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  1. Jeff505

    Saving Mana Pools

  2. Jeff505

    on a lighter note...

    This picture sent to me by @Doug3006, another painting by Mort K., What a proper way for a man to meet his maker.
  3. Jeff505

    on a lighter note...

    That looks like a Mort Kunsler painting.
  4. Jeff505

    Before and after

    Some before and after pictures of a deers life ending on a high note. Myself and the dog did not participate in the ingredients of the finished product other then eating this smoked culinary delight. Cold smoked and 6 weeks of hanging and turning into a most righteous stick of animal heaven...
  5. Jeff505

    Woke is marxism evolved to take on the West

    WTNR, most people, on this forum would disagree with your ideology, that will not change regardless of how you present your point of view. So obviously you joined this forum for the same reasons that most of us have. I read your response regarding “ your credentials “ as we are all hunters and...
  6. Jeff505

    Another buffalo for the wall

    Thanks Doug, a good word of encouragement. I look forward to our RSA trip in June to gather more specimens for my bride.
  7. Jeff505

    Another buffalo for the wall

    Just got the picture from the taxidermist, I’m sure my wife will be thrilled with this “Mothers Day” gift.
  8. Jeff505

    on a lighter note...

    No the earth isn’t flat, but in my house Pluto will always be a planet…and a dog.
  9. Jeff505

    Meat is important in the human diet

    I felt like the picture of health after consuming this culinary delight, bone marrow butter takes it to the next level.
  10. Jeff505

    Vegemite the story

    Made ham salad last weekend, country ham, pickles, onions, garlic, celery through the grinder , mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper. A most righteousness spread. My wife very much enjoyed it.
  11. Jeff505

    on a lighter note...

    Cooking a steak well done is a mental disorder, if you like to eat a steak this way you should seek professional help, there are probably many other things wrong with your life.
  12. Jeff505

    Vegemite the story

    I had a similar tasting product in Namibia, “Beefy Bovaril” a salty brown paste that was put on toast. A non-vegetarian version of this Australian wonder spread. Being made from animal parts had an appeal. Without the shedding of blood there is no proper meal.
  13. Jeff505


    That is my wife.
  14. Jeff505


    A 416 Rigby!, we each had 416 Rugers that killed buffalo, now I must also buy a Rigby. I shall show his to my I am sure she will understand. Congrats, do you have a picture.
  15. Jeff505

    Skin cancer

    A speedy and complete recovery Dr. Ray, my father passed away from melanoma and I had one removed 3 years ago. A mole I had all my life turned bad. I get checked twice a year. Thanks for bringing this up.
  16. Jeff505

    Easter Prayers and a Blessing to you all

    Happy Easter my brothers and sisters.
  17. Jeff505

    I Finally Joined The 505 Club

    Welcome, my last trip to Zimbabwe I used 525 DGX on Buffalo and had the beast drop with the first shot. I leaned to far forward and also shed some blood. A marvelous day. ,
  18. Jeff505

    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    I’ve never had a bad meal in Africa (except buffalo stomach). Which I was advised not to try. Zebra and any antelope is always good eating. But Eland is the finest meat I have ever tried, seasoned and rare it is fantastic. This June I will be hunting in RSA at Kwalata with @Doug3006 he has...
  19. Jeff505

    ZIMBABWE: March 2023 Amadundamela Forest Reserve Management Elephant Bull Hunt With CMS Safaris

    An amazing hunt and a well written account. Very much enjoyed the tale and felt as if I was there with your writing style. I had the pleasure of hunting buffalo and plains game with Allan in the Zambezi valley in 2021.
  20. Jeff505

    L.O.P & Positioning?

    Myself and @Doug3006 were at the range practicing for our upcoming trip to RSA in June. We had a friend join us who wanted to sight in a red dot he had recently mounted on his turkey gun. He was trying to pattern his shotgun shooting 3.5 12 gauge turkey loads. We had heard about twenty shots...
  21. 61 Inch Kudu Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

    61 Inch Kudu Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

  22. Jeff505

    Kudu Bull Over 60 Inches Pictures

    That is so absolutely untrue. Everyone knows that sometimes older Kudu are propped up with sticks and that sometimes it looks like they have been dead a few days. All the 60”+ Kudus ( one so far) that I have found were that way.
  23. Jeff505

    4 mounts from a Namibia hunt that I need to sell

    The Lolli brothers in Macon Missouri have large taxidermy auctions. Good luck.
  24. Jeff505

    Kudu Bull Over 60 Inches Pictures

    Just got this pic from the taxidermist, ready for pick up next week. 2021 Zimbabwe, 61”.
  25. Jeff505

    Haven't A Clue What Header To Put....but This Is Not Correct

    Every once in a while it’s important to turn some people into pillars of salt, this has worked in the past. “Professing to be wise they became fools”. Our world is not doomed, things can often seem dark if our faith is based on the deeds of men. I find great humor in the liberal ideology which...
  26. Jeff505

