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    Which convention to go to? SCI or DSC?

    I've been going to SCI when its in Reno since 1989,skip sci in vegas until it goes back to Reno and save your money.Go to Dallas show .
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    Most Under Rated African Trophy

    The common bush duiker eluded me on 4 past trips and 4 different countries till last year in namibia which isn't considered a hot spot for them.I would rank the vaal rhebok as an underrated trophy,as most Americans don't even know they exist and are very challenging in their habitat.Sitatunga is...
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    Average Shipping Time - Ocean or Air Freight

    Shipping Patience,Patience,Patience,you are dealing with African time,time is money with us yanks not so in alot of places in the world.Shipment will arrive and it will be better than Christmas!
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    Do you have any hunting "goals"?

    I wanted at one time to hunt all the countries in Africa,I just couldn't stay that focused on it.Kept getting side tracked and realized last year I am 10 animals away from the North American 29.So I have changed course to that goal,except I am going to Mongolia to hunt both Ibexes this year and...
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    tell me about hunting leopards

    I hunted from a blind in Zimbabwe,enjoyed shooting my baits, dragging and checking them every day.We had 6 baits and started getting hits after the first night.When it came time to sit in the blind I was using a power ear muff as my hearing is shot.The nite sounds were some of my lasting...
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    What Line Of Work Are You In

    I have been in the car wash business for 21 years,USPS straight truck mail contractor for 35 years and West Wind Courier Service inc since 1984.
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    Planning first trip to Africa

    Mt Hunter I received a notice that you sent a pm,I never got it,want to try again?
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    cobra eating snake

    Owen Over the years my taxidermist has learned not to be surprised by anything I bring him
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    cobra eating snake

    We found this cape spitting cobra eating another snake and we pulled him out from under a bush. He started throwing up the snake and retreated to the bush where we pulled him out again, now he was pissed off. I decided I wanted him for my collection so I wacked him with the flat side of a machete.
  10. cobra necklace

    cobra necklace

  11. cobra raised

    cobra raised

  12. spitting cobra

    spitting cobra

  13. spitting cobra upchucking snake

    spitting cobra upchucking snake

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    What's the hunting gear you can't live without?

    My camara,binocs,boots,headlamp,and journal.
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    Planning first trip to Africa

    Welcome to African Hunting,IMHO I would join a local SCI chapter for starters and start your research as your animal list is quite broad.I just returned from 3 weeks in Namibia in September,my wife is an amateur photographer this was her 1st time to Africa and she took 4000 photos, yes thats...
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    Possibilities .243Win caliber hunting.

    I 've been using 243's since 1972.I reload which has given me the opportunity to experiment with all types of bullets and powder.The last 20 years there has been such an increase in bullets that stay intact.I use Barnes bullets in all my big game hunting.85 and 95 gr.triple shock worked the...
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    Importing wood cravings

    Are there any new rules for importing wood carvings and curios from RSA or Namibia in your checked baggage.I have not had a problem in the past but realize USDA is always changing the rules.
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    Elmer Keith Handgun Hunter & Firearm Enthusiast

    Some of Elmer Keith's rifles,pistols, and game mounts are on display in Cabela's in Boise,Idaho.Its been a few years since I've seen it but if my memory serves me right .They had set up his office with a mannikin of his likeness that gave an oral history of his accomplishments.Interesting to see...
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    375 Rifle Choice

    Phil, I would second that on going with the Model 70 Safari Express in 375 H&H Magnum.Stick with a heavier gun, 9 pounds at least. That is what a sling is made for.There are several combinations of reduced loads that you can practice with if your into reloading.Your right about finding ammo...
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    Looking for ideas

    speedbump,thank-you for the reply and places you recommend.I do have Bradt travel guide to Namibia and it is full of info.I will follow up with a PM to you soon.We will be hunting with Agarob Hunting Safaris on horseback.Who did you hunt with in 2008 ?
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    Looking for ideas

    Our camping plans for northern Namibia have fallen through and we are looking for suggestions and perhaps a camper for hire with or without a guide. We will have aready done some hunting and we would just like to sightsee. We only have a seven day window and we would like to spend 2 days in...
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    Where to stay while in transit through South Africa, Johannesburg

    Lori & Phil I went ahead with the Afton guest house for our layover and will try and remember the 2 restaurants that are recommended.
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    Where to stay while in transit through South Africa, Johannesburg

    Phoenix Phil We are staying in Jo berg in Sept for one night.What did it cost you to stay at the Afton guest house per night? How much can we expect to pay for a steak dinner? Would you recommend the Italian restaurant instead of the steak place. We are not beef eaters just wild game and road...
  24. 04 steinbok

    04 steinbok

  25. 2005 Kodiak mt goat

    2005 Kodiak mt goat

    50th B-day with Sam Rohrer
  26. kodiak harlequin

    kodiak harlequin

  27. 04 cape springbok

    04 cape springbok

  28. 1998 California brown bear

    1998 California brown bear

    mules & dogs
  29. 91 backpack goat hunt

    91 backpack goat hunt

    swift dam,mt
  30. 1988 BC Grizzly

    1988 BC Grizzly

    Stikine river
  31. 04 vaal rhebok

    04 vaal rhebok

    African Field Sports
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    Opinions between Eastern Cape and Namibia plains game hunt

    The Eastern Cape is a good choice for a 1st timer.I would suggest that you consider hunting vaal rhebok as it is only found on some farms with hilly terrain and very challenging,you could also add a mt. reed buck as they are usually in the same area.
  33. 04 Black Wildebeest

    04 Black Wildebeest

    East Cape African Field Sports
  34. 04 east cape mt.reedbuck

    04 east cape mt.reedbuck

    African Field Sports
  35. 07 sockeye salmon

    07 sockeye salmon

    Yakutat lodge
  36. 08 spring turkey

    08 spring turkey

    wisconsin 10 ga turkey


    2007 BC caribou
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    1st timers animal choice!

    My first was 10 years in the planning since seeing "Out of Africa" in 1986.So leopard,cape buffalo,sable,kudu,eland . I would have been happy with that except that in my research and talking to others that had been there was expect the unexpected.So I reserved enough money for every animal in...
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    Input requested on rifle battery

    Hi , I would take the 416 and use 300gr bullets.Your right about taking a traditional african rifle,thats what you bought it for ,so it should be there .You will not regret it.Go with your gut and KIS. Happy hunting
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    ZIMBABWE: Back From Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunt with Touch Africa Safaris, Story & Pics

    Great story and nice buff.Glad you were able to do this trip at your age and being in good phyiscal condition.The first trip is always the best and is used as the standard to judge others by.You will figure out a way to go back.I know of nobody that went just once.
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    Hard Cases for Rifles

    I have used a Tuffpak for 16 years and 21 overseas trips.It always shows up with afew more scratches each time but guns and scopes have never been damaged.The wheels are still there too.Good luck in your search.
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    africa again

    i am a new member to this site.Even though I hunted zimbabwe,rsa,namibia in the past.I find this site useful in refreshing my memory in preparing to return this year to Namibia with new bride in tow.My wife booked the flights through Lori with Travel Express. Laniee was impressed with Lori...
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    ammo only to SA

    thank-you for the reply.I had a feeling that would be the case. swampdonkey
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    ammo only to SA

    I will be traveling to south africa for a photo safari and then on to namibia to hunt.Can I travel with ammo only into jo-burg?