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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Sake AV 375 for $1050 Looks like a good price for a solid rifle.
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    Need help identifying vintage scope bases on 1948 Model 70 300 H&H

    They do look like the vintage Redfields. Looks like the Redfield and Leopuld STD rings are interchangeable.
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    Need help identifying vintage scope bases on 1948 Model 70 300 H&H

    Bought a non-collectors pre 64 ( non original stock pad, receiver tapped for scope mount, no readable serial number on bolt). It has some scope bases installed but I don't know what type. Hoping I can use them. Any one recognize these mounts? Distance between mount holes is about .835 inches...
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    Steyr Model S 300 H&H from 1970's. Steyr gunsmith was excellent on repairs.

    Bought a 1970's era Steyr Model S in 300 H&H. Safety did not function on purchase. Sent it off to Steyr. They had a great gunsmith look it over. He replaced the safety and housing. On inspection he found the firing pin spring had at some point been replaced with 3 springs stuck together...
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    Sako Classic Deluxe 375 H&H Premium Wood

    The model 85 was introduced in 2006. So 2006 or later.
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    Sako Classic Deluxe 375 H&H Premium Wood

    Here's info on serial numbers and date ranges: Info on Sako CRF from another website: "It's essentaily a pushfeed with the bottom face of the bolt machined away to allow the casehead to slip up into the bolt face before...
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    Another cz 550 magnum rigby bolt face Looks like all the stocks are old style single cross bolt. All the Magnum Safari ones are hogback European style with snabel forend, even the ones marked "American". But $247 is cheap insurance if you split a stock and want a...
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    "The Gun Shop" above is a scam site. If you look at their payment methods it is obvious.
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    .416 Rigby Brass, Bullets, Reloads (For Components) For Sale

    I'll take 20 Norma brass in each sleeve - total of 40, $80 Swift A frame - 400 gr soft - 1 box - $100 PM to follow
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    I suspect that 416 Sako is being sold by a hacked account. 1. Last sale by seller was Feb 2019 2. Normal price is at least a thousand bucks more 3. Someone was trying to sell this...
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    Courtney Safari Boots
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    CZ-550 416 Rigby for $1,499 at Cabelas Springfield, OR European stock. Older version with single crossbolt. Nice shape and nice wood. Good entry level 416 Rigby for someone if...
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    300 H&H Brass Winchester Brand 2 Bags

    PM Sent....
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    Wanted A Square Rifle

    Here's a much more reasonable one for 15K! A-SQUARE HANNIBAL .416 Rigby African Safari Rifle
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    I have one of these unrestored (MS 1903). Current factory ammo is way to hot for the factory open sights and for the rifle itself. Very difficult to open the bolt. You need to reload and slow the catridge down to how they were loaded when the gun was made. Getting a peep sight or a scope mount...
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    Good Gun Deals This Week

    CZ 550 416 Rigby, 99% $1,500 But I already bought it immediately after listing based on price...
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    Swift 416 Rigby A-Frame Loaded Ammo In Stock

    Grafs and Midway have this at $214 or the Swift website direct has it at $177. Have not seen this in stock for a while.
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    United to discontinue taking guns to SA

    Thread title says firearm shipments discontinued, but United email says temporary firearm embargo. At some point United will have to clarify the situation. Hopefully it's a specific security issue that is temporary. Otherwise I'll be re-booking to Delta.
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    Nice Assortment Of 416 Bullets

    I will buy these. Will PM you now.
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    In memoriam: Highly Respected Professional Hunter Paddy Curtis gone, RIP

    That article on Blood was written in 2014 and was not meant to be an obituary,