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  1. Trogon

    What animals you guys add to your list of animals after hunting Africa

    Going after Vaal Rhebuck in the Eastern Cape this summer. This is one animal, after seeing a photo of these being hunted in the snow and at higher elevations, seemed so odd for Africa. Hopefully pics to share in a couple months here.
  2. Trogon


    Enjoyable hunt report, looking forward to reading more. Congrats on excellent animals so far!
  3. Trogon

    Sale On 308 Win Norma Oryx Ammo (Made In Sweden) - 10 Boxes For $249.50 + Free Shipping

    Fast shipping, ordered Monday evening and received my case Friday afternoon. That's pretty impressive these days!
  4. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Second Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA Here I Go. Sitting Atl & Expecting To Depart In The Next Couple Hours. Woo Hoo!

    That could become really interesting! Bushbuck and warthog, IMO, another big Kudu for sure. Very excited for you. I have a couple months until my trip there, very envious of you.
  5. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st Safari No Huge Kudu But Still A Success!

    You hunted just super animals, congrats on your first trip! What area were you hunting?
  6. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Second Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA Here I Go. Sitting Atl & Expecting To Depart In The Next Couple Hours. Woo Hoo!

    Good luck and have a great trip! Look forward to reading your hunt reports. What's on your hunt list this time?
  7. Trogon

    AH Loaded Ammo Special

    Mark has been an extremely accommodating member of this forum to offer what he can track down. I hope your response was very dry sarcasm; if so I apologize for my response to your posting. Personally I've had nothing but good sales with Mr. Biggerstaff.
  8. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Bos en Dal SAFARIS April 12-24, 2023

    Outstanding start, Mark, I'm really looking forward to your all of your hunt report! Get some sleep!
  9. Trogon

    Sale On 308 Win Norma Oryx Ammo (Made In Sweden) - 10 Boxes For $249.50 + Free Shipping

    Thanks for posting. Considering PRVI is not much less than this cost, hard to pass up. Case ordered.
  10. Trogon

    Safari frequency?

    2021, 2022 and this summer 2023 for plains game, plus culls. I have nothing planned for 2024, except for Nilgai in Texas right now. Some job uncertainty, unfortunately. Looking forward to this year's hunt in SA this summer!
  11. Trogon


    Excellent kudu and warthog, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more on your hunt. I like that you're posting each hunting days as you have them.
  12. Trogon

    Got my Kudu home and on the wall

    Beautiful Kudu, that's an awesome mount. Congrats!
  13. Trogon

    Magnum Primers

    I wanted Federal for consistency, as I have been acquiring them here and there by 100-200 count. Seems like most shops prefer to sell them this way, at least around me.
  14. Trogon

    Magnum Primers

    When traveling back from western PA this week, I stopped in Bottom Dollar Gun and Archery Pro Shop near Washington Courthouse, Ohio (short drive off of I-71, south of Columbus). Powder supply was alot of pistol powders, noted was H1000 and H4350 ($50 per pound, limit 2 of a particular powder)...
  15. Trogon

    Nyala Pictures

    This was the animal I really wanted to hunt during my first trip to SA, Eastern Cape. They are, to me, one of the most regal looking antelope.
  16. Trogon


    Have a great trip! Look forward to reading your hunt reports.
  17. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st African Safari With Warthog Safaris

    That's a great warthog! Congrats on your trip. Please post more photos of you and your son's successes!
  18. Trogon

    What's up with shipping agents?

    With my Eastern Cape hunt in July 2022, approximate costs were, for all dip and pack skulls and hides for 10 animals accumulated to between $4000-$4500. Dip and pack, then crating and shipping to Chicago, then clearing customs and shipping from Chicago to Cincinnati OH to my taxidermist...
  19. Trogon

    Question on traveling with ammo

    Last summer I carried in for my Outfitter about 100 new brass cases and 300 bullets (3 boxes) in my checked luggage, to South Africa. Not a problem then, I haven't heard if that situation is different now. Would love to hear if that has changed!
  20. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA Hunt Report - .308 For Plains Game - Air Travel With Rifles Warning

    Thanks for your hunt report. Looking forward to staying in the new lodge later this year. Nick has availability to a tremendous amount of property. Ben Pringle is an excellent guide to have for a PH. Sounds like you had an excellent trip, congrats!
  21. Trogon

    Grafs H&H Brass

    Just got that email too. 2 bags ordered! Yippee!
  22. Trogon

    Looking for advice, what are the best outfitters in the eastern cape?

