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    Wanted 9.3x74r Rifle

    Ihave a like new Sabatti sxs 9.3 x 74R a couple years old box papers . make me an offer pictures on request FFL to FFl
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    Pentax 10x42 DCF WPII With Shealth Excellent Condition

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    Pentax 10x42 DCF WPII With Shealth Excellent Condition

    I have a lightly used Pentax 10x42 DCF WPII water proof Binoculars, no defectives to lens or case. Case is ruberized. Comes with sheath and paper work see info attache. I am asking $200 shipped will consider reasonable offer The DCF WP II 10x42 binocular features phase-coated roof prisms for...
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    In memoriam - Legendary Chasseur Professionnel (PH) Alain Lefol has passed away

    Deepest condolences to Eliane, Kewin and the rest of his family, God Bless
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    Has anyone got experience with browning bps slug guns

    I have used a 20gauge BPS slug gun with cantilever rifled slug barrel for quite a few years and it will kils as good as any 12g, and I used both including the bemelli, 12g BPS with smoot and rifled barrel and Auto 5 in 12 gauge. I got away from the 12 due to weight and recoil. I only shoot...
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    Factory Second Bullets 9.3mm (366 Diameter) 286 Grain Spire Point

    I have 2 boxes of the below described bullets (100) per box. Midway has them for sale at $61.59 per 100, I am asking $50 per 100 plus shipping, cheapest shipping would be with no box since it will fit in a small priority mail. Factory Second Bullets 9.3mm (366 Diameter) 286 Grain Spire Point...
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    2 Bags Of 50 Winchester 458 Winchester Mag Brass Cases New

    I bag left pending funds
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    2 Bags Of 50 Winchester 458 Winchester Mag Brass Cases New

    I had 4 bags but as I typed 2 bags left sorry for any misunderstanding
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    2 Bags Of 50 Winchester 458 Winchester Mag Brass Cases New

    I have 2 bags of new winchester 458 win mag brass left I am asking $110 shipped US
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    Wanted 338 Win Mag Brass

    Failsafe and accubond sold
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    Wanted 500 Nitro Express Brass & Bullets

    The check for $200 arrived will let you know when the 165 shows up
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    Wanted 338 Win Mag Brass

    One bx of accubonds and the 50 ct of partition are called for 2 bags of 60 brass sold pending funds
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    Wanted 338 Win Mag Brass

    Also have several boxes of 338 bullets Nosler solid 300 grh, failsafe 230 grn, Nosler accubond and partition 225 grn. I have figured out a price but I am open to resonable offers partition is 25 and 50 count[
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    Wanted 338 Win Mag Brass

    I have several hundred 1st fired brass as far as I remember all Winchester the plastic bags say they have 60 cases all three bags weigh in as 1:15 oz 10 cases weigh in at 5.7. The brass is clean unsized and primers in. Once fired brass of this caliber goes in the area of$70. Make an offer...
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    Wanted 338 Win Mag Brass

    I have a good amount of once fired 338 most WW I am open for offers also have bullets but I would need to see what I have most in the 225/230 range
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    Wanted 500 Nitro Express Brass & Bullets

    How about $165, I will hold the earlier order and ship them out together, these bullet weight is heavy but USPS flat rate should handle them all
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    Wanted 500 Nitro Express Brass & Bullets

    digging around in my loading room I found 2 unopenned boxes of Hornady 510c 570 GGS solids 50 each if your interested
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    Wanted 500 Nitro Express Brass & Bullets

    Of course
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    Wanted 500 Nitro Express Brass & Bullets

    I have some new unfired Hornady and 100 to 200 or so once fired let me know how many your interested
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    Brand New Book Sleeve For "Shooting The British Double"

    While going through some of my files I found what appers to be NEW book sleeve for "Shooting the British Double" I no longer have that book so it is up for sale I am thinking $25 shipped or best offer [redacted]
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    Fail Safe Bullets For Sale

    The largest caliber they where made in to my knowledge was 375/300g/270/ I am a fan so I have or had a collection of the 30 165 &180 338/225 and 375s I have the last Nosler manual covering them and also the advertisement on them...the 416 may have been a test run that never went to market
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    9.3 x 74r Once Fired Cleaned Sized & Polished

