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    Trophy Shipment To Houston

    Mine are almost ready in SA (east cape) and I am going to work with trophy shippers
  2. J

    For Sale/Trade Winchester Model 70 Super Express .375 H&H

    I’m interested in the rifle if it has not sold yet
  3. J

    Hello from the Lone Star State

    Welcome from Houston Texas
  4. J

    New member from Houston Texas

    Yes sounds good. Would be great to meet some of the Houston members and solve the worlds problems over some cold beers
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    New member from Houston Texas

    R.M.C good luck on your first safari as well.
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    New member from Houston Texas

    Headed to east cape of South Africa. Kudu, sable, waterbuck, gemsbok, nyala, and a lechwe. I decided to use the outfitters gun and not have to worry about it on my first time over. I believe that it will be a .300 win
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    New member from Houston Texas

    Jon from Houston Texas. Have my first safari booked for July 2022 and counting down the days. Thank you guys for all of the amazing information.