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  1. jacques smith

    Great Leopard Hunting Opportunity In Namibia

    Skshyk — I hope you booked this— goriest dag to Jerome; Janine, and Godfrey. Sooo glad to see he stayed with you—- great tracker— so, so driver— and I’m proud to call y’all friends. Fellas trust me this place has tons of leapards and you need to book this before I think too hard[emoji41]. Jerome...
  2. jacques smith

    Any affordable Buffalo hunts for South Africans

    Jaco— u going to AH gathering on Fri nite?
  3. jacques smith

    Kimber Caprivi 375 H&H

    Customer service confirms CRF. 888 243 4522.
  4. jacques smith

    Kimber Caprivi 375 H&H

    Only advertising I can find says—a Mauser extractor groove reliability ejects the cartridge cases— not real sure myself [emoji56]
  5. jacques smith

    Kimber Caprivi 375 H&H

    It’ll still be there since I only sent check on saturdays pickup I gave them a small haircut and refused the 3 percent charge on credit card usage
  6. jacques smith

    Kimber Caprivi 375 H&H

    Not sure I should say thanks or not[emoji16][emoji16]
  7. jacques smith

    Kimber Caprivi 375 H&H

    I just bought this rifle, maybe now I can get back my SAKO AV from my wife
  8. jacques smith

    Kimber Caprivi 375 H&H

    Thanks dchum
  9. jacques smith

    Shipping taxidermy who to use?

    I’ve used SSI on touchy topics like leapard and lion. Top notch but a freckle pricey Coppersmiths has done at least a dozen and I think they are well worth the money as they handle all the little BS and fees— they have their own warehouses so no additional storage fees
  10. jacques smith

    Kimber Caprivi 375 H&H

    Is the capriva a controlled feed?
  11. jacques smith

    Why lighter in a larger bore

    I’ll go with why not if it trips your trigger. But I prefer to know the heavier bullet weight in my 400 shooting 400 grains as opposed to wondering which pill is in the pipe Where I hunt moose; it’s rather normal to have a grizzly show up
  12. jacques smith

    Early/Late Season Hunt & Air Fare Included Special With KWALATA SAFARIS

    Hi fellas, once again I’m confused. Plus airfare? First class ?
  13. jacques smith

    The Perfect 2023 Intro 7 Day Hunting Deal For AH Members

    Town is recovering from a huge ice storm in missouri and I just got out of a blizzard in nebraska. Situation normal all f. Ked up. [emoji12]
  14. jacques smith

    The Perfect 2023 Intro 7 Day Hunting Deal For AH Members

    Jaco— hoe gaan dit Nice offer; how many days?
  15. jacques smith

    1/2 body black bear

    Looks great , Eric
  16. jacques smith

    What's So Great About The 400 H&H?

    I send him brass and bullets— he gives credit then puts them together with his recommended loads and they are consistently the same I do slow them down closer to 2200 because I’m not a fan of faster is better Considering penetration is better; pressure also comes down So far my favorite has been...
  17. jacques smith

    Dallas Safari Club 2023 - Hunting

    Sooo did this hunt happen?
  18. jacques smith

    Nice to meet you!

    You yahoo’s going to Nashville? I still got plenty room fairly close to Nashville if u all get tired of super 8s[emoji23][emoji23]. Jacques
  19. jacques smith

    Want To Buy Into The Thorns By Wayne Grant

    Thanks Manny
  20. jacques smith

    What's So Great About The 400 H&H?

    Well since this thread has been resurrected ,I’ll still vote yes on my 400 HH. I use Lonnie cripp with superior ammo for my loads and am very happy
  21. jacques smith

    on a lighter note...

    The guy with 14 kids has got to be a Mormon [emoji30]
  22. jacques smith

    UGANDA: Sudan Roan With KOS Safaris

    Very nice report, Baeie dankie—- the broadhead story is priceless— Jacques
  23. jacques smith

    Hunting SA or "Wild" Africa - Which is Better

    I just returned from cabin in Nebraska we got a blizzard that put 23-26 inches of new snow in places and wind chills way below zero. We got 4 by 4 pickups stuck and quads breaking through ice. We killed some geese but at what cost? I belief Jaco may have this figured out. As to this thread...
  24. jacques smith

    Want To Buy Into The Thorns By Wayne Grant

    Damn did I lose my place on the list? I’m looking to buy both I looked in Dallas and nope, seems safari press has sold out to a company who doesn’t come to Dallas. Does anyone know their name?
  25. jacques smith

    AH Get Together In Nashville During Safari Club International (SCI) Convention 2023

    If I can find it ,I’ll be there possibly with + 4
  26. jacques smith

    Former NFL Player Kills MASSIVE Mountain Lion In Colorado

    Weights are rarely used— did it just eat or was that three days ago? — skull measurements are only record keeping available. Any kitty u choose to take is a trophy
  27. jacques smith

    on a lighter note...