    Favorite movie lines

    ”sir, sir, here’s a good stick to beat the lovely lady”
  27. Jeff505

    A. Francotte Mauser 10.75x68

    GoldGhost, it’s hard to sell an item on AH as a new member. I see where this gun was purchased on February 18th from Orange coast auctions. Do you have any pictures other then the auction photos. Welcome to AH and good luck with your sale.
  28. Jeff505

    Crazy Auction Prices

    I ran into this phenomenon several times at live gun auctions. Rather then trying to find a good and fair price on what is available, the auction becomes a competition. I can appreciate this if the auction is a fund raiser for a good cause, however this was not the case when I saw people pay...
  29. Jeff505

    Loose knee replacement

    My wife had a knee replacement 10 years ago, her surgeon recommended a cementless procedure, although it would take longer to heal the implant would be less likely to have long term problems such as slipping. I’m sure procedures have changed greatly since then but this has worked well for my spouse.
  30. Jeff505

    on a lighter note...

    UFOs are actually attracted to aluminum so are tornados, crowed trailer parks with piles of beer cans seem to pull these objects of terror right out of the sky.
  31. Jeff505

    Do I need a 7mm Mag

    If you don’t have a 7mm then yes you do need one. You got rid of a lot of guns, I find this disturbing. I understand trying to ”simplify things“ or “trade up”, actually I don’t understand this. I look at guns like children, more is better. I have bought plenty of used guns and appreciate that...
  32. Jeff505

    .22 magnum on bigger varmints

    I will be bringing a 22WMR along with my 375 this June to Africa, I have a 204 Ruger which is a good varmit gun but turns small creatures to a red mist. I shot a Javelina with it a few years ago and the offside exploded, I used a 223 that belonged to @Doug3006 and had a Javelina I could mount...
  33. Jeff505

    Pre Safari Physical Training P.T.

    60 degrees today in eastern Missouri, did a 4 mile hike. Time to start getting back in shape and loose a few pounds, back to Africa in June. Cutting down on the carbs as this picture shows, no potatoes.
  34. Jeff505

    on a lighter note...

    in the 60’s when the the mosquito spraying truck slowing traveled down the road all us kids would ride our bikes in the DDT fog. When you skinned your knee you rubbed dirt in it to make it stop bleeding. If I cried about anything my father would remove his belt and “give me something to cry...
  35. Jeff505

    Wife wants land so I am selling some guns ...

    Jake, is this the Jeffrey 8 bore.
  36. Jeff505

    First post from Oklahoma

    Deep fork, welcome to AH, tell us about your first to Africa.
  37. Jeff505

    on a lighter note...

    It was a several day journey to our location, the first stop was a BBQ place in Tyler Texas, “texas best smoke house” Doug and I each had the Dino rib, good food but was in a gas station. Good impala hunting Africa would return the same results as good BBQ in Texas, too much information.
  38. Jeff505

    Americans Not Taking Paid Vacations

    Who is this “we“ that sit playing on their phones, if you can’t put in a good week of work then that speaks volumes of your work ethic. If you can‘t show loyalty to your employer then leave. This entitled lazy attitude that seems more pervasive in the work place is not something to be...
  39. Jeff505

    Caught a bobcat this morning

    Having them mounted in this position allows them to be move like furniture when your wife wants to rearrange things. Santa hat is optional.
  40. Jeff505

    What type and brand of cell phone do you use?

    An IPhone 6, I need it to last a few more years, after retirement I think I will go back to a flip phone and divorce myself from the ignorance of the world.
  41. Jeff505


    That’s not Trump, I think it’s Captain Kangaroo. Those in my age group will see this.
  42. Jeff505

    Whisky appreciation

    We will solve some world problems also.
  43. Jeff505

    Whisky appreciation

    That is beyond cool.
  44. Jeff505


    I know that the younger generation drinking less is a good and positive thing, maybe it’s financial after paying for heavily inked and pierced skin there can’t be a lot of money left. $7.00 lattes don’t grow on trees and an Iphone 13 is more then I paid for my first three cars combined. Now...
  45. Jeff505


    So what comes to mind is Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. One must always keep in mind is that alcohol should work for you and not against you, I call it drinking for success. A recent run from the Fitzgerald still.
  46. Jeff505

    Brass Needed

    I have around 60 rounds of once fired brass, they are yours if still needed. Yesterday I received 505Gibbs bullets from a member who no longer needed them. I will return the favor and send them if needed. The same price I was charged free.
  47. Jeff505

    Prayers for Mark

    Mark and Scott, prayers for you both. As we age the penalty of years lived becomes more apparent. None of us escape the deterioration of time. We are not promised a life of ease but in fact the opposite. God walks with us all the years of our lives and reminds us that the best is yet to come...