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  1. slam8031

    NAMIBIA: Leopard Hunt With Nick Nolte Hunting Safaris

    Congratulations on your hunt!!!
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    375 h&h long range accuracy?

    I am headed over May 20, 2023. I shot last weekend with a browning a bolt 375 H and H. on the range I shot 250 grain bullets at 125 and 300 yards. I have a simplistic VX 2 3x9x40 with only crosshairs. the rifle shot 8 of 8 at 300 yards on 4 inch gongs with no holdover type system. For me...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Tiny 10

  4. slam8031

    Taxidermy trainwreck ... twice

    Sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately you are not alone in less than stellar taxidermy on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean!
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    4457 Process?

    thank you very much!!!
  6. slam8031

    4457 Process?

    perfect--thank you!!
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    New US Customs policy pertaining to bows & arrows for hunting

    Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program Enrollment Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Members enter the United States through automatic kiosks at select...
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    4457 Process?

    all the downloadable versions I am finding have the signature area marked out with a big x--Can we no longer have them filled out before we get there at CBP, or I am doing something wrong on this side?
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    Smells that transport one

    A prescribed burn in a pine forest takes me back to the work my father did in forestry. A mopane wood fire reminds me of the campfires shared in Africa. freshly plowed fields take me to spring time!!
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    Shipping the Big 5!!!

    I received my shipment with two cape buff, eland, and a few other things. Large crates(2) large expense with mounted with pedestals—paper work was slow clearing items in South Africa, when they cleared paper work, they shipped within 10 days on Turkish air thru Istanbul and then to atl...
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    Headed to South Africa in August- Animals on my radar

    What’s your weapon of choice for the night hunting? I am going to hunt in late May and plan to do some of the smaller ones on your list. Still debating what rifle I am going to take for that!
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    Which bullet in 300WM for Leopard?

    My leopard was taken with 180 grain nosler partition with 30-06.
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    ER Shaw mk VII 375 H&H left handed

    I have a Pelican 1750 that has served me well over 5 trips to RSA and Namibia and quite a few trips in the States. It handles two rifles and accessories quite nicely. I cannot speak to the ghost ring. Love the lefty you have!!!
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    Kuiu Pattern

    Of your two choices Verde--I've worn the t shirts and merino wool blend shirts on 5 trips over to RSA and Namibia. I wore Valo in Namibia. Like Para45, I wore pants and they did fine in Namibia and I layered in the morning with Kuiu and a cheap fleece jacket on top. I would not take my puffy...
  15. Damara Dik Dik Hunting

    Damara Dik Dik Hunting

  16. slam8031

    Let’s have some .375 fun

    Damara Dik Dik.
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    FEMALE Specific hunting clothes and other gear

    My three daughters like the fit of the She Safari has been durable so far 18 months in hunting in South Carolina.
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    Nyassa Wildebeest Shoulder Mount

    He is awesome Erik!
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    Shipping the Big 5!!!

    I shipped leopard from Namibia in June 2022. I used yellow shark for shipping and handling in Namibia. If my memory is correct I had leopard, full skin and skull, dik dik full skin and skull, most of the skin of a zebra, and a skull and skin of a spring bok. The airfare portion was under 1000...
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    MEXICO: Sonora X 3

    “Take what the b(r)ush gives you!” Congrats on your success!!
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    What should we buy to give away?

    Army duffel bag…they were playing soccer when we arrived with a ball made of paper and duct tape.
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    What should we buy to give away?

    If you go to local high schools they often will donate used soccer balls. We took 12 to a school in Limpopo. We fed 300 kids with beef stew from my children’s hunting Tooth brushes and soccer balls were well received. But I took 300 pairs of wool socks—I think they would have fought each...
  23. slam8031

    What is your go to 375h&h load and what do you use it on?

    300 grain Swift A frames and 300 Grain Woodleigh Hydro have near same point of impact in my 375 H and H. Cape buffalo, eland, Sable, impala, Damara Dik Dik (perhaps a little too much for the later)..
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    Nyassa Wildebeest Wall Pedestal Taxidermy Mount

    that is really awesome Erik!
  25. slam8031

    What are the toughest plains game animals??

