jackels to Eland. I've shot six Eland with the 225 Gr. NP along with several Zebra and Blue...
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    .416 Rigby reloading

    If you're only planning on loading for your 416 Rigby I assume that you won't be doing a high volume of shooting. I'd recommend you start with a good quality single stage press. RCBS, Redding, Hornady, Forster plus others are all good. Personally, I'm partial to RCBS. Great customer service...
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    Best bang for buck cheap scopes?

    What is the VIP program from Leupold. Is it something for dealers only or can an individual sign up?
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    Blackhorn 209

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    Blackhorn 209

    I recently purchased a sealed 5 lb. can of BH 209. Way more than I would ever use so I split it with a buddy. 2.5 lbs is still more than I need so I'll sell a full pound for $100 FTF in southeast PA. I'm in the King of Prussia area. I can't ship due to hazmat restrictions. Also posted on...
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    The wait has all but come to an end......

    I assume you're flying the United flight out of Newark, NJ. Please let us know what you thought of the flight. Would be interested in hearing about your experience checking in firearms as well. Hope you have a great hunt.
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    Leupold Vari-X III 2.5x8 Scope Excellent Condition

    Those scopes have 36mm objective.
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    End Of Season Hunt Specials In Namibia Caprivi

    Bump for some great deals with a great outfitter. I'd be all over that Buff hunt if it was earlier in the year. Way too hot for me at that time of the year.
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    Travel to Zimbabwe

    I've done 14 trips to Africa. Several to Zim with flying into Harare. Always packed two rifles in one hard case. If you bring two separate cases, you'll get hit with fees for the extra bag.
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    RCBS 502 Reloading Scale

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    RCBS 502 Reloading Scale

    This scale is in excellent condition. Made by Ohaus for RCBS. Comes with box. Cross posted. First "I'll take it" by post or PM gets the scale. $30.00 plus shipping. No international sales.
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    Leupold vx-3 1.5-5x20 question

    I have the same setup as to rings and scope on my ruger RSM in 416 Rigby. Works fine.
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    Is the sako 85 safari a good rifle?

    "I would stay well Sako 85 ejection issues..." +2 on that. It's a design flaw that Beretta won't acknowledge let alone do something to correct. Putting the ejector in the 6 o'clock position is not a good idea if you're going to scope the rifle.
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    .375 Barnes Banded Solids

    I have some of the flat nosed versions which I use in my Ruger RSM 416 Rigby. They worked well for me on Elephants. I found that my rifle didn't feed the bottom round from the magazine consistently. The top two flat nosed would feed fine. I solved the problem by simply loading the round...
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    What do people think about “non-trophy” hunts

    I've done two such hunts and they both worked out great. After 14 hunting trips to Africa, I'm done with taxidermy. I don't like hunting female animals so finding an outfitter who is willing to offer a hunt just for non-trophy males is somewhat difficult.
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    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    My sincere condolences. I'mSo sorry to her this. Unfortunately, I know what you're going through. I lost my wife to cancer in 1997.
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    Congratulations on the win. How about some details so folks here can help with suggestions. Location of hunt, outfitter, length of hunt, animals included and a list of trophy fees for additional animals. Get a detailed list of what is included and what is excluded. Definitely find out if...
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    Wanted Kimber Talkeetna

    Be very cautious with WTB posts for expensive items. I've seen several reports on various forums about people posting such ads and getting scammed. Just saw one where a guy got scammed trying to buy a Swarovski scope.
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    Importance of taking popular chamberings

    If you're traveling with another hunter put half of your ammo in their bag and half of theirs in your bag. If one persons bags get lost you'll still have ammo. Another trick I use is to wear my hunting boots on the plane but pack a pair of slippers in your carry on bag. As soon as I board I...
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    How is Newark lately?

    No experience myself but would you please let us know what the procedure is in Newark for checking guns on the flight to Joberg?