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  1. double rifle newbie

    New to me 470 Capstick

    Great cartridge. On another note. Anyone who hasn’t read any of Capsticks books…Do it!!! Incredible writer. Suspense on every turn of the page.
  2. double rifle newbie

    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    bow hunting dangerous game is asking for a charge. I bow hunt but not dangerous game. that’s what my 450 nitro express is for. lol
  3. double rifle newbie

    Mediums that perform

    between .30 and .375,i have a 30-06, 338WM, and a sabatti double in 9.3x74r. love them all.
  4. double rifle newbie


    i have a 9.3x74r extractor, and a 450 nitro express ejector as double. love them both
  5. double rifle newbie

    Favorite movie lines

    “i love the smell of napalm in the morning!” -Robert Duvall at Sgt Kilgore in Apocalypse Now
  6. double rifle newbie

    Blaser R8 & Dangerous Game?

    great gun. faster than traditional bolt actions. doubles are the king of DG hunting but Blasers are next in line. congrats on a gorgeous gun.
  7. double rifle newbie

    338s Are A Great Caliber

    i bought a used 338WM on gunbroker maybe 12 years ago for a flat shooting but hard hitting caliber for alaska. it had the original wood stock with hardly any buttpad. i shot it 3 times and the recoil was brutal. i went home, and ordered a bell and carlson synthetic stock for it. i also...
  8. double rifle newbie

    Toughest Scope: Trijicon? Leopold? Others?

    i have numerous leupolds, and a couple zeiss. the leupolds are on everything from a 22lr to a 416RM. i even have one on my remington 870 12 gauge slug gun i leave up on my family property in minnesota for deer hunting. ive dropped them on hunts in alaska, been sitting in constant pouring...
  9. double rifle newbie

    Looking For 600 NE Rifle

    thank you!!!!!
  10. double rifle newbie

    Looking For 600 NE Rifle

    does anyone have ken owens contact info? i know he works on doubles so i have some work to be done if is still doing it. many thanks!
  11. double rifle newbie

    Is the 9.3 x 62 enough gun?

    i like your gap filler. my 416rm is for my “bear only” hunts.
  12. double rifle newbie

    Is the 9.3 x 62 enough gun?

    Plenty of gun. Bring a gun you wont mind getting beaten up. the alaska bush can be brutal on gear. i put synthetic stocks on all the guns i use in alaska, for jumerous reasons. u will more likely than not hunt in rain, cross rivers, etc. i have a couple doubles but wouldnt take to the...
  13. double rifle newbie

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    i am admitted new owner of a 6.5cm. i have hunted namibia for plains game, and have gone on several hunts in alaska for both caribou and interior griz. i tend to run heavy when i am hunting. i took a griz with my 416rm, and prefer my 338wm for caribou. i also have doubles in 9.3x74r and...
  14. double rifle newbie

    450/400 3 1/4 Ammunition Sources?

    i have several boxes of hornady 450/400 i am getting ready to list for sale. full original cartridges from the same lot. if you are still in the market, let me know.
  15. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

    its enough. its a great bear caliber.
  16. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

  17. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

    338 is great in alaska. per the guys at sportsmans warehouse in anc, the two most popular calibers are 338 and 300wm. makes sense. both shoot flat and hit hard. caribou tend to flop over when hit and wont put up much struggle. moose will go down with either cartridge. i do recommend as flat...
  18. double rifle newbie

    The Gun That Got Away

    Two come to mind: Sabatti .470 NE double that went for 3200 about 4 years ago on gunbroker. The one that got away that haunts my dreams was a Holland & Holland .375 double rifle at a local gun show about 25 years ago now. a guy was trying to get $4300, an amount i couldnt scrape together at...
  19. double rifle newbie

    Caprivi Hippo & Crocodile Combo Hunt At End Of Season Prices

    might save money in the long run.
  20. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

    this is precisely correct.
  21. double rifle newbie

    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    although hunting in my home state doesnt warrant shots over 300 yards on anything, its a regularity when hunting caribou in alaska. my longest animal dropped was a caribou at 470 yards on the rangefinder with my 338 win mag sighted in at 300 yards. i also want to hunt ibex in europe and those...
  22. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

    its hard to get JBER lol
  23. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

    I 100% agree With everything you are saying, my friend. when a black bear comes for you, he’s coming to eat you. griz attacks are usually defensive. Anyone reading this post, if a black bear comes for you fight with everything you have. If a griz comes for you, ball up and protect your head...
  24. double rifle newbie

    Factory Rifle Ammo Feedback?

    in my humble opinion, paying a little bit more for premium ammo on a hunt that could cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars is money well spent. that being said, deer hunting in my home state would not require premium bullets.
  25. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

    i agree that, while black bears are nothing to take for granted, they arent in the same category as brownies or griz as far as a dangerous game animal. browns and griz can take bullets like vitamins when their adrenaline is up. wounded brownies and griz will try to find what hurt them, and...
  26. double rifle newbie

