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    Hi Jimmy which area's did you hunt in.
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    That sounds like fun, Just make sure they don't have access to any keys.
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    SPAIN: Hola Desde España!

    Well done, Thats a very nice Roe buck
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    18,000 Cows killed

    I wonder if they ran an anaerobic digester at the dairy alot do now. With that many cattle that could of been a large system. If it went Bang that could cause alot of damage really quick.
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    Looking for advice, what are the best outfitters in the eastern cape?

    I can recomend KMG Safaris for the East cape quality outfit.
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    100% Success Rate?

    The area I stalk here in the U.K would be classed as wild and free range i have put down for comparison what i did in February In 12 stalks morning or evening of 2 to 3 hours each, I saw deer on each outing of these I was sucessful on 9 occasions with a total of 12 deer taken.
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    Man Bun gun for target shooting

    I am looking at the 6.5cm and the 6.5x 55 swedish but for deer, The old .243 is having trouble with the copper ammunition.
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    Hunting trip for a family of six

    Marius @KMG Hunting Safaris in south africa or Philip @KHOMAS HIGHLAND HUNTING SAFARIS in Namibia. Kids will have fun with both.
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    on a lighter note...

    The fun to be had with this after a few drinks
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    Shoot Or Pass?

    Shoot. Straight in the back of the head.
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    Deep Thoughts on trophy shipping

    This year i have not brought any trophies home for the first time. Just took plenty of photos felt a bit strange at first but there is only so much space on the wall.
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    Boris Johnson is looking for a job. He has had some experience in politics and I am sure with Carrie as first lady there would be no stopping them.
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    Parents and grand parents. Poor johnny not his fault let down by everyone not given the right opertunities. Pile on the guilt and parents grandparents fund them.
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    KMG Hunting Safaris - 2022 Season Photos

    Mmm Bushbuck:love:
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    Kaokoland Leopard Hunt Namibia End Of Year Special

    Hunting season in Namibia closes November 30th
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    In memoriam - The Queen This is a live stream of westminster hall where the queen is lying in state worth a few minutes of your time to view.
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    Boris Johnson ditches the trophy ban pledge

    Thats a good start to the day Goldsmith should never of been appointed to that position.
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    Her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second has died.
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    Amazing what people can read into pictures I see a building that looks like it has had a fire a boot and a book on a wooden pallet with stains on that survived the fire. The other is a pile of scrap on a bench.:Banghead:
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    Dangerous, Non Dangerous Game

    So who is keeping that trophy nick or the hunter
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    Dangerous, Non Dangerous Game

    Glad Nicks ok. Looking forward to him recounting the story next time I see you all.
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    Flying through Heathrow with Firearms now Forbidden, NOT

    I thought you would like that [emoji1787]
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    Flying through Heathrow with Firearms now Forbidden, NOT

    It must be true it was on facebook[emoji1]
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    I think the chinese have already got everything of value they need from sri lanka
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Back To KMG Hunting Safaris

    Good luck Marius is on form but at his age now he is slowing down [emoji1787] hope you packed those thermals
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    KMG Hunting Safaris - 2022 Season Photos

    What about Snake, just think of the fun to be had [emoji16]