    I have 96 9.3mm x 74r brass cases. The have been sized deprimed and stainless steel cleaned. The head stamps are mainly Hornady with some norma. I am asking $1.50 per case plus shipping. reasonable offers will be considered
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    9.3MM Bullets, Barnes & Hornady

    Barnes solids are SPF
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    9.3MM Bullets, Barnes & Hornady

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    9.3MM Bullets, Barnes & Hornady

    I have the following 9.3MM bullets for sale 1) Barnes 286 grain Banded solid #36604 50 ct $70 2) Barnes 300grain, .032 jacketed Spitzer 50 ct $70 3) Midway Bulk backed 286 100 count grain Hornady Spitzer $100 For some reason my card reader is not working I will up date pictures when I can...
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    Thoughts on Borrowing Guns on Safari

    when I hunted Greenland several years back I opted to rent a rifle from the guides, If I had brought one of mine I would incurr additional baggage charges through 2 countries on the way in and way out plus one of the countries required registration and documentation so to me it was a lot easier...
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    Can this be repaired?

    You can apply multiple application of polyurethane sanding smooth after application until you fill it in. Tape off arouund the damage to prevent it from running off. I have done this on quite a few of my stocks and it works fine. Use fine steel wool to remove the shine
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    Browning BSS 12g 28" With Case Outstanding Wood

    I have a Browning BSS 12g single selective trigger 3" magnum 28" M/F made in 1983 (39 Years old). It is outstanding condition with minimal handling marks ans a 1/32" mark on the right barrel just at the the forearm. It has a browning BSS specific take down Hartman case. The wood is out standing...
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    Not A Warm Welcome!!

    I did a brown Bear hunt in Alaska a few years back, while talking with the guide of 20 years I asked him what he thought of Bow hunting Browns, he was frank about this topic and put the hunter on notice that they should bring a rifle in the evet they can't convince him that they where qualified...
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    Browning BSS 12 Gauge & Factory Case Immaculate

    pending offer
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    Browning BSS 12 Gauge & Factory Case Immaculate

    I have had this shotgun in my collection for many years. I have only fired it a couple of times at a skeet range. It is a "RT" manufacture date of 1976. The shotgun has a couple of minor handling marks, no cracks scuffs chips flaking or rust, bore is without defects It has full/mod fixed chokes...
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    Marlin Walnut Factory Forearm 1895/1894 New

    I have a new unused Walnut factory forearm for a 1895/1894, I am asking $45 plus actual shipping
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    Galco SXS Leather Barrel Protectors 12G & 20G

    I have 2 GALCO leather company leather slide on barrel protectors, nicely made. I have had these for sever years and never used them since these will only fit SXS with splinter forearms and my doubles are beaver tail style. These run $90 new. One is for a 12gauge and the other is for a 20gauge...
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    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    My condolences
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    In memoriam - RIP cal pappas

    Shocked to hear of his passing, he always had the time to answer some of my questions on doubles he will be missed God Speed
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    Wounded animal?

    Just because the animal runs off as many animal do after receiving a mortal wound, the animal could have sustained tremdous head trauma that will eventually kill him. I recall an Alaskan incident wherein a bull moose charged someone who shot it in the antler to scare it off but the concusion...
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    Slugs for Bear

    The us Forest service use shotguns with slugs for years on Bear protection. The problem with universal slugs that are intended for use in any choke is the have to be soft so they can get through a tight choke without damaging the barrel but as a results they will flatten causing poor...
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    Winchester 458WM Brass 2 Sealed Bags Of 50

    2 bags of 50 Winchester new 458WM $200 shipped
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    Woodleigh & Swift CO Reloading Manual

    I have like new reloading manuals for Woodleigh and Swift Bullet Co. There are no missing , bent or written on pages, matter of fact just bought my first woodleigh bullets and have owned this book since 2017 Asking $160 shipped and insured, will consider reasonable offers
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    458 Cal Barnes Nosler & Hornady Projectiles

    SOLD To Green Chile
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    Smith & Wesson 16" Big Bowie Knife Box & Sheath Unused

    I have a new never used Big Bowie Knife comes in the original box and leather Sheath. They call it a 16", the blade is 10" I am asking $75 plus shippng