    Alaska hunt...

    according to the guys at sportsmans warehouse in anchorage, the two biggest sellers are 300 win mag and 338 win mag. makes sense. both are flat shooting, and both hit hard. hunters up there will go after brownies and griz with 300 win mag but i would make that the smallest caliber for that...
  27. double rifle newbie

    The .450 Double Rifle Of Dennis Finch Hatton

    mine shoot great! they are both regulated like a dream.
  28. double rifle newbie

    The .450 Double Rifle Of Dennis Finch Hatton

    Capstick’s Death In The Dark Continent was the first safari book i picked up on a whim late in the 90s, long after his passing. Needless to say, I was absolutely hooked, not only on afican safari, but of his love for the double rifle. i have since picked many more Capstick books along with the...
  29. double rifle newbie

    In memoriam - RIP cal pappas

    there arent very many people on the planet that know the deep, rich history of all things double rifle. i always wanted to meet him in anchorage at one of the double rifle shoots he would set up since i travel there a few times a year. i will miss his thoughtful posts pertaining to doubles...
  30. double rifle newbie

    416 RM

    i load my own for this. it is a wonderful caliber.
  31. double rifle newbie

    Your recommendations - compact and convenient high quality binoculars

    i have a compact pair of the compact canon image stabilizing binocs and cannot say enough good things about them. ive used them many times in the brooks range in alaska glassing for caribou and griz, and on a plains game trip to namibia. i was seeing animals before anyone else with me almost...
  32. double rifle newbie

    Rolex Ad - If You Hunted Big Game The World Over You'd Wear A Rolex

    i have a rolex datejust but my heart is with IWC. ive got an iwc mark xvi, and a classic pilots chronograph. any iwc people out there?
  33. double rifle newbie

    Red Stag Gores Hunter

    wounded oryx will gladly turn their attention to you when wounded. a PH i hunted with in namibia told me about a time he had to drop a wounded oryx that came after one of his trackers. nasty brutes
  34. double rifle newbie

    NO more Remington for me unless there's no other choice...

    i load my own ammo, but even then i check every cartridge prior to loading into the rifle, including shaking to make sure there is powder in the cartridge. just habit i picked up after capstick wrote in one of his books about firing a cartridge that ended up having no powder. bad news...
  35. double rifle newbie

    6.5 creedmore???

    i have lots of h4350. thank goodness after looking at prices these days. thanks for the info!
  36. double rifle newbie

    Slug hunting Plains Game and Dangerous Game?

    i didnt have a shot less than 100 yards on any PG animal when i was in namibia. the kudu i took was at 235 yards (see my pic). couldnt get any closer and wouldnt have had a shot with a rifled shotgun. can one use a rifled barrel with a sabot slug to drop PG? yes. will u miss out on many...
  37. double rifle newbie

    6.5 creedmore???

    i just picked up a 6.5 CM to fill a gap in my rifle collection. i typically like heavier rifles and am comfortable with larger calibers, but wanted a lightweight flat shooting mountain rifle primarily for sheep/goats/etc. i was able to find a great deal at sportsmans warehouse on a left handed...
  38. double rifle newbie

    Kuiu problems

    i agree in full, and have heard great reviews about what quality kuiu is. you are correct, i hevent seen a double rifle or high end bolt gun up there, because alaska rifles eventually get the hell beat out of them. ive never been on a hunt up there where at some point you werent hunting in the...
  39. double rifle newbie

    Kuiu problems

    i am completely happy with the outfitter line of the old cabelas camo. they dont make the full line of clothing anymore since they sold to bass pro unfortunately. fyi it is rare that you run into a guide or outfitter in alaska wearing kuiu. i remember several trips to kotzebue waiting to be...
  40. double rifle newbie

    North Americas Big Five

    the most dangerous animals in the the US: 1)redheads 2) blondes 3) brunettes all others pale in comparison, but would list as: 1) polar bear 2) coastal brownie 3) interior grizzly (probably the most grumpy) 4) black bear 5) bison my list is “bear-heavy” but other than black bear, they just...
  41. double rifle newbie

    Tactical scopes for Dangerous Game and "boomers"

    a low power #4 with a lighted center dot is DG scope perfection in my opinion. we are a passionate lot lol. that being said, to address your original question, a plain duplex, or german #4. no circles, mil dots, etc. i dont need my scope to do my taxes. nice and clean and simple. my humble...
  42. double rifle newbie

    Tactical scopes for Dangerous Game and "boomers"

    rule #1, dont go cheap on a scope. rule #2, a clean reticle. rule #3, if scoping a DG rifle, minimum power of 1 or 1.5 just in case things get a little more intimate than planned. no 3-9s or anything like that. i also prefer a lighted center dot as in my humble opinion, offers a slightly...
  43. double rifle newbie

    Knives... do you carry one?

    havalon titan!!! does everything. two blades. one is scalpel-like, and one is more like a traditional folding knife. google and let me know your thoughts. i highly recommend