    I really don’t mind the snarky comments. the original post said “I am a new hunter…”. Because of that question I responded the way that I did. Having taken a less than perfect shot on a leopard and following up on him, I’m fully aware of hunting situations that result in less than ideal...
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    What are the toughest plains game animals??

    In my humble opinion, study of the anatomy, accurate shooting, caliber choices, and a quality bullet all play in to the toughness argument. A poor shot at poor angles often results in wouda, shoulda, couda problems. My best shot compared to my worst shot have not been based on the animal but me...
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    Beginner left hand hunter

    I am wrong handed right brained…having been hit with shell casing from a browning bar, watching shotgun shells fly by my right eye with Remington 1100, I decided left hand left hand bolt and shotguns were the way to go. Nothing wrong learning to shoot a right hand bold left handed. But if you...
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    Kudu shoulder mount

    Fantastic mount Erik!
  29. slam8031

    Nice longhorn

    Cool mount Erik!!
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    Cape Buffalo Hunt with Marromeu Safaris in Mozambique's Coutada 10

    I enjoyed that very much! Congratulations on your adventure!!
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    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    Lowcountry of South Carolina is supposed to be 17F with a windchill of 5 degrees F on Christmas Eve. High temp is expected to be 33F. Cold for the boys in the South.
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    USA: Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Ram December 2022

    Fantastic! Congratulations Tom!!
  33. slam8031

    Hi Everyone! I'm Sue from Idaho..and hopelessly addicted to Africa!

    Welcome! I enjoyed the podcast you did with Big Game Hunting (I think) as you spoke about the book and your experiences!!
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    Lechwe from Top of Texas Taxidermy

    Great work Erik!
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    Hartmann vs mountain zebra

    I have a mountain (Hartmans) zebra from Namibia that is at Kanati for taxidermy. I shot it in Nov 2021 and it arrived in October 2022. These are indeed importable.
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    Prayers for Mark

    Press on brother. May the Lord bless you and keep you…
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    I removed my ammo box from my bag and wasn’t charged extra for the ammo. Rifle case was second piece of luggage and I paid the same rifle carriage fee. That was May 2022.
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    Empty single piece of brass in backpack South Africa

    Two experiences that I have had on trips to South Africa. 2012 one of the guys in our group had a piece of fired brass in his jacket. They wanted him to stay for awhile but he played it cool like the OP did and walked away. Last summer, as I was boarding to fly to RSA, my son put a jacket in...
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    First Africa trip shipping estimates

    In my experience, I have driven to Atlanta three times to retrieve from Coppersmith. Very simple process once cleared.
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    My Coastal North Carolina morning office

    Awesome start to the day!!
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    Early Christmas

    Really nice! Congratulations!!
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    ATVs and UTV's What accessories are essential?

    I have a hard metal roof on my 1000xp with rear facing lights and side facing lights I placed a heavy duty bumper with back up Lights and a rear winch In the south we tend to have a bit more mud issues.
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    My Hunting Suppressors

    I run silencerco harvesters on my hunting rifles--my 7mmRem Mag gets below 130 decibels but for me, the difference is that there are external baffles on the suppressor which reduces felt recoil. My three daughters shoot the 7mag with no ear protection and no aversion to recoil--they all weigh...
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    In memoriam - "Deadeye" has fired his last shot

    Prayers for your family! Celebrate a life well lived!!!
  45. slam8031

    My African Hunting Story (Long Post)

    I enjoyed your first safari story. Having dealt with cancer in a parent, prayers for your family! Congratulations on your first safari. And I share the same projected message to the suitors of my daughters!!!
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    Trophy shipping costs

    I would use them again without hesitation.
  47. slam8031

    Buffalo Hunting In The Zambezi (Caprivi) Region Of Namibia

    thanks for sharing! fantastic experience!