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  1. R.M.C.

    San Francisco Bay Halibut

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!
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    on a lighter note...

    Hahaha I believe Eddy has been fooled before lol
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    Comment by 'R.M.C.' in media 'Whitetail Hunt Kansas'

    I'll bet!! I would've effed it up lol
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    Comment by 'R.M.C.' in media 'Caribou Hunting Greenland'

    One of my bucket list hunts! Congratulations!!!
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    Comment by 'R.M.C.' in media 'Whitetail Hunt Kansas'

    Holy cow!! Congratulations!!
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    Comment by 'R.M.C.' in media 'PA Whitetail, 2022'

    I saw the green ear tag and immediately thought PA lol very cool rack!!
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    What animals you guys add to your list of animals after hunting Africa

    I just had the skull cleaned and kept a bunch of feathers. I plan to make some kind of feather arrangement with the skull in there somewhere. Also trying to keep the taxidermist bill to a minimum so I could afford to shoot more stuff. It was a cool hunt, I'm glad I did it.
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    What animals you guys add to your list of animals after hunting Africa

    I added an ostrich once I got to the dark continent, just seemed fitting to take an iconic animal like that.
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    Zane Grey’s 1895 30-06

    Wow, it sure is perty.
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    Poor Man's 500 J on a Ruger No 1

    Very cool idea, go for the Jeffrey if that's what you want. Thanks for sharing!
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    on a lighter note...

    Hahaha that's pretty messed up lol
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    Can of worms

    I totally agree, trucks aren't getting any cheaper so it's worth it to run them til they're dead. That was instrumental in savings for my first safari.
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    on a lighter note...

    Yeah I have the same luck and I'm anticipating a real headache lol.
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    What to look for with an import agent?

    I'm using coppersmiths services ( Lenny Fishman NYC) for my first time, he answered his phone every time I called and seems very knowledgeable. He has a local warehouse to minimize airport storage fees. I'm in the beginning stages now, filling out the power of attorney paperwork and stuff. I'm...
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    on a lighter note...

    I just got word that my mounts are done in south Africa and they're being prepared to ship so I'm definitely waiting for the fuckening to begin today lol
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    Sable Bull, Cull hunt special Limpopo.. $2950

    Sounds like a great offer! What size sable are typical?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Great Biltong Hunt Rooiberg South Africa

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!!
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    Winchester XTR 300 H&H ID

    What can people do with the serial number? Just curious, not trying to give you shit . Thanks.
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    460 Weatherby Safari Rifle For Sale

    Welcome to the forum!! Very nice rifle, definitely be getting some interest from the guys on here. Good luck with the sale!
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    Concentricity-What is "Good Enough" for Safari Ammo

    Now checking run out in a barrel makes perfect sense to me, ammo not so much. Especially shooting those kinda ranges.
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    Concentricity-What is "Good Enough" for Safari Ammo

    Dang it lol I thought when I came home to relax I wouldn't be reading about concentricity. I'm a machinist so run out and concentricity comes up a lot, I hate it lol. In my opinion you're not going to see any difference in real hunting situations messing with concentricity.
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    on a lighter note...

    Reminds me of gates in Texas lol
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Tiny 10

    He looks like a big one, congratulations!!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: New Member, First Trip Report

    Very cool!! Yep, same old story about a kid dreaming of hunting the dark continent lol. I completed my first safari last August and I was starting to plan another trip before I was even home. Congratulations on a great trip!! Thanks for sharing the details!!
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    Weird stuff to bring for tips / gratuities

    I agree, I'm only comfortable bringing stuff my ph asked for. Mine wanted a winch for his truck and luckily I had room in my suitcase and was just under the weight limit. The tracker/skinner asked for a couple camo t shirts so I left a few.
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    Bear Encounter - cool or decide

    Good for a laugh at the time but someone probably has had to deal with that bear that associates people with food . Dumbasses for sure.
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    Bone-sharing And ‘eparate Rooms’ Help Hyenas, Porcupines, Warthogs Use Same Den

    Crazy to imagine a hyena dragging a bone back to its den and then the same hyena allowing a porcupine to gnaw on it. Meanwhile the wart hogs are snoring in the room next door.....
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    Going to SA to hunt? Be prepared for power blackouts

    I went to Limpopo last August, same deal then. Definitely more of an irritation than anything else. I think it was out once because of an actual equipment failure too. TIA
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    Bone-sharing And ‘eparate Rooms’ Help Hyenas, Porcupines, Warthogs Use Same Den

    Wow, that's pretty cool, thanks for sharing!! Team work makes the dream work I guess lol
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    Medical Evac insurance - I need solid opinions, Please

    I used ripcord but my travel agency ( Gracy) said they haven't been paying claims much since Covid. I never needed it so I have no idea if that's true.
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    Explaining hunting in africa

    Right!! I don't know where the misconception came from but I've had three or four people ask me if we just take the hide and skull and leave the rest to rot. Letting the meat rot on their biyearly elk hunt would be unthinkable ( if the hunt produced any meat) but they really think ph's in Africa...
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    Explaining hunting in africa

    Yep, common jealousy is exactly right. And ignorance to the fact that my safari wss probably less money than their " out west" elk hunt . Not giving a shit is probably the best policy for these people. They're not interested in reeducation. I'll go on planning my next hunt of a lifetime.
  33. R.M.C.

    Explaining hunting in africa

    I had the same situation, got back from my first safari last August and my buddy posted my pictures and stuff on Facebook ( I'm not on Facebook) and I had a lot of idiots tell me the " must be nice " bit and one dumb ass told my mother at a friends birthday party that he would never go to Africa...
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    Kudu Hunt Special With EXECUTIVE HUNT AFRICA

    Yes , looks like its $1800 for the kudu and $1925 for day fees for a seven day hunt.
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    Scope to SA or Zim

    That's great, best forum ever!!
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    Longtime lurker

    Welcome to the forum!! This is definitely a treasure trove of information!!
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    Limpopo Malaria

    Wow, I was told Limpopo in the winter months were malaria free. I went in August and stayed right on the bank of the crocodile river , there were swarms of bugs around the light outside my tent at night. I'm taking meds next time.
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    New from North Dakota

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    1st safari in RSA - lessons learned

    Nice to know they got busted!!
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    1st safari in RSA - lessons learned

    All sounds like good information, thanks for sharing. I hunted in Limpopo last August and had a great time. I decided before I went I'd probably not want my normal rifle sling because of the "walk and stalk" nature of the hunt and it made using my 4 stable sticks much easier. Thanks for sharing!!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Limpopo RSA With Ranchero Safaris

    Wow that sounds like a great adventure!!! Thanks for bringing us along!
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    Wanted 30 Cal Nosler Bullets

    I think you hit the nail on the head!!
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    Problem Buffalo Hunt 7 Days US$8,850

    That would be a great opportunity for an awesome hunt!!
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    Can't wait to read more!!
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    Comment by 'R.M.C.' in media 'Jorge Alves de Lima, Professional Hunter, with Lord Derby Eland'

    Good grief, is that the biggest ever? It sure looks like it to me!! Crazy!!!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Bos en Dal SAFARIS April 12-24, 2023

    Sounds like a great hunt!! Thank you for sharing!! Glad you are okay, you never know what's gonna happen. Hopefully it never happens again!
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    Hi from the UK

    Welcome to the forum!! Can't go wrong with the 30.06!
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    Receiver sights allowed/recommended?

    If time and money were no object , I'd say open sights all the way. If you're a working man like myself just trying to save enough each month to do a once or twice in a lifetime hunt, I'd be taking a scoped rifle. Even a straight 2x or something would be quite an advantage. Just my two cents...