    Two plains game hunts with Nick Bowker Hunting in the Eastern Cape, another vote for his operation. Very reasonable package hunt pricing, excellent camp rifles also.
  23. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Trip Five Bos en Dal SAFARIS Countdown

    Mark, good to hear your health is greatly improved. Wishing you and your friend an excellent trip. I'll be looking forward to reading your hunt report. Safe travels!
  24. Trogon

    USA: Texas Nilgai Hunt With King Ranch

    Congratulations! Thank you for posting your successful hunt report, a very enjoyable story. Your report really stirred my interest in hunting nilgai in the future. I've been on the Norias property once for a birdwatching tour and really enjoyed it. Great looking habitat, and we did see a number...
  25. Trogon

    Headed to South Africa in August- Animals on my radar

    Awesome list, wishing you excellent luck! Is bushpig an option? I've not hunted them, but really considering for my next hunt.
  26. Trogon

    What to carry

    I've used the the Rick Young bino harness and prefer it for "under arm" carry on my two SA trips, plus for birdwatching, in that fashion. Binoculars used were Zeiss Victory 8x32 and Conquest 8x42, good with both. Use them until it's time to set up on the shooting sticks. Besides my binos, I...
  27. Trogon

    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    Eastern Cape, 2021 and 2022. Very happy I was able to hunt these Cape Kudu.
  28. Trogon

    Blesbok or Impala

    Of the two, impala on my first trip to SA was my first animal stalked, took a bit of time in the brush to get a clear shot, and had a porcupine run past my PH and I. Blesbuck was hunted in wide grassy plains, an enjoyable stalk but not as difficult. My pick of the two would be the impala. I'd...
  29. Trogon

    4 Stable Sticks Preliminary Review

    I bought the Ultimate Carbine 4 Stable Sticks last year from Norma (currently OOS). These come in six sections, easy to assemble with a little practice and fit well into checked airline luggage. I plan on taking them this year to the Eastern Cape. Seemingly very stiff and sturdy. I'm a fan of...
  30. Trogon

    Meeting with Norma Reps tomorrow - Pass along your requests for brass/ammo that you would like to see imported to the US in the near future.

    You mentioned .375 H&H Magnum in your opening post, really would like to see that available for sale.
  31. Trogon


    A new sponsor here on AH is offering Norma brass, fair price. For anyone looking.
  32. Trogon

    What is considered a reasonable trophy size Warthog?

    Got this very old warthog last year in the Eastern Cape, he was in rough shape. Love the broomed tusks.
  33. Trogon

    Greetings from ohio

    Welcome from southwestern Ohio!
  34. Trogon

    WIN One of Three CRIES of the Savanna Book by Multi-award-winning Author Sue Tidwell in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    No worries! I have a couple of people I plan on sharing your book with. Your giveaway is very generous and thank you for offering this. Best of luck to all entering!
  35. Trogon

    WIN One of Three CRIES of the Savanna Book by Multi-award-winning Author Sue Tidwell in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Sorry to miss meeting you at SCI on Saturday in the afternoon, but your booth mates allowed me to purchase a signed copy. I'm looking forward to reading it during work travels soon!
  36. Trogon

    2023 SCI Convention in Nashville

    I only attended today, and will do two days next year, one day wasn't enough. I and a cousin were very impressed! No hunts scheduled but got lots of literature for a future Cape Buffalo hunt.
  37. Trogon

    Top of Texas Taxidermy, Featured Taxidermist of the Quarter

    Congratulations Erik!
  38. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Substitute Hunt With Bushmans Quiver Safaris

    Congrats on all of your animals, the eland is very impressive with his large topnot. Your buffalo is outstanding! Thanks for sharing your hunt report and photos!
  39. Trogon

    UNTAMED Love - Frank Frazetta

    Alot of his fantasy art is impressive. Thank you for sharing, I never knew Frazetta did comic strips.
  40. Trogon

    What animal to shoulder mount

    Yes on the Sable shoulder mount. My Cape Kudu from July 2022 had patchy hair, but a great beard, I gave it to another hunter in camp whose cape was not as good. I wish I had kept the cape from my kudu in April 2021, as it was in much better shape. I would definitely give it a wait and see. So I...
  41. Trogon

    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    @Spearhead, my cost for shipping my dip and pack skulls and hides (sable, kudu, oryx, waterbuck, red lechwe, bushbuck, warthog skull, steenbock skull, zebra hide, red hartebeest) through African Trophy Exporters to Chicago was $1,480; import costs with Trophy Shippers through customs and...
  42. Trogon

    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    Yes, I usually had emails come through overnight and had my answers when getting up for work. Called and got my invoices paid by credit card over the phone. I believe they're 7 hours ahead?
  43. Trogon

    African Trophy Export real time follow along

    Anzelle at ATE responded to my emails within a day or less. I have used ATE twice over the past 2 years and no issues. They emailed me when my crate arrived in Chicago.
  44. Trogon

    Bushbuck & Springbok shield mount

    Beautiful mount! I don't think I've seen one such as this before, it's awesome (sorry for using that word)!
  45. Trogon

    Sandhill crane hunting in Texas guide recommendation

    When I observed Blue Cranes in the Eastern Cape, I was struck by how similar their calls were to our Sandhill Cranes here in the US. Beautiful birds both.
  46. Trogon

    Pair Of Bushbuck-His & Hers

    Beautiful pair of bushbucks! Your caracal looks like a living animal standing there, as though it has just jumped up on the table. Really cool!
  47. Trogon

    Nyala Wall Pedestal

    Fantastic mount Erik, I think you went over and above on this Nyala!
  48. Trogon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape With Lalapa Safaris

    I really enjoyed your hunt report and photos, congrats on all of your animals! Sorry to hear of your warthog and nyala, been there myself. Looks like very scenic areas you were able to hunt.