    Is this a pre or post op creedmore?
  28. jacques smith

    Want To Buy Into The Thorns By Wayne Grant

    Dewald. What do u want for both? Jacques
  29. jacques smith

    Mozambique crocodile hunting adventure with Limcroma Safaris

    Very nice, thanks for taking us along [emoji41]
  30. jacques smith

    KWALATA SAFARIS Spiral Slam Hunt

    Will u post booth numbers for Dallas and Nashville? Any phone numbers would be helpful also. I do wish to speak to you. Thanks
  31. jacques smith

    Prayers for Mark

    Mark, I’ve been through same procedure— it will get better[emoji56]. Prayers sent
  32. jacques smith

    ZIMBABWE: Cape Buffalo At Save River Valley---Almost

    Great report Foxi—. Next time— Baeie dankie
  33. jacques smith

    Cape buffalo with a Spear anyone?

    Sounds great ,but I am pretty sure I have an appointment on whatever date this (hunt) starts—- [emoji41][emoji41]
  34. jacques smith

    USA: Of Moose & Men, Alaska September 2022

    Sorry I’m late to the write up but glad to have found it—- brings back tons of memories and pushes me to go again. Truly a nice bull and report— thanks—- jacques
  35. jacques smith

    Hunting With Spear Safaris Your One Stop Safari Destination In Africa

    Damn nice stuff Ernest Knap genaad
  36. jacques smith

    USA: Of Moose & Men, Alaska September 2022

    I go west and north out of Fairbanks to Galena then north up the Dolby for moose every several years. I’m with you on wet and cold but still think I’ve got a couple left in me My brother is a resident and has a cabin outside of salsa so I get around the guide requirement but still pay like a...
  37. jacques smith

    USA: Of Moose & Men, Alaska September 2022

    Since no news for days, I’m assuming u r packing out meat[emoji56]
  38. jacques smith

    .416 Rigby racket..

    I actually had one of these many moons ago It wasn’t as abusive as my 470NE but I still swapped it off. Not a bench rifle but few are when u go past a 4
  39. jacques smith

    Trophy Hunting Pictures 2022 - JKO Hunting Safaris

    Hoe Gaan Dit my friend. Top notch pics. The savanna buff is close to my favorite with that scarey ass croc. Did you tape that monster? Jacques
  40. jacques smith


    Knap genaad gentlemen— Jacques knows lions
  41. jacques smith

    SOUTH AFRICA: ZIMBABWE: Mark & Tim's Big Bull Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Great hunt and report fellas Congrats to all— the goose strikes again
  42. jacques smith

    .416 Rigby racket..

    Anal seepage[emoji23]. Really Toby[emoji12]
  43. jacques smith

    Look what AH made me buy...

    Very, very , very nice. 88 or 89.
  44. jacques smith

    375 ammo availability

    Charlie— I vote for the HH— I would love to see pics of one of your finished products along with prices— thanks
  45. jacques smith

    My daughter's first deer! - Kansas

    Much fun and pride is yours, but the memories will be hers for life— congrats
  46. jacques smith

    SOUTH AFRICA: ZIMBABWE: Mark & Tim's Big Bull Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Congrats to you both and to Marius. Nicely done gentlemen
  47. jacques smith

    ZIMBABWE: Hunting With NYAMAZANA SAFARIS In Save Conservancy

    Looks like u had an excellent time. Congrats
  48. jacques smith

    NAMIBIA: A Fantastic Leopard & Plains Game Hunt With Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris

    Excellent report Mike; I was surprised to see Godfrey holding up your kitty[emoji56] He and I became friends in 2014 while kitty hunting also. Great guy and I’m not surprised he’s doing well. Thanks for great memories. Oh yeah I got a huge cat also, just took 11 days and nights [emoji23]